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Top 10 Worst High School Mascots Ever

05 Aug 2010, written by L Briezy 3 Comments

Whether or not you loved high school, the mascots and team names belong to everyone. Maybe you were a Warrior and watched some dude dressed up in Viking gear parade around the field instilling fear in the opposing team. Or, you could have been a Highlander and watched some ghetto deer shake his cottontail on the court. Either way, a team name embodies the school identity. Here are ten of the best, most confusing or downright awful school mascots in the country:

1.) The Yuma, AZ CRIMINALS

Appropriately named after the school burned down and students had to finish the year at Yuma Territorial Prison. Sending your children to jail = hardcore.

2.) They Conway, Arkansas WAMPUS CATS

At first I just wondered wtf a wampus cat was, now that I know.. I'm a little scared. Seven high schools actually host this 6 legged cat as their mascot.

3.) The Moorhead, Minnesota SPUDS

Because Potatoes are scary

4.) Charlestown, Massachusetts TOWNIES

School motto, "All Roads Lead to Charlestown," and then you never leave

5.) North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics UNICORNS

And isn't it ironic.

6.) Blooming Prairie, MN AWESOME BLOSSOMS

cute little thing

7.) Laurel Hill, Florida HOBOES

They have a Hobo Festival and everything.

8.) Watersmeet, Michigan NIMRODS

Up until 1983 "Nimrod" simply meant a hunter. Due to the escapades of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd it became a derogatory word for an idiot. Regardless, Watersmeet stayed true to their mascot. Team Pride.

9.) Chattanooga Central PURPLE POUNDERS

I'll admit I was semi-scared to see what this mascot would be

10.) Chattanooga Central ORPHANS AND ORPHAN ANNIES

Interesting how the Orphan's are such studs but the Annies look like freaky red headed skeletons

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September 3, 2010 9:06 pm

How about The Putnam County Midgets from northeastern Missouri!


Jeff Rushin

September 13, 2010 7:42 am

How about the Illinois Valley Central High School GREY GHOSTS?

It has been the mascot name for the high school teams (Chillicothe Township High School circa 1940-1968) and is for Chillicothe IVC(1968-present).

It was inducted into the ESPN Mascots Hall of Fame in 1987.

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