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Vid of the week…..Fuck You Baltimore!

09 Mar 2009, written by 0 Comments

If you were a fan of the “powerthirst” videos you will love this, you “400 babies!!!!!” I think it might be the same guys, not sure though. Either way this takes a pretty good poke at ridiculous local car dealer commercials, especially those “big budget” pieces of dog shit that have unbelievable punch lines or have the owners whole family in the in the freakin commercial. The ones that exclamation huge deals!!!!! that will make your brain explode. Enjoy.

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Book Review: Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski

05 Mar 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

I just finished reading Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, and holy shit, Im happy I didn’t know this guy during his teenage years. His hard upbringing and constant struggles with kids at school turn him into a brawling alcoholic, who is quick to take on anyone who looks at him the wrong way. The book basically chronicles his life through from the time he started school, until he finally decides to drop out after only a year of community college. Along the way, he has to deal with an abusive father, who is never satisfied with anything, and takes pleasure in giving his son daily beatings. Also, he seems to be cursed with the worst skin of all time, making him feel like he isn’t even a part of society. He has absolutely no shot with the much prettier, much more middle and upper class girls he goes to school with, and he seems to always find himself toe to toe with the toughest guys in town. Eventually, he goes out on his own, but by this time, his drinking has become so bad, he fights all of his “friends” and can not find steady income. He tends to always talk about being with girls, as if he wishes it was possible, but he feels that there is no way a women would be interested in him.

When I started reading this book, I felt bad for young Henry (Bukowski’s alter ego in the book). His father set standards that he knew he would never reach. He sent him to school in a rich district, because he wanted other people to think that their family was well off, which it wasn’t. His father has lost his job during the depression, and instead of asking for help, he got in his car every morning, and pretended to go to work. He was too proud to ask anyone for a hand out. He held Henry to the same standards, always yelling at him, and calling him a loser, a lazy bum, someone who wants nothing. He was picked on at school, and in order to be able to show his face, he took to being a tough guy. This behavior was constant throughout the book. It started out as him defending himself, but soon grew to him not knowing when to keep his mouth shut. He had grown so cold to the world that he had no interest in being liked by others, and he let everyone know it.

At first, I liked it. I thought, “man, this kid has something that I don’t. The ability to really get in someone’s face when he feels taken advantage of.” It was almost inspiring in a weird kind of way. But as the book wore on, I started to wonder what the hell his problem was. He was fighting his own friends all of the time, and it seemed that most of the conversations he would have with strangers would start out “you know I can take you right?”. He based everything he would do on being a tough guy. He felt that after all he has been through, all the times he had been kicked into the dirt by life, the only thing he could do, and do well, was fight.

He could drink like a fish, and thats what I liked the most about him. He would get so fall down drunk he would throw up in his sleep. He would smoke many packs of logans a night, and almost always down more than 1 bottle of whiskey, wine, a case of beer, whatever he could afford. There is one part in the book where he meets a new group of kids. They seem like they are bad. Bank robbers, small time theives. He liked them. They had a drinking contest, in which Henry won. Along the way of course he almost fought 2 of his new drinking buddies, but ended the night 80 dollars richer. After leaving the house, the whiskey hit him all at once. He couldnt stand or walk. He opened the back door of a random car, hung out for a bit, puked all over the floor, and eventually made his way home. Other than rare occasions like this, he did most of his drinking alone. This part I liked because he was secure with himself, and his thoughts. Thats not to say he liked everything that he had become, but he enjoyed his own company, and thats important. If you cant be happy with yourself, all by yourself, then you cant be happy with other people. His drinking did make for some very memorable parts of the book, but it was also undoubtably leading to his downfall. It doesnt take a genius to figure out that when you blow all of your rent money on booze, nothing good is going to come of it.

Charles Bukowski has written more than 45 books of poetry and prose, including many popular novels. He is kind of a mans man, who wont take shit from anyone. He wants to smoke, drink, screw, and hate the world, and it was refreshing to read something that wasnt all rainbows and sunshine.

