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Alice in Wonderland. WOW.

16 Jul 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

With every movie coming out now a days being a remake, it was only a matter of time before Alice in Wonderland fell victim to the trend, but this is a remake I am actually excited about. Walt Disney pictures had the right idea when the picked Tim Burton to envision his own dark and twisted version of the beloved classic. The Mad Hatter will be played by non other than………. you guessed it, Johnny Depp (Im starting to wonder about these two). This is the 7th film that Depp and Burton have done together, so expect nothing short of a classic. The plot of this Alice in Wonderland is slightly different than the original, as Alice is now 17, and does not remember her visit to Wonderland 10 years ago. The rest of the characters are back, and if the newly released pictures are any indication, this is going to be a must see come next year.

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Banksy- The Mystery Graffiti Artist.

16 Jul 2009, written by Riz 1 Comments

If you are a fan of art, or more specifically graffiti art, then the chances are pretty good that you know of Banksy. You probably have seen his stenciled artwork all over the internet, and also know that most of his pieces have a very political, cultural, and ethical theme. But thats about all that you would know. In fact, thats pretty much all anyone from the general public really knows about the true identity of Banksy. You can wiki him, and find a ton of his accomplishments, as well as several art shows that he has held over the past decade, but he is rarely, if ever, at the shows. There have been several reports claiming to have identified him, but none of them can be confirmed. Some people have classified his work as pure vandalism. Others find it to be the most interesting graffiti art yet. You be the judge.

Word of wisdom from Banksy:

“ We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves. ”
“ We don’t need any more heroes; we just need someone to take out the recycling. ”
“ When you go to an art gallery you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires. ”
“ Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world I can’t even finish my second apple pie. ”
“ Think from outside the box, collapse the box and take a fucking knife to it. ”
“ Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place. ”
“ If you want someone to be ignored, then build a life-size bronze statue of them and stick in the middle of town. ”
“ People who should be shot: Fascist thugs, religious fundamentalists, people who write lists telling you who should be shot. ”

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16 Jul 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

I came across this video on another site and I thought it was amazing, so naturally, I wanted to share it with The ZootNation. It is the second installment of the Gymkhana Practice video series. I’m not really into the whole drift, rally car, drag race scene, but I give love where love is due. Ken Block is the man. Not only is he the owner and founder of DC shoes, but he has now made a name for himself as a very legit rally car driver for Subaru.

The first Gymkhana Practice video has been seen by 20 million viewers and has taken the idea of infomercials to a new level. This video was produced specifically to market Blocks first-ever Rally TeamWorks Collection, and is filled with great driving stunts, surprises, explosions, and a guest appearance from DC team rider, Rob Dyrdek. It was filmed at the Port of Los Angeles, and it is non stop eye candy. There is also a guest appearance by Timmy the stunt dummy of Fantasy Factory fame.

Enjoy. I know I did.


The Prodigal Son of Hip Hop Returns with Relapse

08 May 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

00023690 Eminem’s long awaited fifth studio album, Relapse, is due out on the 19th of this month and after getting a sneak peak, I am here to tell you, it does not disappoint. How was I so blessed to have a copy of the album a week early? My younger brother stayed up until 2 in the morning downloading a leaked copy. Umm, I mean, I heard this guy on the train talking about it, wait, umm, never mind. I just know. This is Slims first album since 2004′s Encore, which was a commercial success, but a creative failure compared to some of his earlier albums. This album is straight 1998 Slim Shady LP. It is dark, witty, fast, and filled with phrases and word combinations that can only make you smile with bewilderment and think to yourself, am I witnessing the greatest of all time? And the short answer to that question is simply, yes.

For the past few years, Eminem has dedicated most of his time to producing for many of the artist on his Shady Records Label. He went through a dark period of depression and drug addiction after the passing of his best friend and mentor, Proof, and he stated he wasn’t sure if he would ever record another album. In early 2006, after Em had been released from rehab, he started to work on recording new material. There was speculation that a studio album was in the works, but it was unconfirmed, as Em continued to produce and act as a mentor and leader to the others in his camp. After featuring on other artist’s songs, Eminem discovered he really liked a lot of his new material, and kept recording with Dr. Dre. They have stated that over the past 2 years, about 100 songs have been recorded and mastered. 100! These are Tupac numbers. Lil Wayne numbers. This is especially exciting knowing that at some point these songs will be leaked and spread around the internet. With the conclusion of Relapse, the only 2 people who had the finalized master copies were Eminem himself, and Dr. Dre. The record label didn’t even have a copy to review until 1 month before the scheduled release date because Eminem and Dre feared it being leaked to the internet.

