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Dope Watches Debut at the Basel Watch Fair

30 Mar 2010, written by 1 Comments

Once a year the watch makers of the world get together in Basel, Switzerland to show off what they are dropping in the new year.  Here are a handful of what was displayed.  I’m not a big watch wearer myself, but I would definitely cop one of these if I could I afford it.

Beil and Ross Radar Model

J12 Retrograde Mysterieuse from Chanel


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Ideal Life… As Imagined By A 15 Year Old

30 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

(Click on image to get full size.)
As imagined by a 15-year-old, who has never experienced the difficult richness of adulthood.

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2011 Hennessey Venom GT Is As Bad Ass As Cars Come

30 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

A Lotus Elise with the engine of a Corvette ZR1 (725 hp/741 lb-ft supercharged 6.9 liter V8). Sounds like a recipe for tire-shredding mayhem, right? Well, you’d be correct if Hennessey didn’t also make it’s new 200 mph 2011 Venom GT available with a twin-turbocharged 1,000 hp/900 lb-ft torque OR an orbit-defying 1,200 hp/1,100 lb-ft torque “version”. Yes, this is Hennessey doing what they (he) does best. Pure madness.


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5 Worst Vacation Spots You Thought Were A Good Idea

30 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 9 Comments

Everyone loves a good vacation, and when booking a trip you always are showered with good reviews and websites explaining why their destination is the best bet. A lot of times you fall for those wonderful reviews and don’t look into it at all, because if it’s on the internet it must be fact of course. If you don’t want to get murdered, eaten by sharks, or catch a STD try to avoid these 5 commonly traveled destinations.

Bangkok, Thailand
Speaking of diseases, “just say no” if your buddy starts talking up spring break at this sex tourism capital. The HIV-infection rate for working women could be as high as 10 percent in certain parts of the city. And the strain of HIV most prevalent in Thailand is actually easier for heterosexual men to catch than the strains we have in the West. Scary stuff, indeed. And that’s assuming the woman whose company you enjoy is actually a woman.

Daytona Beach, Fla.
For many visitors, the worst aftermath of a spring break here in Florida will be a treatable STD. For others, a shark attack could be in order. The coastal region of Volusia, which contains Daytona Beach, has the highest number of reported attacks. (Then again, none of them were fatal. And who needs all their limbs?)

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Late Night Humor: Meet Cheeseburger Josh, A Real American Asshole

29 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 3 Comments

“Fuck you and your cheeseburger, motherfucker. I will beat you all over your french fries!” Only in America (Texas) will you find a) Someone willing to fight a whole restaurant for some fries and b) A fight won by pulling down someone’s pants. Welcome to instant Internet celebrity, Cheesburger Josh.

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Stone Temple Pilot’s Comeback Album.

29 Mar 2010, written by 0 Comments

Stone Temple Pilot’s new album maybe a far cry from the STP you grew up on or it could be exactly that.  We won’t know until May 25th.   Scott Weiland has always been full of drama which is what pulled the band apart in the first place.  However, he did manage to put some good things together with Velvet Revolver.  The De Leo brothers and Weiland re-grouped on a mini tour last year which seemed to be a cautionary approach to finding out if it was worth the effort for a new album.  After hearing more about Weiland’s drama during the tour, I’m sure most thought it was all over again, a lil comeback tour amounting to nothing.   None the less they decided to try a new album.  But the band and Weiland were only in the studio two or 3 times together. Weiland recorded all the vocals on this new album  separately at his own studio, Lavish Studios.  They kept a producer between them to make sure everything worked.  This recording method makes the album skeptical of course, but maybe this is what works for Weiland.  I bet he was a drama queen when they put out their earlier stuff and he had his distractions with Velvet Revolver and it all turned out good.  Let’s hope it works because with Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers on the cover of Rolling Stone, Rock and Roll needs STP to make a strong comeback more than ever.  ”Between the Lines” is the first single off the album and debuted in a performance at SXSW earlier this month.

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Kate McCgwire’s Feather Art Is Taking Flight

29 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

London-based artist Kate MccGwire has a unique form of art. Her material of choice? The molted feathers of pigeons. She uses these feathers in great numbers to create vivid pieces of artwork. The process is painstaking but the outcome is brilliant. Kate creates such intricate patterns and designs; and it really gives her pieces an uncanny flow and movement. I would love to see one of her exhibits in-person and maybe sneak a touch…


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Adidas Originals “Hide and Seek” Stan Smith 80′s TF

29 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

An interesting theme making its way into the adidas Originals 2010 spring/summer collection has been their “TF” line. The TF line is based around iconic classics which feature a transformable upper. The initial drop has seen highlights that include the Superstar and the Stan Smith 80s seen here. In its original form, the Stan Smith features a high-top profile in which the upper can be un-zipped and removed to create a low-top version in a different color. We expect this concept to continue on with further releases but for the time being, the Stan Smith 80s TF is available now at select retailers.


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Best Parents In The World Award Winners

26 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

O look how happy everyone is, and the baby so cute. Look at the boss man by the door in the striped shirt with a smile you could see from a mile away. And Uncle Jim in the red hoody snapping photos like the paparazzi I guess of the cute kid right? Then there is mommy with her arm around her daughter during Christmas time aweeeee. Wait so what is wrong with this picture you ask, O yea its cropped, see below for the actual picture and you will notice the cute little girl doesn’t have her jaw dropped because she’s looking at her new Christmas presents, unreal dude.


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Hack The Planet! and Go To Jail?

26 Mar 2010, written by 0 Comments

For some reason the idea of hacking and computer crimes doesn’t seem real, it’s like they are committed in a fantasy world with no real consequences.  Like killing people in a video game or something.   Well that’s not the case.  If you remember a while back retailer TJ Maxx’s parent company TJX Cos made national headlines when multiple banks accused them of false credit and debit card charges.  It was in fact a scheme orchestrated by this hacker below Albert Gonzalez in which he stole more the 90 Million credit and debit card numbers. Coined the TJX Hacker it’s reported as the largest computer crime ever prosecuted, he was sentenced to 20 years and ordered to pay 25K.  According to prosecutors the 28 year old buried 1.1million of his earnings in his parents back yard in Miami.   Gonzalez, called his enterprise “Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” had argued in court that his only motive was technical curiosity and an obsession with conquering computer networks. But chat logs the government obtained showed Gonzalez confiding in one of his accomplices that his goal was to earn $15 million from his schemes, buy a yacht and then retire.  Hacking the planet ain’t so easy anymore I guess now that the man hacks it back.

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