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“When Your Strange: A Film About The Doors”

09 Apr 2010, written by 0 Comments

Narrated by Johnny Depp “When Your Strange: A Film About The Doors” opens this weekend at select theaters across the country.  The mysterious and hypnotic poetry, music and lifestyle of Jim Morrison has interested people across three generations and there hasn’t been anything to compare it to since.  I think everyone has a moment listening to The Doors in which they feel a deeper meaning and connection to music and words then ever before.  If you haven’t,  listen to “The End” in a dark room with with a bottle of whiskey and you’ll see what I mean.  The film which uncovers historical and previously unseen footage of Morrison and The Doors was featured at Sundance and Berlin film festivals.  This is the first feature documentary about The Doors.  It’s only playing at select theaters across the country, Find a Theater.

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Burning Man Mutant Cars

09 Apr 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

Coming across these photos must have been a sign, because I have been trying to figure out how to build an art themed car for a little while now. I will be attending Burning Man 2010 this year, and no cars are aloud, unles they are works of art. These photos gave me some great ideas, and if I want to be on point with these whips, I better get crackin. Theres no way I want to be walking around the desert for a week, when i could be rolling in a fully shaded brain car with a topless girl by my side. Check out the entire collection of photos here, by our friends at Holy Taco


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9 Creative And Weird Socks

09 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Socks, Socks, Socks, (replacing “shots” in that shitty LMFAO song). Personally all I rock is white and black socks, and most of my black dress socks are from 1998 and have holes in them, and for my white socks they are mostly from 1991 and are knee high. I think it is about time for myself and everyone else to step up there sock game. Here is a collection of some weird/cool/creative socks to spice up your ugly feet.

1. Nike SB Pigeon Dunks Socks

2. Anatomically Socks


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Late Night Humor – Standing Cat Is Watching You

08 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

4 million years ago, a single hominid Australopith stood upright. 200,000 generations later, its descendants, modern Homo Sapiens, conquered the world, flying to the moon and smashing the atom. What you are witnessing gentle folk is an event equally as monumental. Sometime around 4,000,000 AD, this cat’s offspring will evolve giant brains and opposable thumbs and build cat skyscapers and cat rocket ships. Evolution continues!

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The Underground World of Cock Fighting

08 Apr 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments


With all the Michael Vick drama that recently went down, a lot of the animal advocates have been focused on the abuse of dogs, and have kind of turned their attention away from some other illegal animal fighting going on around the world. The problem with stopping Cock Fighting is that it happens in mainly remote parts of the world. It was popular in ancient times in China, Persia, and other Eastern countries and basically involves two Roosters going at it until one of them is dead. It is still very popular in Haiti, Puerto Rice, Mexico and parts of the Philippines. The sport is only played with Roosters, and not Hens, because a million Hens can be in a pen together and never fight, they are peaceful. The Roosters main instinct is dominance, and it will kill to proove that point. The birds are even fed a high protein diet of fruits and vegetables to keep them in fighting shape. These pictures surfaced from some remote parts of the world, and since many of us will never see an actual cock fight in person, they are the closest thing we will know to the horror of this sport. Please be aware that some of these are graphic, so if your a member of PETA maybe you should skip this entry.


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Earl and Tiger Nike Commercial

08 Apr 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

Tiger Woods returns to the Masters this week, and there has been a ton of buzz around him for obvious reasons. No one will ever forget the drama that filled the end of 2009 for Tiger, and his many, many affairs. He was dropped by many of his endorsors but Nike stuck with him. I like that from Nike, but Im not to sure how I feel about this new commercial. I dont really think that they need to bring his late father into the mix, with a call from heaven about how its wrong to cheat on your wife. Everyone knows that already, and the text messages that surfaced are proof enough that Tiger isnt the best husband. What do you think of the new commercial?

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4 Jams You Should DL. Indie Electro Pop Edition.

08 Apr 2010, written by 1 Comments

This edition of 4JDL focuses on the indie electronic pop genre.  No this is NOT jersey fist pumpin techno so don’t get the wrong idea.  Just a few throwback electronica esk jams that are sure to get a rise out of the next shindig you throw or to blast in your car  as you speed away from work dodging traffic on a sunny Friday heading to happy hour.  You’ll have to do some extensive searching to find Sepalot – Highway to Hell, I can’t remember how I found it because it was so long ago, but it’s sure to become a classic on your Ipod if you do. For more music news you can always check out MTV.

1. The Go! Team – LadyFlash

2. DJ Sepalot Feat Amos – Highway to Hell


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Superhero Hoodies

08 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

We over here at zoot love hoodies, and really love when designers get creative with them, ie. head hoods. So in this edition of creative hoodies we take you to the superhero category. These are great for a simple costume fix, or to merely just be awesome walking down the street on a random Tuesday, either one is acceptable and I’m sure you will get some heads turning in your direction.


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Having A Bad Day At The Office? 7 Epic Videos Of People Raging At Work

08 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments
Having A Bad Day At The Office? 7 Epic Videos Of People Raging At Work

Whether it be the jammed printer, the locked up computer or the annoying co-worker, the office place is a bottomless well of potential things to be pissed off at. Although 99.9% of us can deal with the everyday stress of such a toxic environment in a ‘healthy’ way, there is a certain .1% of the population who we all want to live vicariously through. Here are 10 video of people raging it up in the work place.

7. Man Goes Ape Shit On The Entire Office
This guy doesn’t care if he is pelting innocent women with computers, he has one thing on his mind, and that is to destroy everything and anything in the office. Here is also another angle captured by a video phone. Is that a fucking sledge hammer he pulls out of nowhere?

6. Printer Problems Will Do This To Anyone
After problems all day with a printer everyone gets fired up, but when you get a ink spray to the face that was the final straw. I’ve done this to my printer at work in my mind about 50 times, never actually did it though like this psycho.


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Late Night Humor: What If Guys Acted Like Girls?

07 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Dear, ladies. This is what you sound like to the rest of us. Hopefully by portraying this putrid behavior in a different light we will be able to finally get through to you guys that your ridiculous :)

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