This album was produced entirely be Dr. Dre, with the exception of 1 song being produced by Eminem himself. Em said that he left the production up to Dre because he wanted to concentrate fully on his lyrics. He also said that he challenged the Doctor to create more complex beats, in order to force Eminem to elevate his rhyming ability. Imagine that, Eminem is actually telling Dre that his beats aren’t challenging or complex enough. I’ll bet my life that he is the only person in the world who can get away with something like that. Eminem’s lyrics hold the tone of someone who is so excited to be rhyming that they almost cant rap fast enough. Sound familiar? It should. Eminem’s biggest problem in his earlier days was rapping so fast people almost couldnt understand him. You can hear in his voice that he is so full of energy that he could rap for days. He introduces a new style, which is almost rapping in a Southern tone, which is refreshing and different. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this album. Can you tell Im excited?

Even with the internet, and the ability to get this album for free online, I urge everyone who has even the slightest love for hip hop to go out and spend the 15 bucks on this album. I am here to tell you that this will be the best album released in at least the last 10 years, with a track list that is enjoyable and playable from front to back, like all of Eminem’s albums. Supporting what is real and true to music is what is important, and given the hard work and length of time that was put into this album it only seems right to have the hard copy on hand.

Plus the cover art is amazing.

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Go by John Clellon Holmes

06 May 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Go is a semi-autobiographical novel by John Clellon Holmes that is considered by many to be the first novel setting off the Beat Generation. Set in New York City, the book dipicts the lives of Holmes and his friends who used to inhabit the underworld of the city. Drug fuled parties, all night drinking bindges, free spirited sex, writting, reading, and searching for their meaning and place in the world is the main theme of the book, as seen through the eyes of Paul Hobbes. Hobbes is torn between his wife Katherine, who works to support his dream of becoming a published author, and his new eccentric friends, who somehow make him realize that there is more to life than what is on the surface.

Hobbes’ character is one who is fascinated with his new friends outlook on everything, but he manages to keep a certain distance from becoming completly engulfed in their lifestyle. This distance sometimes angers his new friends, but not because it bothers them, but because they want Hobbes to really “be in it”. To let go without worry. The main characters in the book follow the same outline as do many of the Beat Generation works, giving real people, fictional names.

Paul Hobbes (John Clellon Holmes) two best friends in the book are Gene Pasternak (Jack Kerouac) and David Stofsky (Allen Ginsberg). Stofsky is always rambling, thinking, and trying to figure everyone out. He has visions of William Blake, the English poet, painter, and printmaker, and even has dreams of talking directly to God. Gene Pasternak is a good friend to Hobbes, who regularly sleeps on his couch to avoid the long commute back to his house on Long Island. Through these two wild characters, he meets the most beloved Beat Generation figure of all, Hart Kennedy (Neal Cassady). Hart is the wildest of wildmen. He practically invented the phrase GO. During parties, or poems, or outrages, Hart would yell GO GO GO GO! Not to antagonize, but as a sign of approval, a sign that people must not act as they have been programmed, but to act as if no rules apply to them. He knew that life was short, and you only get one chance to make the absolute most of it.

This book is filled with adventures, lessons, meaning, and situations that make you reflect on your own life, and it is still relevant 57 years after it was first published. This book to me represents what many of the other Beat books do, a feeling of being free. The characters who were at the core of the Beat Generation had a vision of life that was different from what the rest of society saw. They were not afraid to act different, to think different, and to be different. They expressed their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a way that I only wish I was brave enough to do myself, and their journies have prooved to be a great inspiration to the many generations that followed.

“I actually yearn for life to be easy, magic, full of love.”

It was to Holmes that Kerouac once said, “You know, this is really a beat generation.”

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Where the Wild Things Are

05 May 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

The most beloved childrens book of all time has finally made its way to the big screen, and it will be directed by non other than Spike Jonze. I love this tag team because Spike is just an all around cool guy. He has directed the movies Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, a ton of skate videos, commericals, music videos, and is also the co creator of Jackass, co owner of Girl Skateboards, and co creator/owner of Dirt magazine. That sounds like a pretty good resume to me. But taking on the challenge of Wild Things is a hefty one to say the least. This is a book that most every child at some point has come across, and fell in love with. Our new President Obama even read it at the White House Easter Egg hunt, addding, it was one of his favorite books growing up.

Where the Wild Things Are is a story of a young boy, Max, who is sent to his room without dinner, for chasing the dog around the house, with a fork, while sporting a wolf costume. That actually sounds heroic to me, but im not a parent, and I really like wolves, so my oppinion might be somewhat scued. Anyway, after being sent to his room without dinner, Maxs’ room begins to turn into a wild jungle. After exploring his new land, he comes across the inhabitants who are Wild Things or Monsters. The Wild Things are fearsome-looking monsters, but Max conquers them “by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking once,” and he is made “the King of all Wild Things.” However, he soon finds himself lonely and homesick, and he returns home to his bedroom, where he finds his supper waiting for him, still hot.