Trivia: A young, much less ugly Micky Rourke played Bukowski in the 1987 movie Barfly. Check it out.

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Mock Draft. My Flip Cup Allstars

27 Feb 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

I have always been a fan of rating things. I like to call out my favorites, and let people know why. Last week I picked my top 5 fantasy basketballers from movieland, and drafted one unstoppable squad. This week, I will try and top that feat by mocking up another draft.

Tomorrow I will be entering a flip cup tournament in Hoboken, NJ. For those of you who dont know what flip cup is, stop reading, put your head down, and sprint full speed into a urinal. You are a loser. Flip cup, also know as boat races, is when 2 teams line up, with an equal amount of players, on opposite sides of a table. Each person has a cup with an equal amount of beer. Someone says go, and the person at the end of the table drinks their beer as fast as possible, then tries to flip the cup, using the tips of his fingers, until it lands upside down. When it does, the next guy can go, and so on and so forth until the last person has finish. My squad tomorrow is solid, and I expect nothing short of taking first and heading to Baltimore Maryland for the world series of Flip cup, but I got to thinking, how can my squad be even stronger. The following are my top 5 draft picks for my fantasy drinking squad.

Coming in at number one, is without a doubt, my main man, The Young Einstein, played by Yahoo Serious. Lets get real for a second. If I am putting together a team, whos sole responsibility and number on objective is to drink beer, and to do it fast, Im going to want the guy who fucking invented beer on my team. Young Einstein worked day and night to split an atom, and in the process, created the recipe for beer. So this is an obvious no brainer for me, this dude has been putting away the suds for litterally longer than anyone else in history, so he has a clear cut advantage, and his tolerance has to be extreamly high, which puts him at a huge advantage in the later rounds. Ohh yeah, he also invented Rock N Roll. Which will also come in handy when we take down the crown.

“Lets chug beers and shred the guitar”

My next pick is the most important. With Einstein leading off the team, and acting as captain, I need a henchman, a foot soilder, a warrior. I need someone whos entire attitude is murk beers, all day, every day, and let everything else work itself out. We all have that one friend who never knows when to quit. Who pounds beers until they are 100% blacked out, but still manage to muster up the energy to crack another cold one. With the second pick in this draft, I pick Bluto from Animal House. Does anymore really need to be said? This guy is every college students idol. His entire life revolved around beers, and for that, he is our 2nd round foot soilder. This guy will go to war with a 30 pack, and either come out on top, or die trying, and thats all I can ask of our team.

“fuck music, lets turbo murk beers”

The third spot in the line up is tricky. You need someone who is calm, but also has the ability to turn it on if we are down. The obvious selction for the third spot in our line up is non other than The Dude. I know what your thinking, The Dude drinks white russians, not beers. But hold on a second. Think about what you are saying. The Dude drinks vodka and milk, Im sure he can handle a few mouth fulls of beer. His attitude makes him the perfect middleman for our team. He is calm enough to not be rattled if we are a bit behind, but he possesses the alcoholic gene with allows him to turn it on and up and any given moment. We salute you Dude.


Next is the gamble pick. Willie, from Bad Santa is such a drunk he cant even manage to get to work and play Santa for the kids. He gets so tuned up, he cant stand the look a fake Donkey is giving him, and so he does what any self respecting drunk would do, destroy it and its Donkey friend in a matter of seconds. Id also like to point out that his friend the midget, Marcus will be acting as team coach. He drops some amazing lines at the end of this clip. He will certainly be an advantage, as he will undoubtably be getting into the heads of our comp.

