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Sweet Sounds – The Felice Brothers

08 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

I first heard about The Felice Brothers a few months back in a review that I read in Transworld Snowboarding. They bring a very folksy sound to the table, and no I’m not talking about country. The story telling music thats mellow to listen to. If you ever were into Dylan or Neil Young you will like these guys. The song below, Frankies Gun is actually kind of a rip of Knocking on Heaven’s Door but good none the less. If you dig it check out “Love Her Tenderly” another goodtime jam by them. Also, I’m not sure who this ballbag in the video is I was just trying to find the music and this is all that was out there, no need to pay attention to him.

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New G.I. Joe trailer

07 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

Possibly the best non comical commercial from the superbowl. Once you realized what is it was you know you nutted your pants just a little.

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In The Butt

06 Feb 2009, written by Riz 1 Comments

With Myspace and Facebook only growing in popularity, it’s no suprise that teenagers all over the country and world have taken this new online sensation to the next level. It is being used as a free dating service, which is cool if you meet someone normal and cool, but bad if you end up getting raped in the butt. This 18 year old girl comes home from meeting some dirty magoot on Myspace, and her only defense is “BUT IM 18!!!!” Well good for you hoe. Maybe now since you are “18″, you can dip out of your parents house, support yourself, pay bills, buy food, and rent an apartment. Give this video a chance, you wont be sad.

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Joe Dirts brother, Steve Dirt

05 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

They should make Joe Dirt 2 starring this dude. Could be staged but funny either way.

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A Snowday and Shredding with friends.

05 Feb 2009, written by 0 Comments

There’s clearly something about a snowday that brings out the best feelings in all of us. Maybe it’s because it reminds of us of being kids and that anticipated excitement of a day off of school. Maybe if your like me it’s because snowboarding is your favorite thing to do and any amount of fresh snow always has the potential to be a great time. I think what everyone can relate to is the feeling of freedom we get with any snow or ice storm. We feel free because we are suddenly released from the grind of our daily lives. The job, the demands, the schedule are all washed away when mother nature takes a shot at man made infrastructure.

If your a snowboarder the 2nd thing that crosses your mind on a day like this after being stoked about not having to head into work, is where can I shred today? After a midnight call from a friend as the snow was starting, the executive decision was made to call out of work and ride a small mountain in Northern NJ called Hidden Valley. Our crew of 3 shredders met up around 8am the next morning and arrived to dumping snow and empty resort parking lot, a riders dream really. Hidden Valley is the type of mt that has stayed true to it’s roots, still using the same chair lifts it started with 25 years ago and not bowing down the commercialization of snowboarding and big brands like it’s neighboring spot, Mountain Creek. The place still has jersey ski scene all over it though, lots of man made snow, monster ice mounds from snow blowers, and you can hit every trail on the mt in less than 30 minutes. So naturally, this makes us Jersey born shredders super creative on the hill, put simply you can’t be scared to take on a mound of ice.

The day started off fun as hell, 5 inches of fresh and we were 3 of maybe 15 people on the whole mountain., pretty much had the place to ourselves. We thought our huge powder slashes were so kool, we decided to film them, after reviewing the film they weren’t nearly as kool as we thought. But thats the fun of shredding; the littlest thing or smallest creativity can seem so awsome to you as your riding. The leftover ice mounds from snow machines were especially fun to screw around on, one in particular was a perfect natural wall ride (pic below), sketchy as hell though because the whole inside was hollowed out. In typical Jersey fashion our day was cut short as the snow turned to ice then rain, but being true soldiers we rode til we were soked. After the rain/ice passed we are made are way back out the great powder from hours before was crusted over with a sheet of ice. The park there was shitty to say the least, but they did have a buried short bus with endless possibilities. Razor was ripping pop 180’s off the corner and after a couple attempts i was finally successful in gapping the whole thing. Our spirits were lifted from the bus session so we decided on one last run, never a good idea, and we paid for it by getting stuck on a broken lift for 30 minutes. We were so frozen and stiff by the time we got off we could barely make it down the mountain and thats how our day ended. Powder slashes to rain soaked gear, ice runs and ice walls, a sweet park session and getting stuck on a lift. Just another day as a Jersey shredder.

New Jersey Wall Ride.

New Jersey Wall Ride.

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