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20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer

03 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The post is specifically for beer lovers and alcoholics, but I think it will be interesting for others too. Here are 20 interesting facts about beer that you probably haven’t heard before. I’m not going to bother to try to elaborate because the pictures below speak for themselves, cheers.

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Your DNA Can Make Some Great Art

03 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

DNA 11 shook the art world with its novelty, scientific ingenuity and arresting beauty. Instead of getting an artist to create something that they think defines you as a person, your DNA is used to create a one of a kind art piece. Nazim Ahmed and Adrian Salamunovic formed DNA 11, their multimillion-dollar company, on a serendipitous whim of creativity. Originally, it wasn’t a business venture. Nazim, a geneticist, and Adrian, a designer, are best friends and couldn’t be in more opposite professions. One day while standing in Nazim’s apartment, Adrian glanced down at a brochure from Nazim’s lab and noticed an image that piqued his interest. “It looked like a Mark Rothko painting to me,” says Adrian.
He was looking at a picture of gel electrophoresis, a process that separates DNA into its individual genetic markers. Each line you see is actually an individual gene. Since each of us is made up of numerous genes — or “lines” in the image above, if you will — our genetic makeup can add up to one really cool work of art — a portrait of the very genes that make each of us who we are. (Each DNA 11 portrait features several genetic markers, not your entire human genome.)

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Is Starbucks Ashamed to be Starbucks?

03 Dec 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments
The clock is tick'n on your future

The clock is tick'n on your future

I recently read an article that outlined how Starbucks might be realizing that they are disliked by many everyday consumers, simply because they have grown into too much of a coffee giant. Small town folks seem to like small town things and showing support to local establishments is all part of that train of though. What Starbucks is doing is opening up new coffee shops, with more of a rustic feel, and naming these shops after the streets that they are on (Roy Street Coffee and Tea). It is all under the Starbuck umbrella, but they are openly admitting that they realize people dont like them. I dont want to see anyone fail, or fall on hard times, but damn do I hate Starbucks. Their coffee sucks, and it offends me that a regular cup of coffee is as much as a tank of gas for my Jeep. The nice thing I took from this article was that the opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs is alive and well. Finally the corporate giants are feeling the squeeze from the little guys and the shoe is on the other foot. Check out the article here.

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Hot White Trash Hoes in Movies.

02 Dec 2009, written by 0 Comments

Have you ever seen a hot white trash girl in a movie and wondered what other hot white trash girls are in movies?  We here at Zoot asked ourselves that same question 6 months ago and decided it was finally time to finish the thought.   Now there are probably a few missing from the list, for example, Neve Campbell in “Wild Things”, but she wasn’t really hot just the make out scene was.  That is the type of detailed analysis we put into creating such a prestigious list.  Nothing wrong with a girl in ripped jean shorts who can spit skoal with the best of em.

Honorable Mention: Christina Ricci aka Rae “Black Snake Moan”

-Never saw this movie but there’s something sexy about a girl in chains.  Right? or does that mean you’re a psychopath?


















# 5 Kristen Stewart aka Tracy Tatro “Into the Wild”

-The whole lolita thing is going on here.  She plays an underage girl you perv!

kristen stewart into the wild








#4 Brittany Murphy aka Alex “8 Mile”

-Alex is the girl that gets busy with all your friends but you feel like she really likes YOU.  LOSER!

Brittany Murphy 8 Mile








#3 Elizabeth Berkeley aka Nomi Malone “ShowGirls”

-Finally we all got to see Jesse Spano naked.  Thank you.

Elizabeth Berkelely ShowGirls



















#2 Ali Larter aka Darcy Sears “Varsity Blues”

-making cool whip super cool.

Ali Larter Varsity Blues









#1 Brittany Daniel aka Brandy “Joe Dirt”

-Brandy was way too hot for Joe Dirt but man what a sexy cowgirl.

Brittany Daniel Joe Dirt

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Travis Barker and Slaughterhouse

02 Dec 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments


We here at ZootPatrol have a special place in our hearts for good, original and real music. Truth be told, the hip hop scene right now is killing us, and it pains us to even turn on the radio. A few months back, a shot of life was blasted into the game when the super group Slaughterhouse was formed. Consisting of rappers Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9″, Slaughterhouse seriously can not be challenged on any level. Their lyrics are untouchable, and the production on the mix tapes and singles put them in a league all their own. Combine that style of hip hop with Travis Barkers new favorite hobbie of going nuts with his own drum beats to popular tracks and you have the perfect storm. This is the Travis Barker/Slaughterhouse Remix of “The One” and it makes us happy. Maybe good music is back.

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Arcade Expressionism

02 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

These simple expressionist works by artist/illustrator Brock Davis (aka “Laser Bread”) are my new favorite video game paintings, and they don’t even have any pixels in them! These whimsical acrylic on paper creations are part of Laser Bread’s 2009 mission to “Make Something Cool Every Day.” The three art pieces include, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, and Dig Dug. It’s amazing how you can take such a primitive concept and turn it into a work of art fit for the Guggenheim Museum’s walls. After you’re done appreciating these, be sure to check out Laser Bread’s other nifty creations over on Flickr here. I included my favorite from the bunch titled, Cheeseburger on a Trampoline.

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Jaw Dropping Coca Cola Infographics

02 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

One of the largest corporations on the planet, not to mention the world’s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola is a brand unto itself. Selling one of the most popular drinks ever, Coca-Cola could easily rest of its laurels, but the company is constantly evolving and transforming itself.

Despite the company being founded in 1892, the actual Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought in 1889, three years after it was invented by John Stith Pemberton. Today, Coca-Cola is so popular it is estimated that 1.5 billion Coca-Colas are served each day. However, with the company owning other drinks such as Oasis, Sprite, Fanta and Minute Maid, the company sees over 50 billion of its products served each day. Unsurprisingly, the companies profits are enormous – in 2008, they were estimated to be in excess of $1 billion.

The infographic below looks at the facts which make up the amazing world of Coca-Cola.

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Top 11 Most Controversial AIDS Advertisements

01 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Today, December 1, we celebrate the international day against AIDS. I know we are a little late, but it’s still December 1st so it works. Here are some of the most shocking campaigns to promote the cause. I didn’t put these in any specific order, I think they hold equal shock value in their own ways. NOTE: this article contains explict images. If you are under 18 we advise you to see it under parenting supervision. In other words, don’t be viewing this post in the open at work, while your boss is looking over your shoulder. Unless you want him to see you looking at Ken Doll getting his wiener sucked by another dude of course.

11. Aids Makes Us Equal (France).
Not even Superman is safe.
10. advertisement (France)
The French AIDS prevention and information organisation,, has come up with some scary posters campaign to remind people of the dangers of AIDS.

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Artikcar Bike Lighting Up The Streets

01 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 2 Comments

Ben Wilson not only made a recumbent bike look cool with his Artikcar Bike, but he also made the recumbent bike very much en vogue. Artikcar is a four-wheeled recumbent-style bike with a bubbly rider profile that is laced with bright neon lighting. Beyond its bold design sensibility, Wilson’s Artikcar is as much about safety as it is about style. That neon wrapping will ensure that the drivers you share the road with will be well aware of your presence. Awesome work, Mr Ben Wilson.

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Super Emo Friends

01 Dec 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

JSalvador has a new art series called “Super Emo Friends” and it is pure gold. My only two cents on the collection is I wish Captain America had a little better catch phrase. I would have went with “I’m really Canadian”, that’s just me though. These collectible 6 x 11.5 prints are signed and numbered. You can get your prints at for $20.


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