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Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem- Forever Remix

27 Aug 2009, written by Revelation 3 Comments

In a past interview a reporter asked Lil Wayne why he and Eminem never did a track together he replied, “I don’t know why we never did a song together, maybe he’s scared to get in the booth with me ahhhhhhhhh.” Not word for word but I couldn’t find the exact quote, but its a long those lines. Well Wayne you finally got on a track with Eminem and he completely destroyed you and everyone else on the song. I always wondered why Eminem didn’t get on more remixes and feature on other rappers songs, well its apparent that it is kind of embarrassing to have a guy feature on your song and just totally dominate ie. Jay-Z – Renegade. The internet is really buzzing and the overall consensus is that Eminem remains in a league by himself. Who are these other guys in this song anyway.

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Money Money Money – Dollar Bill Art

26 Aug 2009, written by Revelation 1 Comments


During these economical times people will eat horse kidneys and swim with starving sharks for a dollar. On top of that what does a dollar really get you these days anyway, a half a pint of gas and the middle finger. So unless your Mark Wagner the mighty dollar just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Wagner is a Brooklyn based artist who transforms the use of a dollar from spending to an art tool. Wagner uses nothing but the one dollar bill to create jaw dropping master pieces that are truly amazing. The dollar bill really is an under-rated piece of art itself if you look at the detail on both sides. I immediately start creating my own one dollar bill master piece until I got three dollar bills deep and ran out of money, damn recession.

I could easily put up every single piece of Mark Wagner’s art and it wouldn’t get old. Instead though I will give you his website where you can see mo money no problem, check him out at

Money Money Money – Dollar Bill Art Part 2

After I wrote the piece above I stumbled across some other interesting dollar art. It is nothing spectacular by any means, but very clever. I will, and I suggest you do the same, be drawing these on every one dollar bill I receive from now on. Hopefully one day I’ll open my wallet and find 8 Spidermans, 4 George afros, and a Leather Face.


1964 Afro Puff George


Batman George Washington, better than Clooney’s attempt


Hay-Zues, Jesus George W.


O.K. these are just getting rediculous now.


Planet of the Georges


Simple, yet very effective Pirtate George


Scream Washington


And my favorite, Spider-George. Just think if you got change back from your mourning coffee and the clerk handed you this bad boy back, tell me that wouldn’t make your week.


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Photorealism 101

25 Aug 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

When you look at these pictures the first thing you probably say is, “O.K. I guess that’s decent photography.” But before you scroll right past them and go to the next article, take a closer look. All these pictures are actually not photography, instead they are paintings. Photorealism is a movement which began in the late 1960′s, in which scenes are painted in a style closely resembling photographs. The photo mirroring images have been painstakingly created by a few amazing artist and I strongly encourage you to look at more of their work.
All of the images shown above are by Deigo Gravinese. Check him out at his site (seems to be currently down for now, so just google him.)
The two paintings above are by Alyssa Monks. She revolves all of her work around under water and water related scenes. You can check out more NSFW images at her website (She got some snazzy boobs against the shower glass paintings, I already bought 7.)
Now this last image is really mind blowing. It was done by an artist named Dru Blair. He says it took him between 65-75 hours which is surprising(I thought it would take him 9 years). You can check out the step by step process he recorded while completing this project here.

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Daily Links 08/25/2009

24 Aug 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

james-cameron-avatar-026James Cameron’s first movie since 1993′s Titanic. Supposedly this movie is suppose to revolutionize how movies will be made forever. 14 years in the making read more about it here.

crane4Pretty awesome way to flip into a lake, Crane Jumping.

hot-girl31 Top 50 hottest college student bodies.

concept-viewYet another awesome looking Leonardo DiCaprio movie from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan.

california Song of the day #1, Wild Light – “California on my mind”.

jay-z-400a060107fdg Song of the day #2, latest Jay-Z leak, featuring Drake, “Off That”

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The Venus Project- Could It Really Work?