“In case you havent noticed, im 3 feet mother fuckin tall”

Rounding out the roster for Team Wolf Den/Shark Tank is the one and only Drugs Delanie. Drugs hails from Providence, RI, and for anyone on the East coast, you know what a shithole that place is. If you grow in in Providence, you better be good at partying, or the wolves will get you. Drugs’ main strength is in the drugs (obviously) but he is known to get cocked on a bottle of blackberry brandy. Drugs takes the roll of anchor because he is everything that you can ask for in a team player. Focuses entirly on getting the job done. Drafting drugs is also a bit of a gamble because he is know to sometimes take his drug use to the extream. He has also been dead for sometime, so expecting him to contribute right away is a long shot. He will most likly turn it on in the later rounds, so dont expect him to pull out any close ones that come down to the wire. With the rest of the team operating as one unit, I dont see Drugs having anything less that at least a 2 person lead going into the final cup.

“Whats your problem Delainy?”

Wish us luck, Wolf Den/ Shark tank will be doing its best to win the Hoboken leg of the circuit and in doing so, will be on their way to Charm City to take on the best the East Coast has to offer. I will report back next week with our final standing, and an update on how the newly drafted Shark members did in their first outting as a unit.

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State of Emergency…Hip Hop in need of resuscitation

24 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

OK, for my first post on ZP i have to add some more commentary to my boy Riz post about how awful hip hop is in recent times. I want to make it clear that the only reason we write these posts is because we are hip hop fans, and we want to get it back to what it used to be, so don’t get it twisted like we’re hating on the game, it’s just that hip hop can use some serious mouth to mouth. I wonder what Flex is thinking when he’s dropping his patented bomb and some dude named Maino comes on? Really Flex, all of you old school cats who dj on Hot97 can not be impressed with this.

First things first, why is rap more about shitty beats and T-Pain auto-tuner singing than actual content and lyrics? You seriously can not tell me that any rapper you hear on the radio can even hold a flame to anyone coming from the late 80′s early 90′s movement, unless they are still from that golden era, still rapping today. Even then, you can’t convince me that Nas right now can even hold a flame to Nas in 2001′s “Stillmatic”, let alone his classic “Illmatic.” 1994 was hip hop’s pinnacle year, and pretty much since 2001 nobody seems to care about content or lyrics anymore…why? I do think the influence of dirty south rap has done terrible things for the game…when i think of shitty rap songs, for some reason Ying Yang twins come to mind, i don’t really know why…i also think a lot of it has to do with the fact that these guys just don’t give two shit’s about rap, they just want money…everyone is out for the money, but most cat’s at least respected the game…simply put, this new breed doesn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, i do like listening to mindless pop so i can rip it up in the clubs as much as the next person, but let’s keep it at that…mindless pop. me and my boys don’t mind listening to Weezy F. Baby every now and then because the dude is just a ridiculous persona, there’s no denying his charisma and stage presence, which are commendable attributes of a rapper, but i don’t think anyone’s flying off the handle saying his lyrics are classic. he’s just a funny ass, interesting dude.

I was talking with my boy about the current state of hip hop and he came up with a very interesting theory. Follow me… seeing that music is an ever-evolving art form, rap has currently evolved into it’s 80′s glam rock phase, if you compare what rap is doing now I think it’s pretty comparable to what rock was doing in the 80′s, basically just going off the charts with some out-of-this-world trash that is merely a phase, again there can be a few gems in there, but very few and far between. The auto-tuner is a great example of this, i can appreciate artists pushing the envelope and trying out something new, but when something doesn’t work, just put it to rest…let’s not use this in another rap song…ever…again.
I also think it’s pretty telling of our times when one of rap’s ‘rising star’s’ is this douche Asher Roth. I’m sure you have all heard his awesome, original new song “I Love College.” ok, so let’s take a look at verse one of this great song.

i wanna go to college for the rest of my life
sip bankers club and drink miller lite
on thirsty Thursday and Tuesday night ice
and i can get pizza a dollar a slice
so fill up my cup
lets get fucked up
im next on the table
who want what
i am champion at beer pong
Allen iverson Hakeem Olajuwon
don’t even bounce, not in my house
better hope you make it
otherwise you naked

