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Guillaume Nery Under Water Base Jumping At Dean’s Blue Hole

07 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. Néry (born 11 July 1982) is a French free-diver specialized in Constant Weight free-diving. The video below is an unbelievable representation of the world record dive and is a must see, straight bad ass. Shout out to our reader Rule for submitting this.

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Hip-Hop’s Biggest Urban Legend Albums

04 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Hip hop has this nasty trait of announcing albums that will get fans super duper hyped up and then never releasing them. To make matters worse, they will tease you with new release dates and pictures of the artist in the studio (like the picture above with Dr. Dre and Jay-Z) only to get your hopes up before shooting them down and laughing at you like the annoying dog on “Duck Hunt.” Zoot offers you a list of our 11 biggest urban legend albums that we will more than likely never see or hear. Detox anyone?

Black Thought – Masterpiece Theater

The Roots’ rhyme animal and front man announced that he would release a solo album in 2001 titled Masterpiece Theater. Hip Hop heads got really hyped to hear Thought solo – although The Roots’ albums are really Black Thought with The Roots backing him . . . but whatever. The album was scrapped and the remains ended up on Phrenology. Dah well.

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube – Heltah Skeltah

After Dre and Cube made nice after Cube roasted the entire N.W.A. crew on “No Vaseline” many wondered if they’d manage to rekindle the good ol’ days in the 90′s. When it was announced that Dre and Cube were in the studio working on a collaborative album titled Heltah Skeltah, the west coast rejoiced. But just like anything Dr. Dre works on, we waited, and waited, and waited. It’s 2010 and we’re still waiting. We lost.

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Good Guys In Bad Games

04 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Here is a funny and creative collection of good characters in bad games. While these good characters destroy every bad guy in their own video games if they were placed in the harsh environment of say Mortal Kombat, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Toad in Mortal Kombat

Kirby In Golden Eye


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Collection Of Wacky And Awesome Golf Club Covers

04 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So since we live on the east coast golf season is officially back in full swing, no pun intended. Of course I might be the only guy in the world who doesn’t golf, I don’t know why. I don’t have anything against golf it just seems a little boring to me. So what I do instead is get drunk as hell, smoke cigs, and drive the golf carts around, aka I’m the chauffeur on the golf course. What I do know is if I did golf I would pimp out my golf cart hard and I would defiantly pimp out my golf club covers. Some of my friends just use socks like it is 1923, it’s like ummmm dude get it together, put a T-Rex on that shit or something. So i decided to gather up a collection of weird and cool golf head covers. I didn’t hyperlink where you can get all of these but if you really do like one just google it and they will pop right up you lazy son of a bitch.

1. The 3 Stooges
How could you not say to somebody “Hahha that rules, your the coolest.” if you saw someone with these bad boys.

2. Superheros
I probably wouldn’t even get different superheros, I would just max out my golf bag with 15 supermans sticking out.


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Eminem Featuring Pink Won’t Back Down

03 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Eminem released another song from his upcoming album Recovery, this time it features Pink and it’s called Won’t Back Down, and that’s all I have to say about that, yay or nay? Let us know what you think.

Eminem – Won’t Back Down (feat. Pink) by rapscenter

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Puma’s Hardchorus Challenge Displays Countries Passion For Soccer, America Obviously Left Out

03 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Recently Puma held a contest for the best Hardchorus in Europe, and since we as Americans know nothing about real soccer here are some awesome super fans. In honor of the World Cup’s impending start, here are a bunch of Europeans getting way more pumped about soccer than the U.S. will ever be. France ended up being the winner, Germany 2nd place, England 3rd place, Italy 4th place, below are all 4, you be the judge. I actually thought England was the best, but either way these videos are awesome and they are filled with guys that look like they have killed people before and would easily beat your American ass real quick.



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Absolut Brooklyn Limited Edition Vodka

03 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

As a tribute to one of the city’s most renowned boroughs and film makers, ABSOLUT has put out a limited edition flavor known as ABSOLUT Brooklyn. Developed in conjunction with Spike Lee, the bottle’s unique cover pays homage to the stoop where the director grew up, as well as the borough’s pace of life where socializing involves sitting on the front steps and talking with neighbors as they pass by. Those who pay close attention to the bottle’s detailing might also notice some of Brooklyn’s more famous nick names written on the stoop’s steps, and that Lars Olsson, who graces the ABSOLUTE seal, has been given some Spike Lee approved accessories like a baseball cap and glasses.

Taste wise, this flavor features a pronounced mixture of red apple and spice notes of ginger, which needless to say adds an interesting pep to the brand’s standard offering. Great for collectors or those who enjoy the display aspect of having a home bar.

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Inappropriate Demotivational Posters Part 2

03 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

It’s been awhile since we posted some good demotivational posters. That being said, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite inappropriate demotivators for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Warning: The following material may be sexist, racist, and boner inducing. Proceed with caution.


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Simple And Awesome Toilet Prank

02 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The best part about this is you only need a empty roll of toilet paper and water. I can not wait to start doing this at every house I attend and then go on to blame it on some innocent bystander, because you know you can’t confront someone about shitting on your toilet seat, you kind of have to just suck it up and accept it. So here are the step by step directions on how to make a life like piece of poop, don’t you love the internet.


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I Want That! Custom Iron Man Sneakers

02 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

When you put these on your feet, you should feel like your ready to save the day. Both shoes are layered with armored paneling to make sure you feet are well protected against any villain. And yes they even have working versions of the staple of Ironman and War Machine; the glowing cores that give power to the suites. No, it’s not a photoshop trick, press down on the tongues to turn on and off the the glowing power. If you are thinking, “How can I get my hands on a pair?” don’t worry, the guys who made them found here will be posting a link shortly with purchase options and pricing. The run will be limited. Once they reach there predetermined # of sales, thats it! So, keep checking the blog and the website for updates on purchasing your pair, how many will be sold, and pricing.


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