24 Aug 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Imagine if we lived in a world where there was no such thing as money. Instead, we lived in a resource based economy where the necessities of life would be available to anyone. This is what the Venus project is striving to do and the mastermind behind this vision, Jacque Fresco, has been pushing for his cause for the past 35 years. The Venus Project was founded on the idea that poverty, crime, corruption and war are caused by the neuroses and scarcity created by the present world’s profit-driven economic system, a structure which also stifles the progress of socially-beneficial technology. The progression of technology, if it were carried on independent of its profitability, Fresco theorizes, would make more resources available to more people by producing an abundance of products and materials. This new-found abundance of resources would reduce the human tendency toward independence, corruption, and greed, and instead rely on people helping each other. When education and resources are made available, there would be no limit to the human potential. The max success would be based on the fulfillment and quality of ones life, not on how much wealth or power they amass over a period of time. If you have ever seen the movie The Beach, then you have an idea of how this society would work. I personally think that it would be great for the evolution of people and societies. Check out some of these clips from the Venus Project, as explaining something like this is more difficult than it looks.

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Capsule Hotels……Is This The Future?

24 Aug 2009, written by 0 Comments

Everything in our world seems to be shrinking, phones, cars, radio.  Are hotels next?  When I think of Tokyo, I always picture it as a futuristic city even though I have never been.  Particulary because Japan just seems to be one step ahead technologically and the people seem to be ridiculously engulfed in the most current trends and working hard and super efficient.  The city seems like one enormous machine comprised of people.  Maybe this is why in the heart of the city they have Capsule Inn Akihabara, where you pay to stay in a capsule.  Capsule hotels are not that new in Japan they have been around 1979.  Question is when will you start seeing them in U.S. cities?  Hostels have been around forever and these are very similar, cheap with common areas, but in the capsule at least your not on a bunk bed in open space and are a bit protected from the loons that frequent hostels.

Your place for the night.

Capsule Inn, Tokyo. Your place for the night.

New York has its first imitator, The Pod Hotel.  Though this place is nothing like a capsule, you pretty much get an ikead out dorm room and it costs $100 a night.  Capsules are $30 a night in Japan and I’ve read you get a little flatscreen in the capsule too.  I think Americans may not be able to handle these just yet, but I think they rule if you are too drunk to make it home, miss your bus or just looking for a quick place to crash.  The way NYC expands I’m sure we will see one pop eventually.  It would be sweet if they could inject some gas into the capsule that made you have the best sleep ever, like in the movie The 5th Element.  One thing is for sure I would rather have the capsule as an option for cheap lodging rather than a hostel.
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Dan Witz- Street Art

21 Aug 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

When we started ZootPatrol, I figured it was going to be something fun, where I could post some random videos, some tunes, a few pictures, and that would be about it. I never thought that it would make me reflect on the life decisions I have made and really reevaluate the direction I am heading in this world. Looking through different types of art and other forms of expression have given me the motivation to really start painting and drawing again, and the artist below for some reason really inspired me. 7till

Dan Witz has made a 30 year career out of expressing himself in the streets of New York City. From the no-wave and DIY movements of New York’s Lower East Side of the 70’s, through the Reaganomics of the 80’s to the flourishing of graffiti art in the new millennium. Whether stickers or paste-up silk-screened posters, conceptual pranks and interventions, or beautiful tromp l’oeil paintings, the medium is inspired as much by the nature and subject of his art as by the mutating urban conditions in which the piece is executed. I look at his art not as the best thing I have ever seen, but I look at it as a symbol of someone who has followed their heart and dreams for most of their life, without worrying if it was excepted by anyone else, especially not the stiffs sitting in cubes.

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Wanna Buy a T-Rex?

19 Aug 2009, written by 1 Comments

T-Rex is by far the most well known dinosaur on the planet.  What if you could put one in your house?  If you have 8-10 million you just might be able to, but if your reading this you definitely can’t afford it.  This October the 3rd most complete T-Rex skeleton will be put up for auction in Las Vegas.

66 Million year old T-Rex skeleton for auction.

66 Million year old T-Rex skeleton for auction.

“Samson” as they call him is 1 of only 110 recorded T-Rex specimens found and 3rd on the most complete list.  He was found 22 years ago in South Dakota.  He’s part of a natural history auction that is going down in Vegas in October.  Mostly museums will bid on him, but man if I was rich I would definitely try to cop him.  If you had a T-Rex chillen in the front entrance of your house, similar to Jurassic Park, you would clearly have the best CRIBS episode of all time.  Theres also a 12 ft high Wooly Mammoth up for bidding, still sick, but not nearly as baller as the T-Rex.  They are having a public show labor day in case your vegas that weekend.