“who want what?” what the fuck are you talking about dude? “i am champion at beer pong, allen iverson hakeem olajuwon.” ummmm, hey, douche, that doesn’t even rhyme!! regardless of that point, i hate to burst your bubble, and no disrespect to AI, but he doesn’t have any rings bro, he’s not champion of anything, so just fucking stop it, please. let’s start off with baby steps…how about rap songs at least make sense to get things moving in a positive direction.
So, for now i’ll stick to my ipod and wait for the return of Em to at least shake things up, or Dre’s much anticipated “Detox” to knock down the doors again. Until those albums get released, if they ever even hit the shelves, I guess I’ll be waiting for rap’s version of Nirvana…

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Pic of the week.. the art of “The Face”

24 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

So you may or may not be familiar with the “The Face”.   If you’re not then I recommend you begin using it immediately.    It’s very similar to do doing the old “bunny ears” to people you are taking a picture with.   Actually only in general concept, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more intense.  Now don’t get it wrong, it does NOT involve making a funny face, the only face acceptable is the one that makes you look like you are trying to make yourself projectile vomit while looking straight ahead.  It’s good fun for goofing on friends but even more fun to show your disgust with total strangers.  This girl was having awsome “look at me!!” moment, so she thought.  In reality she was getting straight served with “The Face”

You've been served.

You've been served.

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Mock Draft. Lets Ball in Movie Land

20 Feb 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

Growing up an athlete, and a super fine one at that, I have always been a fan of sports movies. Especially ones with heros that are quiet underdogs. This morning, I got to thinking, If I was to comprise an allstar team of the greatest sports movies athletes, who would I want on my squad. Alot of things come into play. Size, speed, determination, work ethic, and of course, the ability to be showtime at any given moment.

Going first round, without a doubt in my mind is Earl “The Goat” Manigault. Hailing from Harlem, this kid was born with the kind of toughness that can not be taught. At 6’1, he is a sleeper, but get him in the open court, and its showtime all day everyday. Legend has it he could pick dollar bills off the top of the backboard, and make change on the way down. This would account for a 60+ inch vert, which is pretty unreal when you think about it. He was famous for his double dunk which I can’t even imagine a modern day baller pulling off. What also makes the Goat a solid draft choice is he was never blinded by the light of fame, only the Heroin. He passed on roughly 75 big time scholerships, to ill in his old hood and hustle for drugs. He still goes number 1 because I think having that kinda of un tamed edge is important to build a squad around, and its comforting to know that he can not be compromised by big time agents.

Coming in at number 2 is undoubably the one and only Teenwolf. I base this pick based purely on intimidation factor. The Wolf has an appearance that has never been seen before on the hardwood. He tends to beast out and his eyes turn red when he gets in the zone, surely a daunting task for any defender. The Wolf is a little rough around the edges, and still needs to understand the concept of team ball, but with help, him and The Goat make up one unstoppable backcourt, also it keeps with animal nicknames, which is kinda cool.
Dog groom this suckkaaa

With the backcourt set, I turn my attention to the Center position. When trying to look for the skills needed to fill this roll, I look for 3 main factors. Size, Power, and Touch. 1 player comes to mind. Neon Boudreaux. Standing 7 foot 1, and coming in at roughly 300 pounds, there hasnt been a force like him, ever. Found in the deep Louisianna swamps, the only way to see Neon dominate the local competition is to take a boat into the unknown. After walking into the barn/basketball court, it is clear why Neon goes as the #1 big man. He attacks the basket with a furry never seen before, and seems to only be interested in one thing, punishing the goal. His main set back is that his brain has developed to that of an 8 year old. His SAT scores are so low he is not eligable for college ball, which is unreal based on the fact you get 500 points for spelling your name correctly. Ill give him a pass though, because spelling French last names is always a challenge. BUt lets face facts, were not building rockets, were dominating the hardwood, and for that, Neon gets an A+

I didnt know you spoke spanish

Now, on to the forwards. What more can be said about the position, you need it all. The ability to rebound, block shots, box out, score, assist, and mix it up with the likes of other truck like men who are only interested in inflicting pain on you in the trenches. This is where Saleh, from The Air up There comes in. Coming straight out of Africa, this guy has more raw talent than Neon. He plays on dirt courts, with no shoes, and is uninfluenced by the outside world. He also knows a thing or two about coming through in the cluth. In Africa, they play for more than a winning record, or money, they gamble entire towns. Think about that. If you fuck up, your whole town gets taken over by some outsiders. Try that on for size. But this is the kind of pressure Saleh revels in, and with the support of his new bff, Jimmy Dolan, the sky is the limit for this kid.

