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10 Best Bone Crushing Hits On Cheerleaders

05 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Don’t let anyone kid you, being a cheerleader is one of the most dangerous jobs in sports. They’re always getting tossed in in air hoping somebody catches them, they have to stand on top of unstable human pyramids and they always have to be on their toes because they could get crushed on the sidelines at any moment. And if that’s not enough, they have to deal with constant sexual harassment from mascots.

#10 Arena League Cheerleader Gets Crushed – Most Arena League analysts consider it one of the most exiciting plays in Arena League football history.

#9 Cheerleader Gets Taken Out By Linebacker – This is what they call getting “Dick Butt-Kissed.”

#8 Cheerleader Crushes Another Cheerleader – And I heard they were totally fighting before the game because she found out he was totally cheating on her.

#7 Cheerleader Crushed By Entire Football Team – This is one of the ways football players flirt with cheerleaders.

#6 Running Back Lays The Cheerleader Smackdown – It’s always unfortunate when your star running back gets injured by a cheerleader.

#5 Cheerleader Gets Hulk Smashed – Don’t worry, I’m sure he treated her to a chocolate shake after the game… with two straws.

#4 Cheerleader In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time – It’s like totally like the biggest bummer ever, you guys.

#3 Male Cheerleader Tackles Player – And that’s how a male cheerleader achieves a cheerleader orgy after the game.

#2 Laker Girl Gets Annihilated By Matt Barnes & Carl Landry – Finally something interesting happens during an NBA preaseason game!

#1 Cheerleader Gets Absolutely Leveled – This is the brutal side of cheerleading that they’re afraid to show you on Glee and Hellcats.

BONUS: Florida player takes out a guy in a wheelchair.

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