Kik Messenger Aims To Put The Last Nail In Blackberry’s Coffin

04 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Due to an overwhelming of status updates on facebook last night saying “What is Kik?” we did some research. We were introduced to the new application for iphone, android, and blackberry users and did a little hands on work for our readers. First, here’s how the app works: Once you download the application, it checks your address book and recommends the friends and other contacts you are likely to know who already have downloaded Kik. You can then start chatting with them immediately. Like IM, it’s asynchronous, meaning it lets you see messages immediately, including when the person you’re chatting with is typing. Additionally, it lets you know when they’ve actually read their message.

Check out our final verdict and screen-shots of the app in action below.

Final Verdict

I came from a Blackberry and now have a Droid X, which was the best thing I ever did, Blackberrys blow, and the only thing I was spending 30 bucks a month on was bbm, which I did enjoy because of the groups and fast messaging. After playing with Kik for a while the actually messaging is pretty much identical to bbm, but it is missing some major features like groups, profile pictures, being able to send pictures videos and files, etc. In an interview with the developer he said major updates would be coming soon but they just need to work out the legal issues.

My advice, go to your app store and download Kik, it is definitely worth checking out and I think you will enjoy it when you get a solid list of friends on it. Kik is pretty much a cross platform bbm so it is pretty awesome. Here is a toast to the death of the last thing Blackberry had in it’s arsenal.

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