It is important to note that this book is only 10 sentences long. 10!! With that being said, it should come as no suprise that this book was open to a lot of interpritation. According to the know all be all source that is Wikipedia, Francis Spufford suggests that the book is “one of the very few picture books to make an entirely deliberate, and beautiful, use of the psychoanalytic story of anger. I guess this guy is trying to say that Max was so vexed at the idea of going to bed without his dinner, he imagined a land where he could conquer even the most intimidating and dangerous creatures one can imagine. Either way, the trailor looks amazing, Im stoked, and Obama has already invited me to a early screening at the White House. What can I say, thats what happens when your a lead author for Zoot Patrol, the mightiest and most dominating internet blog in the land. I also cheated the system and voted for Obama 323 times, so that probably means something to the guy too.

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Elliott Spitzer interview…..celebs should just give honest answers.

08 Apr 2009, written by 0 Comments

So I’m watching the today show on tuesday, yea I’m a religious watcher, definitely lame but it’s part of my morning routine. Lauer is interviewing Ex New York Governor Elliott Spitzer. This is the BIG exclusive interview omg!! we all pay attention but never get any answers, we just like watching celebs train wrecks, so we tune in. We all know the story of his love of hookers and blow which lead to his quick fall from office. Long story short, the explanation he gives for all this is “it was my inner gremlins”. We’ve heard this garbage explanation from many a celeb before, ahhhh it was my inner demons. ShUT UP with that bullshit!
For once in my life i want to see a public figure just be straight up honest when confronted with “image damaging” allegations. Wouldn’t it of been great if when they asked spitzer why he did it, for him to just to be like ” hey listen Lauer, i did it because i like hookers and blow, have you done blow with hookers?” But we will never get honest answers. Public figures will always beat around the bush and reporters will refuse to push for an answer because if they demand answers to tough questions then other celebs won’t do interviews with them and ratings are shot. Thats the world of phony journalism we live in. Screw political correctness lets get some honest answers already god knows they would be hilarious.

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Should the Number of Cinderella’s Invited to the Dance be Expanded?

24 Mar 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Its that time of year again, the magical month of March where companies lose a predicted 1 billion dollas in productivity due to the madness that is the NCAA tournament. 65 teams are selected to square off in a winner take all show down that is filled with heartbreaks, triumphs, upsets, Cinderellas, heros, zeros, and everything in between.

Then beauty of the NCAA college basketball tournament is that even schools who are not national power houses can get the nod. They can win their conference tournament, and get an automatic bid. This is important to remember when comparing the NCAA basketball tournament to something like the BCS football championship. Take Boise State for example. They can go undefeated, win every game by 100 points, and still never be considered for a National Title shot. Now I realize that this might be a little extream especially when you consider the level of competition that the different leagues play on, and also when noting that a #16 seed has NEVER won a game in the NCAA tourny. But the pure fact that they are able to be apart of something as amazing as March Madness is what makes college basketball, and the NCAA tourny something that is unmatched in all of sports.

But what if the brackets were expanded? Why stop with Cinderella teams like George Mason, or Davidson. Im sure there is another Stephen Curry out there, just waiting to wear that glass slipper. The guys from The Onion Network threw out some intersting points, and some sleepers we never thought could make noise in the big dance. Time to seperate the Pretenders from the Contenders!

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

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NCAA Tournament 2009…..The perfect sheet. A total pipe dream?

19 Mar 2009, written by 0 Comments

I have this buddy that for years when we were kids, claimed to have picked a perfect grid for the NCAA tourney when he was like 10 years old, it was his claim to fame every year during tournament time. You may have a similar story or have heard one through the grapevine. So in case you are wondering, what are the odds on picking a perfect bracket? They are 1 in 18,446,744,073,709,551,616, yea thats quintillion! I didn’t even know that was a word!
In fact I did some research, pretty much just googled, but there is no known account of a perfect grid ever being picked. I mean what are the odds on something like that evading the biggest search engine on the planet.
So this year when you’re lured to ads like yahoo’s “win a million dollars for picking the perfect bracket!” don’t waste your time. Cause they know you aint winning and they are just collecting your info to sell to their advertisers. And don’t stress yourself out too much trying to fill out the brackets for the office pool either, but at least you have a chance to make some money.
But doesn’t it seem like every year some chick who just picks the higher seeds ends up winning anyway. Good luck you ball bags!

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Mike Tyson Documentary…not the normal KO highlight reel.

16 Mar 2009, written by 0 Comments

Haven’t heard much about Mike Tyson in a while. There were a few rumors floating around about an MMA career a while back, but i think that was the last of him, until this new documentary surfaced.
Who hasn’t followed him through the numerous blunders of his career and some might say enough with this guy already, but most don’t. Tyson fascinates people. Not because we like to watch a celebrity train wreck, but just to see what he’s capable of. Tyson represents the human instinct, an animal instinct. He is kinda of like what would happen if you raised a man in the wild and then tired to conform him to modern society. His unleashed rage in the ring is comparable to noone, so i think we stay intrigued by him because we want to know where that rage comes from, what could influence that in a person. This doc looks to go much deeper than the average Tyson knock out highlights movie. Not sure if it touches on his roll in Mike Tyson’s punch out, the greatest boxing game ever, but i think we do find out why he bit Holyfield’s ear off. Movie hits theaters in NY and LA April 24th.

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