“pay attention hippo-breath”

Completing the squad is non other than Tommy Shepherd. Also hailing from the mecca of basketball, this small forward came equipt with all of the skills needed to make him an grade A bluechip. He could shoot, power you down low, and even run the break. Drafting him is a bit of a gamble, based on the fact he is a little unstable mentally. He watched his best friend Nutso fall 10 stories to his death when he slapped the backboard, broke it, and went over the edge. 2 questions about this. 1) Where are there basketball hoops on building roof tops, and 2) how fucking strong was this Nutso character. To BREAK a backboard by slapping it? WOW. If he was still alive, he would finalize the roster, but hes not, so Shep gets the nod. He seems to come around after mentoring the troubled Kyle Watson, and with the Goat on the team, im sure Shep will have his hands full mentoring that drug riddled addict back to health.

“Its more then a game to the Shep”

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Hate to love politics? heres a rant…Where are American’s headed?

18 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

Socialism maybe? or something like that or maybe just a hybrid, who knows at this point.
Now I’m sure you have heard something about this radical socialist opinion before and yes it is ridiculous to some extent. Now just to clear this up, I don’t think we our going to end up like Communist Russia with people standing in lines for their equal ration of food. But lets face it, you can’t listen to everything that’s going on with our country and not wander where is this all going to take us. No matter what, this stimulus package will be a catalyst for something and we are soon to find out what.

Signing stimulus package bill

Damn this is a lot of debt

What have we’ve seen so far:
A movement toward big government has been taking place right at our feet. With the bailouts, house committees questioning big industries, and the new bailouts goals to create new industries in clean energy, the government has taken a lot of ownership and stake in private industry. We are now seeing nearly whole industries, i.e. the auto industry, with taxpayer ownership. We the taxpayer now have a rather large piece of the banking industry as well. To top it all off theres a large movement for centralized healthcare, great idea until 50% of your paycheck is paying for it whether you use it or not, and the quality of care is 50% less to boot. More government involvement and common ownership in industry is one the most well known ideas of socialism.

“with a fair or egalitarian method of compensation.” this quote was in the opening line of a definition on socialism i read on wikipedia. I couldn’t help but think of those wall street executives who are definitely overpaid idiots and how people are calling for a more level compensation for them. As dumb as their pay may be that is the genius of private industry and capitalism, your opportunities to make money are endless and you can reap all the benefits you want, no matter how greedy and bad for the company it is, especially if your the one in charge! We shouldn’t steer away from the American Dream.

And what about the basic ideals of Capitalism, “with every failure comes new opportunity”. Let these companies fail, because new opportunity will surely be gained from that. If one of the big three auto manufacturers shits the bed, that creates a piece of market share that could possibly be grabbed up by competition or lessen the barriers to entry for a cleaner technology car company to get in the market.

And lastly, lets talk about the government throwing money toward the mortgage crisis, another big bill signed into effect today. Like we all didn’t see a problem coming here, people were making 10′s of thousands by buying a house and holding it for a year and then re-selling it. Notice how all those house flipper shows have slowly faded off TV. Blame what you will on the lenders for predatory lending, but everyone was getting rich off the industry and no one was complaining. For each of these bad banks, theres a 100 others who are legit, but now are paying the price in new FDIC insurance premiums to help fund the bailout. People forget to put the other half of blame on the homebuyers. Bank: Hey I have an adjustable rate loan, which means that your rate will start as this, your monthly payments will be this, but at anytime your rate could change meaning your monthly payment will change. HomeBuyer: That sounds great!…….. These are the problem loans and what all the foreclosures are about, them and interest only loans where people only pay interest on the loan, nothing towards paying back the actual principle amount, yea that sounds like a responsible move! Do Your Homework! Once we get a home we use it like credit cards to accrue huge debt based on their equity. The positive is that in 10 years you may once again be able to buy a house in cash if your save hard enough.

