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“Paranormal Activity” Will Make You Shit Your Pants

30 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 7 Comments


I hate scary movies as much as the next guy, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen a “good” scary movie since I was 4, or I am just the toughest human on Earth and have never been scared by one. I started hearing a bunch of buzz about this new movie out though that was dawned, “the scariest movie ever”. That’s a pretty bold statement, especially since you can only see it in about 15 theaters nation-wide and the only showing is at midnight. Paranormal Activity, site here, was written and directed by Oren Peli, an Israeli-born video game designer who had no formal film training. The film was shot in one week in 2006 with a $11,000 budget and a hand-held video camera. The film was originally suppose to be re-done by DreamWorks but when they had a private screening for the company, close to everyone walked out, not because it was boring but because they were scared, so they decided to release it as it was. It has had nothing but rave reviews and I am defiantly going to try to see it in October to give a full review, because like I said before, I don’t get scared so my testimonial would be truth. As of October 1st you will be able to see the movie in New York at the AMC Empire 25 IMAX (the next closest being Penn State University), on 234 West 42nd Street, click here for tickets & showtimes. Who’s down to shit in pants?

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Light Art & Photographic Graffiti Will Have You Tripping

29 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Though it seems strange and straight out of a sci-fi movie, these photographs were taken with a conventional camera and have not been digitally manipulated. As awesome as fireworks and glow sticks in motion, these photos are examples of the extradoinary art of “light graffiti”, an art form in which light sources are used to ‘paint’ a picture, captured on film using long exposures and slow shutter speeds.
Light graffiti is also known as light painting and comes in a wide variety of forms, from cartoons and tags, to highlighting urban and rural scenery. But these images, by German duo Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza of Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP), take that concept a step further, using light and a series of carefully choreographed movements to create complex forms.
Many of the images created by LAPP consist of up to 20 steps, each designed to achieve a certain effect that contributes to the cohesive final image which is captured on a tripod-mounted 21.1 megapixel EOS 5D Mark II camera triggered with a remote control. Some of these images require exposures that go beyond 60 minutes.
Miedza and Wöllert use everything from fireworks, glowsticks, flashlights, and other specific designed tools to actually draw in the air while completely choreography which results in the final image. The duo describes their work as the future of light drawing which I would agree on. I’m sure I just found dream art for every ecstasy raver on Earth.

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The Drifter- “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

29 Sep 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments


Hurley and Warner Bros. Records will release The Drifter, which is based on surfer Rob Machado’s adventures to find out what his meaning is on this earth. It will be released this fall and the film will have limited theatrical screenings across the country. Directed by Poor Specimen’s Taylor Steele this is a personal journey as much as it is a showcase of some of the world’s most flawless waves.

The Drifter starts in Bali, where Machado is looking for life’s deeper meaning. He feels that by setting out on his own and being at peace with the waves, it will give him the opportunity to find what he is looking for. That surf trip ends up taking him on a soul-searching journey where he eventually finds himself on the outermost reaches of Indonesia with nothing but a surfboard, his journal and a tent. Machado’s conclusion after scoring more perfect waves than any surfer could ever wish for? There’s always a new dream to chase. You are NEVER at the top of the mountain.

Much of the dialogue in The Drifter is taken from Rob’s own personal journals from when he was on his trip. According to respected surf journalist Nathan Myers, who co-wrote the movie

there is nothing embellished in Rob’s candid, heart-felt passages. It is these passages, in fact, that drive the movie, from Rob’s epiphany in Bali, to his ill-fated motorcycle purchase, to his decision to delay his return to California, and blindly pick a new island on the map, and just go.

This is the type of film that gives me the chills. It is a film that makes anyone who had a dream say to themselves, “why not me”? If you have a passion for something, go and get it, and if you don’t yet know what that passion is, go and find out. As Machado says, “Not all who wander are lost.”

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The A-Team Movie 2010.

28 Sep 2009, written by 0 Comments

If you were a dude growing up in the late 80′s and 90′s you most likely watched the “A-Team”.  You probably watched “McGyver” too they were usually on right after one another.  As the 80′s comeback and remake movement continues Hollywood is now looking to hire the A-Team to make some big bucks.  I am totally skeptical about how this movie could turn out, but I think it has no chance at being great.  It will either be entertaining or completely awful.  Either way the name and draw of needing to know how it turns out will surely bring decent dollars at the box office.  The confirmed castings are what have me skeptical.  Liam Neeson is the most notable on the list, set to play Hannibal Smith, he doesn’t look anything like George Peppard and I have never seen Neeson in a role that requires a lot of charisma.  If you’re a UFC fan you will be pissed to hear that Quentin “Rampage” Jackson will not be fighting Rashad Evans after Ultimate Fighter because he has to make this movie playing B.A. Baracus (Mr. T).  And if Rampage is as big of an idiot as he’s been on Ultimate Fighter then there is no way in hell he can handle acting at all.  Bradley Cooper from The Hangover is set to play “Face”, he actually seems to fit that mold perfect.  Jessica Biel is also in the movie and you bet your ass Mr. T will make some sort of cameo.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) A-Team

Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) A-Team

A-Team Movie 2010 "The Face"

A-Team Movie 2010 "The Face"

Mr. T and Rampage Jackson B.A. Baracus

Mr. T and Rampage Jackson B.A. Baracus

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Funniest Story Ever Told By A Baseball Player

28 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 2 Comments

George Brett is arguably the greatest third baseman of all time. he played for the Kansas City Royals his whole career and is one of only four players to accumulate 3,000 hits, 300 home runs, and a career .300 batting average with the others being Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial. Brett’s 3,154 career hits are the most by any third baseman in major league history, and 15th all-time. With that being said he was caught on camera telling possibly the funniest story ever to his teammates during a pregame warm up. Best line: “Got up in the mourning, took the most perfect double tapered shit I’ve ever had in my life… true story. Who’s the pitchers for this game.”

And since applying the auto tune makes everything better here is the auto tuned song version, which is a great track to play at your next house party.

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London’s Vertical City Becomes A Reailty: The Shard

25 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Construction has begun on the 72-story building in the London Bridge Quarter. The building was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, they have firms in Italy, France, and New York City. Renzo Piano, born in Italy, is one of my favorite architects, he has pretty much received every award imaginable and has been labeled as on of the best in the world. One of his critics was once quoted as saying,

“Serenity of his best buildings can almost make you believe that we live in a civilized world.”

The building’s concept was designed around the influences of massive church spires and the masts of ships that sailed the waters of Thames. The multi-purpose building will include office space, a world-class hotel, luxury residences, a spa, restaurants & cafes, retail space and a 15-storey public viewing gallery. On the ground level, public piazza, restaurants and cafes will be open to the public with places to rest and changing art installations, pretty cutting edge stuff. A key attribute of this building is that it is directly connected to all the public transportation of the city. The “city in the sky” is destined to become London’s most enigmatic buildings in the skyline. The plan is generated by the irregular nature of the site. Each facet forms a shard, a plane of glass gently inclined inwards, rising towards the top. The corners are open and the shards do not touch, allowing the building to breathe. In turn the glass surface fragments as it rises and the tower dissolves into the sky. Being involved in architecture myself it really excites me to see such artistic ability to go from concept on paper to actual habitable structure. London has really been raising the bar wih the new construction that makes up their skyline, and I applaud their extreme vision of the future. The project is scheduled to be completed in the year 2012.

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Mugshots That Deserve A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

24 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments


Michele Allen, 32, of Middletown, Ohio, was arrested after neighbors reported witnessing her chasing children, blocking traffic, and urinating on a porch. The officer who arrested the belligerent bovine said she smelled of alcohol. Allen was charged with disorderly conduct. Notice the bold words.
Don’t know what this guy did, but does it really matter when your gold tooth is shimmering that perfect?
Travis Stone was arrested in Las Vegas on a drunk driving charge after he lost control of his Mercedes and ran it into a wall. The Tinman has really gone down hill since he caught Dorothy banging the Scarecrow.
Adam Ballingall was dressed appropriately for his arrest for possession of drugs. Talk about foreshadowing, LOOSAH.

YES WE CAN…………go to jail.

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Common and McLovin Remake Training Day.

23 Sep 2009, written by Riz 1 Comments

Everything about this clip is gold on so many levels. You have Mclovin playing the evil Alonzo, decked out in a Muslim cap with big chains, and dressed in all black. Common, playing the naive rookie. And to top it all off, you have them working together in a comical remix of one of the better cop movies in a while. This video couldn’t start any better. Seriously. “MAN UP ROOKIE! This is trainnnning day.”

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I Want That! LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone

23 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The LG GD910 has a 1.43-inch touchscreen, integrated media player and a front camera for video calls and taking photos, videos. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, text-to-speech, and voice dialing. Another key element thought of was making the phone watch water-proof. All the features are included to make this phone successful. Not for everyone, but defiantly a step in a new direction, kudos LG. For more information see this product’s website here.

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Being a Lions Fan Can’t Get More Depressing

22 Sep 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

detroit-lions-fanWe all know how bad the Detroit Lions suck ass in the NFL. If you don’t know for some odd reason, the Detroit Lions finished up an impressive 0-16 season last year and they are keeping the ball rolling, standing at 0-2 so far this season. The Lions are going after the unthinkable record of 0-26 over a span of two seasons held by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976. So not only have these bartenders and security guards dressed up in Lions uniforms been terrible for the past decade (seriously do you know one player?), and really since their existence, but now they are going too far. They are kicking drunk hot girls out of the stadium, well maybe not plural, but she was probably the only decent one in the stadium. So before Bo Bo the mechanic had the chance to take advantage of this chick in the bathroom she was booted for getting bomb faced, antagonized by a guy, and half ass punched/pushed by a Dad. On top of houses going for the price of a VCR, it also appears people’s skin is turning Homer Simpson yellow i.e. at the end of the clip (3:30). What is anyone still doing in Detroit?

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