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Top 10 Most Cliche Dorm Room Posters

03 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

First off above are some honorable mentions, but one thing I remember about college is trying your best to trick out your apartment or dorm. I for one was a huge advocate of pimping out the place as much as possible. My freshman year I did the Christmas lights everywhere, sophomore year we made a huge “2210″, our apartment number, made out of 30 cases on the wall, and senior year built a 10 foot mahogany bar (although not thought to be by some), with two t.v.’s in the corners and had a 6 foot projection screen on the other wall. But before all these progressions, one classic thing was always involved, the poster. My one friend at college stole, umm I mean found, literally over 30 posters from a poster fair on campus one year. So of course he got every single one on this list with many more that are found at dorms all around the world, so I am very familiar with these bad boys, here are the top 10 most cliche dorm room posters.

1. “College”

This guy is…

A frosh. John Belushi chugging Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle with an American flag in the background is a trans-generational homage to the best damn four years of your life. Not only is it the Mona Lisa of dorm-room decor, but it’s also arguably the most ubiquitous college poster of all time.

2. “Pulp Fiction”

This guy is…

A Blockbuster on two feet. Tarantino posters are usually a pretty good sign that the owner has an impressive library of DVDs or downloaded movies.

3. 50s Throwback Posters

This guy is…

Lame. These novelty posters suck about as much as the people who waste money on them.

4. Pink Floyd’s “Back Catalog”

This guy is…

A music freak. This is the guy who pimps his dorm room with a record player and spent the last month of summer digging through his dad’s dusty LP collection, plucking out vinyl copies of “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Graceland” from his old man’s record collection that he probably began cultivating in college. You better believe this person has passionate opinions on what constitutes good music.

5. “Scarface”

This guy is…

Maybe a movie buff, maybe a drug dealer, and definitely a badass in his own mind. “Scarface” is a classic. Definitely one of the best. However, watch out for the guy who rolls in on freshman move-in day with a “Scarface” poster as his only dorm room accessory.

6. The Beer Pong Poster

This guy is…

Competitive and drinks like a champ. This is the guy on your floor who takes his pong seriously and signs up for every possible beer-pong tournament on campus. He doesn’t views pong and other drinking games as a leisurely pastime but as a competitive sport. This will begin to show in the spring semester when all those brewskis catch up to his waistline.

7. “Fight Club”

This guy is…

Putting par for the course, though most definitely has good taste in movies. Show me a college dorm floor, fraternity house, or off-campus apartment without a “Fight Club” poster and I’ll show you a semi-attractive veteran prostitute who hasn’t contracted gonorrhea over her 25-plus year career. Oh right, it doesn’t exist. If the prototypical dorm room was a slice of apple pie, a “Fight Club” poster would be it’s a la mode.

8. Bob Marley

This guy is…

Stoned and has the munchies 24/7. As much as we love Robert Nesta, watch your Pringles and Hot Pocket stash if you have this guy as a roommate.

9. “Beers of the World”

This guy is…

A beer snob. Instead of requesting something simple like Busch Light or PBR, this guy is the one who makes quick beer runs a pain in the ass by asking you to pick up a very specific, expensive, imported microbrew from a Trappist Belgian monastery. He’ll have his own homebrewing operation by junior year.

10. “Wedding Crashers” Rules

This guy is…

Typically a Bro and, more importantly, knows how to tactfully deliver a clutch movie line at the drop of a hat. If you’re bringing your B-game at a party and getting denied and/or cock-blocked on an off-night, don’t be discouraged! He’s the guy who reminds you “Rule #4 — No one goes home alone” at just the right moment before pointing you in the direction of the last girl on the dance floor who doesn’t have her tongue lodged in another guy’s mouth.

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