Take all this with a shot of whiskey, cause you can argue everything thats going on a hundred different ways, these are just a few things I wanted to mentioned. The biggest problem with our country of late is that we always want to have our cake and eat it to. We can do that, we just have to pay for it with a ton of taxes. People forget that sometimes priority needs to be put on maintaining survival. Example: Props to NJ governor John Corzine, he is a proposing that state workers work two days less a week to save the state money to help keep us out of enormous debt like Cali is in. People are up in arms. The flipside, NY governor Patterson, is proposing state healthcare cuts to save money. Which way would you decide? One thing’s for sure, it ain’t easy. But maybe just maybe when all is said and done, American’s will learn to live up to their means and put the priority back on the things that really matter.

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Friday The 13th slasher formula.

15 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

So I seriously can’t remember the last time I went to the movies to see a horror flick.  It’s been that long.  I know why I haven’t. It’s because with the exception of a  gore filled Rob Zombie film, The Ring, and The Sixth Sense there hasn’t been anything I would seriously pay to watch.  Don’t get me wrong I can sit through even the cheesiest slasher flick, because no matter how cheesy,  the filmakers usually stick to that age old slasher formula that always keeps your attention.   In thinking about these flicks even more (it took about 2 secs of thinking) i broke it down to 2 essential parts that will create a great slasher flick. This aint rocket science, most us know this already.   Lets a take a look at the 2 key parts to this slasher flick formula.

PART 1) The tits and asses of D level actresses who moved to LA because they knew showing their TnA would get them something.  Well thanks for a following a dream babes because slasher flicks leading ladies and their bodies never disapoint.  

PART 2) Giving viewers the chance to watch the deuchiest of doosh abercrombie american eagle rich frat boy faget getting slaughtered by some psycho who has the same instant dislike we all get just from looking at those kind of dudes. This helps emotionally connect us to the film.  We all can relate.

The new Friday the 13th used both these parts perfectly.  For me and I’m sure most who have seen it, this meant that i walked out thinking that the movie kinda sucked but upon further pondering realized it was actually kind of entertaining.  

Though not a true remake of the original this new version of Jason Voorhees and his victims does a decent job of referencing the first two films, especially the ending.  We are back at crystal lake and the machete slashing gets off to a quick start.  The  plot is of course weak, but like i said, as long as you realize thats not what your watching it for, you will be entertained.  Don’t expect it to be as a good as the Texas Chainsaw remake either b/c of the director, its not even close.   I must say that Jason’s killing techniques are better than ever, i mean a naked girl in a sleeping bag hanging over an open fire is definitley creative.  Conversely this film had a lot of good jokes too, more so than any slasher movie i have ever seen, and they were actually good for the most part.  Plus Willa Ford has some excellent scenes you will surely want to see, D level actress type shit us dudes are captivated by.  All in all i wouldn’t recommend paying to see this movie like i did, but def worth a viewing.   Check out the trailer and figure it out for yourself.

Buy the original, filmed in Blairstown, Jersey botches!  Friday the 13th Uncut [Blu-ray]

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Wanted: Hip Hops Kidnappers.

12 Feb 2009, written by Riz 1 Comments

Turn on your radio, and tune into your local hip hop (shitty rap) station, and listen for a minute. If you have any real sense of musical taste, you will be acting like Alex from Clockwork Orange, after he is “reformed” of violence. Todays music is something to get sick over, and if you are a hip hop fan from the mid 90′s and earlier, you probably constantly feel like your ears are bleeding when your forced to listen to the radio. The main problem is that its hard to pin point exactly when and where things got so shitty. Was it when rappers started to use that funny mic shit? Was it when everyone wanted to be Jiggy? Maybe it was when rappers stopped filming videos in apartment stair wells, and started shooting them in the front seat of Lamborginis and Phantoms. Theres probably a million different things your can attribute it to, but honestly, the main factor, undoubtably has to be….college kids and college parties. Hear me out. I am not crazy. I dont think.

