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Goats Are The Photobomb Kings

17 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

If you don’t think goats kick ass then you can go F yourself because goats rule. Pound for pound they can carry more than a horse or mule and climb steeper cliffs than a llama. They usually rock cool haircuts, their eyes have a range of 340 degrees (humans have 240 tops), and they acted very well alongside George Clooney in that crappy movie a few years ago. What the goat is most awesome at is photobombing, for some reason they love it and attack swiftly and often. Here is a nice collection of awesome photobombs by the kings of photobombs themselves.

More kick ass photobombing goats below

O you’re going to take a nice photo of all my friends chilling? LAWRYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, HEAD OUT THE DOOR MOVE SUCKAAAAAAAAA. (What I imagined this goat said at the time.)

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