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Collection Of Wacky And Awesome Golf Club Covers

04 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So since we live on the east coast golf season is officially back in full swing, no pun intended. Of course I might be the only guy in the world who doesn’t golf, I don’t know why. I don’t have anything against golf it just seems a little boring to me. So what I do instead is get drunk as hell, smoke cigs, and drive the golf carts around, aka I’m the chauffeur on the golf course. What I do know is if I did golf I would pimp out my golf cart hard and I would defiantly pimp out my golf club covers. Some of my friends just use socks like it is 1923, it’s like ummmm dude get it together, put a T-Rex on that shit or something. So i decided to gather up a collection of weird and cool golf head covers. I didn’t hyperlink where you can get all of these but if you really do like one just google it and they will pop right up you lazy son of a bitch.

1. The 3 Stooges
How could you not say to somebody “Hahha that rules, your the coolest.” if you saw someone with these bad boys.

2. Superheros
I probably wouldn’t even get different superheros, I would just max out my golf bag with 15 supermans sticking out.

3. Any Animal You Can Think Of
A tiger isn’t the only animal cover you can get you copy cats.

4. Any Animal’s Ass You Can Think Of
Yea I guess kind of weird but who doesn’t like touching an alligator ass from time to time you know.

5. Boobs
Boobs are the best in any shape or form, so bring them onto the golf course with you too.

6. Boxing Gloves
One of my favorites, and if you get in an argument with a buddy, strap on the gloves and settle it on the green.

7. Star Wars
Let the force be with you.

8. Footballs
Yea that’s a Redskins football, I did it. But yea they come in every other team too, Redskins rule.

9. Bad Ass Bear Head
I know I did all animals already but this bear head was to awesome not to include.

10. Yourself
Nothing says I’m conceded more than having yourself cloned into a golf club cover, and I dig it.

11. Duff Beer Cans

You get smashed every time you golf, so why not add to your philosophy.

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