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The 10 Best Fake Bands Of All Time

11 Feb 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments
The 10 Best Fake Bands Of All Time

I love music, so when I am watching a movie or a show on television and a fake band takes the stage I am at full attention. If there’s one thing we like better than a good band, it’s a really funny fake band. From metal to rap to folk, we’ve seen them all. After finishing this list I understand there were a ton of awesome bands I left out, so I might have to drop a part 2.

10. Wyld Stallyns – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

If we were to stage a battle of the fake bands, Wyld Stallyns would surely emerge most triumphant! What other fake band can claim to have traveled through history and time, hanging with the likes of Socrates, Joan of Arc and Sigmund Freud? They also managed to snag a few historially signifigant babes through their journeys. What Wyld Stallyns lacked in musical talent they surely made up for in “excellence.”

9. Crucifictorious – Friday Night Lights

One town. One man. With one dream – to take these three words – “Christian speed metal” and form the most fearsome yet Christ-like rock outfit Dillon, Texas has ever seen. With the creation of Crucifictorious, Landry Clarke, once seen as a brainiac outcast and wedgie bait evolved into a heavy metal maestro with a godly axe to grind. The addition of super-cute bassist and lesbian, Devin, upped the talent factor while adding an interesting layer of complexity to Crucifictorious’ christian identity. Luckily, we have at least two more seasons of FNL to follow the band’s progess. Hopefully, future gigs will draw a bigger audience than one Tim Riggins.

8. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes – Star Wars

Biths can wail. Look at those big noggins. They just “get” musical complexity and hot lyrical rhythms. A band with the talent of the Modal Nodes, led by the Kloo Horn-playing leader, Figrin D’an, rocked the Mos Eisley Cantina with ease. And in A New Hope, the Nodes preside over one of the greatest bar scenes captured on film. You would totally hang out in that cantina. It just looks like fun. Even if Rodian bounty hunters are getting capped and giant walrus-looking dudes are getting their arms light-sabered off. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. With the right soundtrack, that sounds like a pretty good Saturday.

7. Stillwater – Almost Famous

Modeled after blues rockers like The Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin, Cameron Crowe’s Stillwater was a romantic take on the hedonistic bands of the ’70s and their ultimate rise and fall. Living through what Phillip Seymor-Hoffman’s Lester Bangs described as rock ‘n’ roll’s “death rattle,” Stillwater embodied a litany of the sins and lessons of the age of rock lifestyle. The over-talented lead guitarist, the jealous frontman, the self-delusional groupies and the wide-eyed fan/writer – it all coalesced into a unique vision of many of our rock heroes. With songs composed by legend Peter Frampton and Crowe’s own wife, Nancy Wilson of Heart, the soundtrack rocked hard and lent a fuzzed-out heavy authenticity to the movie.

6. The Beets – Doug

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Who needs to pick when you have the Beets? Taking the best sounds and looks from both groups, the Beets are essentially a British invasion band, only, you know, thirty years late.

5. Lip-C Plus The Nerds- Revenge of the Nerds

it’s one thing for a bunch of people to believe in a cause and try to think of some awesome way to get people to vote for your cause, but the nerds, with the help of the awesome beastie boy reject lip-c, create the catchiest song for a proposition ever, no on 15! you know the song, right? well it sticks in my head fo sho.

4. The Lone Rangers – Airheads

They’re better than the sons of thunder, right? but they don’t wear sellout bullshit like dr. seuss hats so they can’t seem to get a break. good thing they’ll get some radio time if that tape they bring to the radio station doesn’t get ruined OH NO, it’s ruined. well they get to play in front of the cops and then later the prisoners whom they share prison with so that’s fun.

3. Crucial Taunt – Wayne’s World

O.K. crucial taunt is awesome right? but all they do is play other bands songs when they play live so as much as i love you guys, you’re not the best ever. i love why you wanna break my heart and all, but come on, you have ONE shot to impress mr. big in the limo when he’s driving through aurora on his way to detroit, and you play ballroom blitz!? whatever you’re still the best.

2. The Zack Attack – Saved By The Bell

On cheesy teenage sitcoms, reality can be fungible. Saved by the Bell often let its main characters provide the soundtrack, but it wasn’t fussy about the format: the gang lip-synched tunes at sock hops, costume balls and in their own homes. The girls cut a workout-themed music video and nearly landed a record deal, until Jessie Spano showed America what happens when you dabble with pills. But the pinnacle of the show’s musical obsession was a Casey Kasem-hosted episode chronicling the Zack Attack’s dizzying rise from garage band to worldwide pop sensation. The plot was plucked straight from Behind the Music: there were strobe-lit concerts, asinine press conferences, regrettable hairstyles, a British producer, a manipulative publicist, an award show speech that revealed the group’s impending fractures, and — finally — the profound realization that fame changes people. In true early-’90s TV fashion, though, it turned out the whole thing was just a dream.

1. Spinal Tap – This Is Spinal Tap

This is kind of a no brainer for the best fake band of all time turned award winning real band.

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