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Tom Cruise Career Rebirth

09 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

We all know Tom Cruise has been way off the deep end for the past few years now. Who knew that turning to Scientology could fuck someones head and career up so badly. After the whole jumping on Oprahs couch bullshit, I think a lot of people really figured he was just some crazy washed up actor, until he played the part of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Ill attach the video because its really just that funny.

This Sunday night at the MTV Movie awards, he revived that character for a few skits, and a dance off with J-Lo. Keep in mind this guy is 47, and he has better skills on the dance floor than I do. Well, thats not actually true, but hes pretty good. Its kind of funny that someone could be so far gone and out of the spot light, and then do a guest roll in a movie and your back on top. For a higher quality video check out WWTDD.

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What Would You Do To Get With Justin Bieber?

09 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

We already know that Justin Bieber has some of the creepiest fans. Here’s a website that chronicles all the desperate, sweet, and creepy things these fans would do to get with Justin Bieber. I cannot emphasize enough that the average age of a Bieber fan is somewhere under 16. WTF. I compiled my favorite ones which are probably submitted by guys just messing around because it’s funny, but it’s hilarious and creepy to think these are actually coming from a 10 year old girl who is completely serious.


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Signs Of The Times By Trusto Corp

08 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This is the language of the Street Sign. Put up by that proverbial Man to tell you how it is or else… Enter TrustoCorp. a New York-based entity that strives to inject a little humour and social commentary into this bland and pervasive space. Next time you’re out and about, try to count how many signs you see…


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Paul Rosevear Free Show in NYC TONIGHT!

08 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

Come out tonight for a FREE show by Paul Rosevear at the Rockwood Music Hall at 196 Allen Street in NYC. The show Starts at 7pm and will be rocking with some great tunes. Paul is a suburban born, Asbury raised, Hoboken transplant. Hes been playing music forever, and has had some solid success as a solo artist and with bands like Punch Monkey and Ready Made Breakup. Tonight is sure to be a great time, so dont miss it!

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The Coolest Collection Of Nike Dunks On Earth

08 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

U.K. artist Daniel Reese, or Mr. Brass Monki as he is known (22-years old), creates some of the absolute most amazing custom sneakers (trainers) I’ve ever seen. He takes his inspiration from pop culture trends and makes them a reality on your beloved Nikes. All of these can, or could at one point, be purchased and he also takes requests on future shoes.


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2 More Eminem Tracks Featuring Lil Wayne And Rihanna

08 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So Em has leaked two more songs off his upcoming album and they don’t disappoint once again. With his song with Lil Wayne it seems like they carried over the formula of the song “Drop The World” on Wayne’s album. Lil Wayne kicks it off with a slowed down verse that flows well with the beat to lead up to Eminem’s verse. The song features a sample from the Night at the Roxbury jam Haddaway- What Is Love, which sounds awkward at first but it works. For more information on Lil Wayne go to MTV! The second song with Rihanna I raised an eyebrow on why she was on the song, but when you hear the record you understand why Eminem was quoted as saying “I felt she was the only person who could pull it off.” The song is about being in love to the point of loosing control. If your getting sick of us posting every new joint that comes out by Em get used to it because we aren’t going to stop, sorry. Shout out to our man Woody over at for hooking up these tracks first. Also added a new Tim Westwood freestyle with Eminem, Royce da 5’9 and Mr. Porter below.

Eminem Ft. Lil Wayne – No Love
Eminem ft. Lil Wayne – No Love by Berniefresh

Eminem ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
Eminem Ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie by DJ Decko

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iPhone 4: The Complete Rundown

07 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The Design

The hardware design hasn’t changed from the one we already knew about. It uses the same materials as the prototype: Black glass and stainless steel rim. It fits with the rest of the Apple product line, from the hard edges to the Dieter-Ramsesque utilitarianism of the iMac and the iPad.

The size is smaller than the previous generation: 34% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Although it is 3 grams heavier. According to Apple, it’s the thinnest smartphone ever. It has split buttons for volume, unlike the current iPhone 3GS, all made in stainless steel.

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New Eminem Video for “Not Afraid”

07 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

I’m really hoping that this next Eminem album doesnt fall flat, because I have a feeling this is going to be the last album he ever makes. Being so engulfed with producing doesnt leave a ton of time to really drop double albums, so this might be the end of the line for Super Man. This video dropped just a few days ago (Friday maybe) and I think its pretty good. It is directed by Rich Lee and the song is Eminems new single“Not Afraid.”

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Ray Sell Totes Gats!

07 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

Ray Sell has created a collection of vintage collages exploring the status perception and the gun-toting, cowboy-idolizing, tit-ogling American male psyche. Throughout movies, books, and the history of man, carring guns has been the symbol of power and authority. How many little kids do you see running around dressed as cowboys firing off fake guns. No one really ever wanted to be the Indians, because they used shitty sticks with pointy ends. Not shinny desert eagles.

Bring any article of clothing to Leo Kesting Gallery on June 12th, 7-10pm for the closing party and get a custom designed screen-print for cheap by the artist. “Stand Yer Ground,” Ray Sell, May 13 – Jun 13, Leo Kesting Gallery, NYC, check it out. It looks legit!


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Manhattanhenge 2010. Sunsets In The Big Apple

07 Jun 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

Recently moving to NYC has been kind of an eye opener. I grew up around lakes and mountains, where summers basically consisted of board shorts, no shirts, no shoes, floating in lakes, and drinking beers in the sun. Pretty much any normal persons idea of a weekend get away. Now I spend my days fighting through crowds of people in the trenches of over sized buildings, riding the iron horse, and sweating off 10lbs a day underground. Sunsets and great scenery are all a thing of the past, until i found out about Manhattenhenge. Part 1 has passed, but best believe ill be on hand for the second coming.


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