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BookBook For Your MacBook

22 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

Ingenious and slightly ironic at the same time, the BookBook ($80) is a new case for the MacBook and MacBook pro that disguises your ‘Book as, well, a book. Employing thick hardcover front and rear panels and a rigid spine, the BookBook provides ample protection for your laptop, while elastic corner clips let you use the computer while it’s encased, and dual zippers let you charge the device while closed. Best of all, the hand craftsmanship and distressing ensure your BookBook will be unique to you, further reducing the fact that passerby will notice that it’s not simply an aging hardbound tome.

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Black Milk Printed Collection For The Ladies

22 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Now we admit we don’t have the most female audience driven material on our site, but here is a little dose to keep the ladies happy. Sent in from Crystal, a reader from Australia, comes the Black Milk Printed Collection from Black Milk Clothing. These Black Milk leggings are personally designed and created by hand, by creator James Lillis. Best described in his own words…

My idea was fairly simple – I would teach myself to sew, buy some beautiful stretch fabrics, and make insane leggings. Then I would find girls who would get into them. Girls who wanted leggings that could pack a little more punch than the ones on offer at your average department store. I made the leggings, found the girls, and so was born Black Milk.

If you dig these threads you can go over to there website found here to purchase a pair. They have a bunch of other styles if this collection is too loud for you, but coming from the guys over at zoot we dig them so we suggest you pony up the money and buy 30 pairs.

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Late Night Humor: Kimmel Burns Leno

21 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Of course everyone is aware of the Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno situation, with Leno being a complete ass bag and taking back the Tonight Show. There has been a movement to back Conan and give Leno the dickhead treatment. The latest bombing of Leno came from Jimmy Kimmel when he came onto Leno’s show to do 10 Questions. This is where Leno asks someone ten questions, but Kimmel took advantage of the segment to make Leno look like an idiot for 5 minutes straight.

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Thats The Way Its Always Been Done

21 Jan 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments


Im not really a huge anti government kind of guy, and I certainly am not standing on the corner in the cold with a sign trying to push opinions on anyone, but this video is really interesting. Start with a cage containing 5 monkeys…. this story illustrates how human society keeps doing the same things over and over again because – “that’s the way things have always been done around here”. Most people have no idea why they follow the path laid out before them, but instead of questioning why, they simply go along with everyone else.

Artwork and Music Produced by Peter Zaza

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Revelation’s Crib Of The Week – Cameo Shores Oasis

21 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

For this weeks crib of the week I chose a monster of a mansion in Cameo Shores, California designed by Brion Jeannette of Brion Jeannette Architecture. While using the word “crib” is an understatement when describing this residence, it is a true marvel of mass and design. Spanning three oceanfront lots in Cameo Shores, this $75 million dollar beach mansion redefines high stakes living. Almost every room has serene views of the Pacific Ocean and the beach below. This property has an incredible 8 bedroom suites including a huge 2,000 square foot 2-bedroom master suite that is bigger than most homes and apartments.

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Pour Out A Little Liquor

21 Jan 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments


Atticus Finch, Tupac, and Biggie?! Whoaa, we Love it.

The painting is by Dave MacDowell, whose new show “The Sins of Atticus Finch” opened last week at the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. MacDowell said of the show:

As a kid, I always loved “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and wished Atticus Finch was my dad. To be guided by such ethical wisdom would have made me a better person, I imagine. But nobody’s perfect, and our imperfections dictate the core of this new series, working on both superficial and deeper levels. On the surface is a colorful, humorous romp where we poke fun at celebrity culture and media. Yet the undercurrent is all about how society is bent on correcting wrongs by repressing everyone. It’s always fun to explore how we’re repressed by our parents, “The Man” and the method’s used to repress ourselves.

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Facebook Gems Part 3

21 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ahhhhh another installment of Facebook failures and embarrassments. In this latest edition of Facebook gems I decided to split up the goodness into two parts. The first part being basic ownage, and the second part is a collection of prime examples of why parents shouldn’t have Facebook, enjoy.


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10 Movie Cars That Outperformed The Lead Actor

20 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Sometimes movies suck and the best thing about them are the cars that are featured in the film. Here is a collection of cars that will be remembered a lot more than the lead characters in each movie.

1963 Volkswagen Beetle – Herbie
Herbie 53 is a love bug with a mind of his own, which is more than can be said for a vapid, wasted Lindsay Lohan. In reality Lohan never drove the car at all, Herbie drove around the wasted Lohan which saved her from another 7 DUI’s.
“Interceptor” 1974 Ford Falcon – The Road Warrior
Back then the 1974 Ford Falcon was more well known then this Mel Gibson guy who just went to the Mad Max audition with his friend, not really planning to get the part.
1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future
The DeLorean is a terrible car, but Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox made it a cultural trademark with a legacy as long as their acting careers in a “it’s so bad it’s good” kind of way.

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The Art of Cutting Leaves

20 Jan 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments


When most of us think about leaves the first thought that comes to mind is “damn it! yard work all day on a Saturday”. I for one, usually put off doing the leaves for as long as possible, in the hopes that maybe it will just snow and it will be out of site, out of mind until spring. When that time does finally roll around, my lawn looks like the Sahara and my house might as well be a trailer because I have officially entered the realm of white trash. Assuming your not a lazy bum, or white trash, leaves actually serve as a great canvas for your ever growing art needs.

Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an art work on a leaf. The process of carving is performed by artists using tools to carefully remove the surface without cutting or removing the veins. The veins add detail into the subject matter of the carving. This process is clearly tedious, but the outcome sure is worth it.

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Knives And Scalpels Instead Of Brushes

20 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Meet Mark Evans, a leather artist. He uses knives and scalpels instead of a brush. And his work is estimated at several hundred thousand pounds. Ironically, Mark accidentally discovered his talent at a Christmas party where his grandmother’s leather vest was damaged and he tried to patch it, eventually, he learned to draw with a knife on the leather.
Evans jokingly explains on his website that he is a caveman who was frozen and was found by archeologist. he is now alive and well and adjusting to the 21st century. He spends hours removing the leather with knives and scalpels to reveal the suede below. Evans is truly doing something no one has done before, in true caveman fashion. Check out his website for more information and awesome artwork, found here.

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