Think back on your greatest college party memories. If they are anything like mine they go something like this. Tons of middleclass white kids, a heap of cheap alcohol, and super loud rap music to get things live. When your in college, what else do you really care about other than getting drunk, hitting on girls, and jamming to loud upbeat tunes. When party rap hit the scene and became huge, it was engulfed by college students who could give two shits about the lyrics, but were only concerned with how good the beat was. Rappers didnt even care about the lyrics. They started just throwing stuff together, knowing it didnt matter. Example.

” You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub, momma I got what you need if you into taking drugs, Im into having sex, I aint into making love, so come give mea hug if your into gettin rubbed”

What the fuck?

So lets recap real quick. Rapper from Southside Jamaica Queens, whos been lit up with 9 gun shot wounds, is rapping about giving people hugs, while at the same time admitting he isnt about that soft love making, but would rather opt for the hardcore animal fucking. Contradiction? Fuck it, the beat was hot 50!

How about this one?

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger (When I’m in need)
But she ain’t messin’ wit no broke Niggaz (She steal me money)
Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger (When I’m in need)
But she ain’t messin’ wit no broke Niggaz(I gotta leave)
Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
Get down girl, go ‘head

Who wrote this? It seems like its an argument between 2 80 year old black dudes in the south during the turn of the century.

What tends to happen is that people start to like these songs based strictly on the memories that they are associated with. People like shitty rap music, because it reminds them of the time in college they funneled 5 beers consecutively, pumped that hot new Nelly album, puked, rallied, did shots, fingered a chick in the hallway, and woke up covered in Elios pizza. By all accounts, you have to chalk that up as a solid night, but does an entire genre of music have to suffer because rappers started to make party albums?

I cant really call it. Ill just do my part to support good hip hop while occasionally sneaking in the time to pound beers and freestyle with friends over a Weezy beat. Fuck it. Im only human. YA HEARDDD. - Radio Revolution

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Enjoy the Ride

11 Feb 2009, written by Riz 0 Comments

After you graduate college and move into the real world, things start to get blurry. At first, the feeling of having a job and getting paid a steady check is something very rewarding. You feel like you have accomplished something, and have joined the ranks of the everyday stiffs who help our country move forward (or recently, backward). You even have lofty dreams of moving up the corporate ladder and taking on the world. Thats a good goal, and certainly an even better attitude, but thats not what you REALLY want.

What you really want is to do something you love. To wake up everyday like your 5 years old and its Christmas morning. To feel like your not only making a difference in the world, but in your life. The main goal for every person should not be how much money you amass during your life time, but how many smiles and personal triumphs you accomplish along the way. People need to realize what turns them on. What makes them tick, and run with it. If you live your life as a dreamer, all you will ever be is just that. You need to find your passion and grab it, hold it tight, and realize thats why you are alive. It bothers me when I hear someone wishing for Friday, or complaining about it being Monday. You slowly realize that the more Fridays you wish for, the more weeks you are casting away as unmemorable. The main purpose of living is to look at everything around you, everyday, and find happiness in it. To find things that make you feel more alive and grateful that you have a chance to experience them. I read a quote from a dude who made his dream come true, by shredding everyday.

“Work harder and smarter than the next guy. Be open to any and all challenges that come your way. Strive to make other peoples lives easier, not your own. Believe in what you do, and do what you believe. Be prepared for anything. Hold yourself to the highest standards imaginable in every aspect of your life. Be kind to everyone you encounter, and remember that the joy is in the journey. Each time you get to where you want to be, a new destinations will entice you, so you better be ENJOYING THE RIDE. ”

This song makes me grateful for my friends. It reminds me that we all have the same passions in life, and we all really want the same thing. To be happy, to shred, to laugh, and to live.

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