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Brooklyn’s Own HEADHOODS

08 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 3 Comments

Usually I would keep a find like this to myself, but with zootpatrol there is no holding back anything awesome from our readers. HEADHOODS is a company based out of Brooklyn, New York and they are bringing a fresh new take on the hooded sweatshirt. There is a giant selection to choose from including Kanye West, Michael Jackson, President Obama, Chuck Norris, Elvis and many others. The cool thing about these sweatshirts is they are hand made, which at first you think, O.K. they are just putting a face on the hood, but there is an additional option. For $9.99 more you get a custom design on the back. There are 7 back styles to choose from and as quoted from the website, “I try my best to make every HEADHOOD consistent, but that’s impossible because I am not a machine. Every HEADHOOD ends up looking a little unique!” These hoodies will run you $59.99 and then an additional $9.99 for your custom back design. If your looking for a hoodie that will literally turn heads look no further, this will not disappoint for a Christmas gift. Speaking of Christmas gifts my brother just moved to Brooklyn, so hint hint, go get me one now. To check out the rest of there products and information check out there website here.

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Red Man and Method Man Adidas Super Star II

08 Dec 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Red and Meth have been partners in crime for a while now, so it would only make sense that when one makes a shoe, the other is sure to follow. First Red Man created his Adidas shoe, and next Method Man followed with his own version of the popular brand. Reds sneakers feature a hearty red suede upper with the adidas signature three stripes in black. The toe is white and little specs of red are included on the white outsole that take you back to Redmans debut LP “Whut? Thee” Album. The tongue tag sports an image of Redman with his name printed below him in silver and the heel tab features the adidas logo as well as “Funk Doc” in silver.

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Soldiers On Acid

07 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments


I have never taken acid before, but I think I can imagine how intense it is on some kind of level. A part of me would like to see how it is for the laughs and cool imagery, but the other half knows I would go ape shit and probably jump out of a building, so I will not be trying acid any time soon. Before acid was introduced as a hallucinogen to get high, it was thought to be a key advantage in warfare. What looks like a soldier having a bit of fun above, was actually a series of controlled experiments that lasted for decades. We’re talking about mind control or the use of hallucinogenics such as LSD as weapons used in warfare. Said to have been pioneered by the Nazis; Britain, the United States and others soon followed suit with their own experiments on unwitting soldiers and civilians, the Vietcong and now terrorists…

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The Worlds Strangest Homes

07 Dec 2009, written by Riz 2 Comments

I was going to send this to my brother, an architect, to do a write up because I figured he would appreciate it as well as understand it a little better than I would. That feeling of sharing lasted about 2 seconds before I realized these are some cool buildings, and I wanted to be the one to share them. Give me a break. Hes a fucking Architect. I work for a Publishing company. Do the math. Hes doing all right. Anyway, enough about that Fountainhead wanna be, back to the buildings.

The thing that makes these buildings so great is that someone decided to take a chance on them. When I walk through neighborhoods its a bit depressing that all the homes look pretty much the same. Why shouldn’t someone be able to live in a huge rock mushroom? These designers decided that they weren’t happy with the norm, and manned up to create some awesome homes. For those that aren’t into crazy designs you can always check out these new homes from NVR Homes. All homes are newly constructed.


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Swimming With Thousands Of Jellyfish

07 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Jellyfish lake is famous for having millions of jellyfish in it. Someone can say: “But they sting”, it is true. There is though a myth, that Ongeim’l jellyfish or Golden jellyfish are stingless. It is not quite true. The fact is that the sting of the golden jellyfish is undetectable and normally harmless. In turn, the jellyfish provides the algae with a safe haven from predators. The myth also said that this condition has evolved uniquely in this lake as the jellyfish gradually grew to depend solely upon their algae for energy. Either way it must be a real rush coasting through millions of jellyfish when diving through the water. The pictures really capture the magnitude of how many jellyfish really are in the lake, but the video shown below, really gives you a look into the experience.

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Human Parents VS Animal Parents

04 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ahhh the joy of having a baby, holding it, feeding it, nurturing it, sticking it in a microwave, wait what? For the most part human parents are very loving towards their children, but there are some sickos out in the world today. We are probably the Universe’s shittiest parents, especially when you come to think that even a Hippopotamus does a better job than most humans. Before I go off on a rant, let us just introduce you to a package of pictures we put together for you, promptly entitled, “Human Parents VS Animal Parents”. Have a good weekend zootians and zooters, get zooted.

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Some Clever and Creative Products Vol.1

04 Dec 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

When you look at the every day items that you use, do you ever wonder how life got so boring? Im always wondering why my fork has to be shaped like a fork. Why cant it look like a Troll doll, with spikes as hair, that I could use to stab my food? Maybe Im just a weird-o, but Id like to think that Im not alone. This is the first edition of Clever and Creative Products that we will be sharing each week. We will do our best to dig up some purchasing info on these items, but if we get lazy (which is a strong possibility) just google it, and im sure something is bound to pop up. I mean, damn, we cant do everything for you. Check out these cool Kitchen items that might add some laughs and smiles to your otherwise boring life.

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Shadow Steet Art

04 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Instead of drawing graffiti on the walls, a New York street artist Ellis Gallagher decided to use the shadows that lamp posts are making to create street art. Gallagher is only using chalk and stone sediment to outline the shadows into stencils looking like figures or just simple art. This kind of street art is very neat and impressive to come across in the late hours. Especially when you notice that the shadow cast can’t be from any light in the area. This is just another great example of environmental graffiti, not permanently damaging or harming the landscape, but instead embracing it and blending it with it.

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Ricky Knowles On Pirates

04 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 1 Comments

It’s crazy to think that there are still pirates cruising the seas. On Monday, Somali pirates hijacked a U.S. bound Saudi supertanker carrying $20 million in crude oil. That is pretty bad ass considering they did it with shitty 80’s machine guns with wooden handles that you’d see in Rambo: First Blood Part II (never understood that title). I’ve always thought highly of pirates ever since I saw the movie Hook back in 1992. Dustin Hoffman played the perfect Capt. Hook in my opinion. He was a suicidal, kidnapping boy killer that still pulled off wearing the traditional fruity pirate garb.

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Johnny Cage VS All

03 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 1 Comments

In all my days of playing Mortal Kombat as a kid, I don’t think I ever once picked to play as Johnny Cage. I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed absolutely ridiculous for him to even be in the game. You have immortal gods of electricity, fire spitting skeletons, ice hurling demons, and a 38 year old washed up Hollywood actor to pick from hmmmmmmmmm. This idiot’s finishing move was to either punch the opponent in the balls, or give him a signed picture of himself, which I guess would make anyone shit their pants and implode. The other mortals in the game Sonya, Liu Kang, and Kano all at least had something cool about them. Sonya had nice boobs, Kano had robot arms, Liu Kang did flying bicycle kicks and turned into fucking dragons, and Johnny Cage just runs around doing upper cuts with a pot belly, fuck Johnny Cage, he would have been killed in the first 3 seconds of Mortal Kombat. Any way I saw this video and got a kick out of it, because all tournaments should have started like this to get Johnny Cage out of the game as quickly as possible.

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