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Having Trouble Getting Laid? Buy This Phone.

11 Aug 2010, written by 3 Comments

Researching and trying to make a decision on what new phone to buy can be an exhausting task. How good is the network it’s offered on? What options for apps are there? How long is the battery life? Will it get me laid? Wait what? Let’s face it, a phone is as much a status symbol as the car your drive. The same sub conscious sexual reason we may buy a nice car can be equated to the same reason we may buy a phone we don’t really need. But I’m not here to knock our sub conscious sexual reasons that drive most of our existence. Especially us dudes, the opposite sex is the reason behind pretty much every decision we make. With that said the heads at threw up this graph illustrating the findings of’s study as to which phone is more likely to score guys and gals a good ol fashion crush fest. By age 30 Iphone users took the cake with an average of 12 sexual partners while Droid users were left holding more than their phone with an average of only 6 partners. Best Quote from blog writer: “Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting fucked by Apple.”

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August 11, 2010 1:39 pm

this is true, however if you have game like “tha kid” you can have one of those hologram phones from starwars and he still couldn’t get laid. hahaha

The Response to CT's comment

August 12 2010 09:45 am

Real Talk. The Teletransporter from star wars probably wouldn't get the kid any play.


A person

August 13, 2010 2:43 am

I don’t see the implication here, is this just some form of fanboy advertisement for useless products?
The link between which phone you own and how likely you are to have sex is probably fairly non-existent, if that. To even imply that you having the same phone as the sluttier group of women would increase your chances of getting into their pants is laughable. Those women have a pre-disposition towards sex that doesn’t relate to what kind of phone they own. I bet if you asked them about their relationship with their father a more interesting tale would be found, but thats another story and I am sure you folks are too busy playing with your cell phones, drinking coffee and watching TV to be interested in that sort of thing.

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