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Classic Photographs In Lego Form

16 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

We are loving the way UK photographer Mike Stimson has reinterpreted some of the most harrowing, joyful and memorable moments in history for his collection, with the help of LEGOS. I find some of them funny like the Viet Cong Execution both LEGOS in the photo have big smiles, which I don’t remember them smiling at all. You can see the entire photo set at Stimson’s flickr page here.

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

Viet Cong Execution


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Top 5 Instances Of Kanye West Getting Owned

16 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Now let me start with saying I really like Kanye’s music. He is one of the few minds in hip-hop who is still creative and evolving the music industry. With that said he is a complete douche in all other aspects. I don’t like talking shit about celebs because I would probably be acting the same way if I had millions of dollars and access to every party in the world with no repercussions. But when you act like an ass clown 24/7 and have no respect for anyone else, it’s always fun to see that person get worked in one way or another. We here at Zoot put together 5 times where Kanye has got owned by the competition, from Mos Def to President Obama, enjoy.

5. Swizz Beats Owns Kanye at Hot97 Summer Jam
It was over when Swizzy dropped the “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. It was actually over before it started really. I always liked Kanye beats, but when you put them in New York against Swizz Beatz, that’s the all-time set up of the beginning of getting owned.


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One More LOST Video

15 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

We aren’t too sure how everyone else is holding up, but its not looking so good over here now that Lost is over. I found myself sweating and eating peanut butter out of the jar the first Tuesday after the finale. It just doesnt feel right that I dont have Lost to watch on Tuesday nights any more. I take every chance I get to jump into a conversation about how good the show was, or what we THINK the finale was intended to mean. I got into one such conversation today, and a buddy let me know that he didnt really like the last episode, and then sent me this video. I have to agree with some of this stuff. WTF?!

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Masks Made Front From Fashion Magazines

15 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Creative photo series by Frederique Daubal, a talented French artist, features models wearing masks created out of pages from fashion magazines. According to the artist, “Hide and Seek” art project is a statement on identity, transformation and what it means to be French today. All I’m really getting out of it is a creepy way to scare the living shit out of my girlfriend around the house, thanks Frederique, ya freak.


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Top 10 Things To Not Do On The Computer When Drunk

15 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Coming home drunk and then go online can bring you lots of fun, but also lots of problems second day. This is our top 10 list of things you should avoid doing on Internet if you are drunk.

1. Respond to anything work-related
No matter how capable you think you are, just don’t do it. Any mistake will be instantly explained by the 4am reply time. Besides, alcohol breeds carelessness, and ending an email to an attractive co-worker with a pun on how she’s good at “every job there is” with a winky-face is definitely not a good idea.

2. Chat with family members
Just because your weird step-uncle Dale just got off work from the recycling plant does not mean that it’s the perfect time to organize that trip to insect museum he’s always been bugging you about. This will come back to haunt you in the form of a doorbell ring at 6am the following Sunday.

3. Change your password
Of all the things to forget about the previous night, the fact that your email’s new password is “burgerkingroxxx6969” is one of the most costly.

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Creative Salt & Pepper Shakers

15 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

If your like me you put salt on pepper on everything, and I mean everything. A bowl of cereal, salt and pepper, icecream, salt and pepper, lemonade, salt and pepper. So since salt and peper is used about 8 times a day it would be a good investment to spice up your shakers, no punn intended. Here is a collection of weird and cool salt and pepper shakers we have rounded up for your enjoyment. Don’t give me those salty looks, LAWRYS.

Ants Shakers

Keyboard Keys Shakers


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The Best Cop Mash Up Of All Time.

14 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

There is nothing I like more than the show Cops. Honestly, every time I watch it, it just makes me feel a little better about my self. I may not have that much money stashed away in the bank, I might work at a regular, semi boring job, and I may be single, but at least Im not blowing dudes in the ally for Newport 100′s. Cops somehow manages to always find the lowest of the low, doing things from down right crazy, to just plain idiotic. Sometimes I feel a little bad when I am watching it and judging these poor souls. Then I think to myself, “dont feel bad, that guy just stole his grandmas car and then smashed it into the front window of the local pet store because he was high on some homemade chemical concoction”. This is the best of the best. POP IT JOHNNNNYYY!!!!! (props to anyone who gets that)

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What Managers Are Really Saying When They Go Ape Shit.

14 Jun 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

I always wondered what the managers were saying when they argue with umpires. I also dont really understand it. What do they hope to happen? The ump says “shit ya know what? Since you called me a pip squeak pussy, I must have made the wrong call” and just over turn it? This is a deleted scene from the Playing For Peanuts documentary, this is the first time Wally Backman’s tirade, performed while wearing a microphone, has seen the light of day. And it is superb.

The documentary chronicled the first and only season of the South Georgia Peanuts, of the short-lived South Coast League. The umpire could care less really, probably because hes thinking “I dont need this shit, I havent gotten paid in a month”.

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What Happens When BP Spills Coffee?

13 Jun 2010, written by 0 Comments

Props to the Upright Citizens Brigade on this sketch. But in case you have lost track of what’s been happening in the Gulf or are just looking for the latest summary of the past 2 months events, this gives a pretty good yet funny snapshot.  If you’re feeling compelled to do something and aren’t ready to quit driving your car, below is an article I found with some links and summaries of organizations where you can get involved.

-this would of been a 10 times funny with fake British accents.

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Artist Spotlight: Pomplamoose

11 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Jack Conte is a multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area who lives off of the sale of MP3s online. Conte formed the band Pomplamoose with his girlfriend Nataly Dawn in Summer 2008. The band’s presence is primarily online, having only performed a handful of live shows. Nevertheless, the collaboration has garnered significant fan support.We’re digging the quirky art-school hipster sounds of Pomplamoose, who not only does some awesome pop music covers like this Michael Jackson classic, but some catchy original tunes too. Check out their youtube page for more awesome songs we are sure you will dig. Also below are a bunch of other great songs we included for you, enjoy.

Michael Jackson – Beat It


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