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David Garibaldi Painting With Passion And Purpose

26 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

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Rhythm, Color, Culture, Energy; These Four words describe the experience viewing the creations of world renowned Artist David Garibaldi.

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, Garibaldi began creating at a young age. After relocating and growing up in Sacramento, it was not until high school, after walking away from a life of graffiti in the streets, that he turned his influences of hip hop culture into a positive direction. Unfortunately by then, it was too late to make up lost time in school, and he could not graduate. A season of hard times to come could not shake the drive of this young artist from pursuing his dreams.

Garibaldi Promo Reel 2009 from David Garibaldi on Vimeo.


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Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe

26 Mar 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

Scott Pilgrim is a comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, intended to eventually consist of six digest size black-and-white volumes. The series is about 23-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker, hero, and part-time bassist who is living in Toronto and plays bass guitar in the band “Sex Bob-Omb.” He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona V. Flowers, but must defeat her seven “evil exes” in order to date her. This film has Michael Cera written all over it. When I first saw the trailer, I was kind of skeptical, but after watching it a few times, I have to admit, Im kind of stoked. This film is set for a July release, so be on the look out of a slew of promotion that will soon be following. As always, you saw it at Zoot Patrol first. No need for applause.

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30 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing Once They Hit 25

26 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments
30 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing Once They Hit 25

1. Buying clothes from the junior section. Stop being a skank

2. Forgetting her parents’ birthdays. An all time scum bag move, they gave you birthday presents for 25 years straight, get them something, anything.

3. Making out with her BFFs at bars for attention.

4. Making out with her boyfriend at bars for attention. It’s just gross to tell you the truth

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Fake Chatroulette Blowjob Makes Some Laugh And Some Mad

25 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 2 Comments

If not more than anything than a tool for pranks and reaction videos, I don’t mind chatroulette’s existence. We gave our review on how to make it fun and what it was all about when it first was introduced, but now people are clearly getting really creative with the website. I just personally like people’s reactions, to just jaw dropping staring at this kid get dome from a blonde, only to realize its not a blonde haired chick at all actually.

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A To Z of Awesomeness

25 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Neill Cameron put together these drawings based on suggestions from fans over a 26 day period. The results are indeed full of awesome. You can check out his website for more art and information on the Ato Z project found here.


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Inappropriate Movie Laugh Tracks

25 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The “laugh track” has a long and storied history of letting morons know when to laugh. But when paired with the wrong footage, the use of a laugh track becomes highly inappropriate. These have been around for a while but with the help of break.com here is a nice collection of 5 examples that make us inappropriately laugh.

Racism + Laugh Track = Inappropriate

EMBED-Inappropriate Laugh Track – Crash – Watch more free videos

The Deer Hunter
Russian Roulette can be funny, but not when the players are coerced. Inappropriate!

EMBED-Inappropriate Laugh Track – The Deer Hunter – Watch more free videos

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Realistic Baby Dolls So Perfect They Scare The Shit Out Of Me

25 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

Glenda Ewart, a very talented artist, from Castlerock, Ireland, creates hyper-realistic dolls of newborn babies. A former chef, Glenda Ewart discovered her talent as her doll-sculpting artist while she was pregnant with her first child. Now she creates realistic baby dolls, using multiple coats of paint, to recreate a newborn’s soft skin. After the skin is cured in the oven, the most strenuous part begins: implanting over 20,000 fine strands of mohair into the doll’s scalp. While others might find this process difficult, to say the least, Glenda Ewart says she loves every moment of it.


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The Truth About Online Dating

25 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

A new infographic from the stats-minded folks at Online Schools that offers some insight into the world of online dating. I think it’s safe to say online dating has been accepted as the norm now a days but it still is a little sketchy. If your a half way decent looking human that’s normal it’s an easy way to clean up. The process pretty much works as, I think your hot, shoot them a message, they think your hot, boom, half the battle done. Now as long as you act like a gentleman, you know they think your good looking, game over, especially seeing the statistic that 1 out of ever 3 women have sex on the first encounter with their online date.


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This Is A Big F*cking Deal

24 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Now unless you have been living under a rock the past two days I’m sure you’ve seen Vice President’s introduction of President Obama. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about reference the video below, where Joe drops the F bomb like a champ. Now what we have here is a full blown meme, a concept that spreads quickly via the Internet. People said the Health Care Bill couldn’t be neatly summarized? Teddy Roosevelt had the Square Deal, FDR had the New Deal, and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal. Now we, the next generation, have “A Big Fucking Deal”, thanks Joe. I’m going to start calling Obama’s economic policies/health care bill BFD. I hope it catches on!


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HTC And Sprint Unveil The Evo 4G

24 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Huge-ass screen? Check. Point-and-shoot beating camera? Check. The first Android smartphone to run on a 4G network: priceless? While we’re sure there will be a price to pay for the HTC Evo 4G ($TBA), we also know it’ll be worth paying. Operating on Sprint’s WiMax 4G network, the Evo will offer blazing download speeds, helped along by the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, as well as a 4.3-inch touch screen, an eight megapixel camera with autofocus (and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for those video chat calls), Android 2.1, and the ability to share its 4G connection with up to eight devices over Wi-Fi.

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