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The Revolution is HERE.

19 Aug 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Social Media is nothing new to our generation. In fact, I would bet that many people that use Social Media don’t even realize how, or how often they are being targeted based strictly on what they put in their profiles. Next time you are on Gmail, check out the right side of the page. It is filled with ads based on what is writen in your emails. We no longer have to search for information, because it will find us whether we like it or not. This video is filled with mind boggling information about Social Media, and it just goes to show that it is not the fad that many people in the marketing world thought that it would be. It is here to stay, and the youth of America is here to help it thrive.

“[The youth] can steer you in the right direction.” – Freddie Laker, director of digital strategy for Sapient

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Top 6 Parties To Attend Before You Die

19 Aug 2009, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Over here at Zoot we are always looking to party and have a good time. We compiled a list of out of the box exstravaganzas that are just a little better than your 29 year old friend’s parties in his parents basement. After reading hopefully you will quit your cubicle job and blow your life savings on these 6 parties and give us a detailed experience of each, we will give you 5 bucks and fruit basket for each party review.

6. Burning Man, Black Rock Desert of Nevada, U.S.A.
Burning Man get it’s name from the ritual of burning an enormous wooden effigy, a statue of a guy, at the end of August every year. By going to the eight day event you pretty much enter another world where they focus on the principles of radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy. Be sure to bring things of value to trade as no cash transactions are permitted except for few exceptions.
Key Features: Clothes optional, amazing art, drug heaven.
5. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
You got ten million pints of beer, O.K. fine I guess I’ll go to your party Munich. The sixteen day event is the largest festival in the world and caters to around six million attendees. The first Oktoberfest was in the year 1810, so any party that has been going strong for almost two hundred years has to be some what decent. So go visit the 103 acre party and enjoy all the beer, wine, and food a person can physically handle.
Key Features: Do I have to say ten million pints and 100,000 liters of wine again.
4.Holi Festival, Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh, India.
For hundreds of years, Hindus in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries have welcomed the arrival of spring with a “festival of colors” celebrating the escape of a Hindu figure named Prahlada from death by fire due to his devotion to the god Vishnu. On the main day of the festival, called “Holi”, participants throw colored powders and liquids at each other, which were traditionally made from medicinal herbs that fight viral fever and cold. No one cares about getting covered with colors maybe because of the intoxicating substance culled from cannabis leaves, and usually mixed with your drink that’s given out left and right.
Key Features: spiritually enlightening and straight mayhem hmmm yea they go together great.
3. Full Moon Party, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand
Located on the white sand of Haad Rin, the beach is packed with thousand of party goers on every full moon of the year. Dancing to the beats of world renown D.J.’s, people from around the world come together with body paint and glow sticks to party all night long. So get your rave on for 13 hours straight, or take a break and spit game to a hottie at one of the many bars lining the beach.
Key Features: International guest D.J.’s and the beaches of Koh Pha Ngan = legit party in paradise.
2. La Tomatina, Bunyol, Spain
Remember when you were a kid and you always dreamed of having a massive food fight in the cafeteria but it always ended up you in the principles office after throwing a hot dog at the fat kid. Well let your dream come true by joining the 30,000 people that partake in the biggest food fight in the world. It starts at 11 a.m. and goes on till 1 p.m. to make up the best 2 hours of your life.
Key Features: Girls drenched in tomato sauce head to toe, yum.

1. Rio Carnival, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
O.K. so of course Mardi Gras is defiantly a party to attend to sometime during your life, but the reason I didn’t put it on the list is because it is a direct rip off of Rio Carnival and not even nearly as awesome. This 4 day event is focused around the three pillars of Carnival: samba, women and beer. People take it to another level during the celebration with the women dancing in skimpy outlandish outfits, top of your lungs singing, and drinking til’ the sun comes up.
Key Features: Brazilian women.

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