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Year Of The Beard

02 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

YouTuber cofauver grew a beard for 1 year and 6 weeks as part of a bet, and chronicled his transition from a clean-faced cub to a gruffy man, then wolfman, then statesman and beyond AND IT KICKS ASS. If I could grow a beard I would probably do this, but I have one little patch on the side of my cheeks where I can’t grow hair and it makes me look like a scruffy dirty crack head looking for spare change.

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The Complete Guide On How To Spot A Liar

02 Mar 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments Continue reading 'The Complete Guide On How To Spot A Liar'

The Best Of Successful Black Man Meme

02 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

While we don’t condone racism at all here at zoot, we did find the humor in the successful black man meme. Successful Black Man is an image macro series featuring a black man dressed in business attire and a witty one-liner satirizing the stereotype of young African American males as street hustlers or gangsters who only care about cars, moneys and hos. The humor is mostly derived from the intentional line break in mid-sentence, with the top line impersonating a black male stereotype (EX: I Got the Best Hos’) and the bottom line suddenly falling flat in character (EX: Out in My Tool Shed). While some idiots will create down right racist and not funny at all posters, here is a collection of some really creative and hilarious ones, enjoy.

More hilarious successful black guy posters below

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Cheerleader Goes Ballistic Celebrating Win

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

This is one of those videos that just gets better and better every second it goes on. The quality isn’t the best but it does the job, and the two kids stoned and laughing their ass in the background do a good job of pausing and playing the video at great moments, really capturing this psycho’s excitement. I wish I got this excited for certain things, but until then, I will let this girl and the Memphis cheerleading squad, shine in their mosh pitting celebration, because these girls really are WINNING. (charlie sheen voice)

death metal mosh remix below

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Eminem – Straight From The Vault EP

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

While it is a fact that Eminem has nothing to do with this mixtape being released, it is definitely worth posting for everyone’s enjoyment. The mixtape composed of 9 songs has some really old stuff, like Emulate with Obie, but it also has some unreleased tracks I am guessing are from the Relapse time, were released by The CD has a horrible DJ on it who does a pretty bad job mixing the songs together but it is what it is. For the most part it is Eminem just spitting hard on some tracks, so take it for what it’s worth. My favorite song would probably be G.O.A.T.,

“So when Weezy says that he’s better than Jay-z
Please, be that just subliminally
Means he thinks Jigga’s the best and that he’s

The only one up in that league, see
And it’s easy just to consider me one of the greatest white rappers there is
Knowing god damn well that I’m one of the best motherfucking rappers who ever lived period.”

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America Is Addicted To Porn Infographic

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Are you addicted to pornography? Well guess what you aren’t alone, because from this infographic America likes porn, and they like it A LOT. Online Psychology Degree sent us this infographic chock full of facts and figures about porn addiction in America. Breaking news! America loves boobs! Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. In fact, according to the infographic, you’re probably looking at things far worse than this while at work.

More fun bizarre porno statistics below

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February 2011 Fail Compilation

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

February is coming to an end so that only means one thing, no not that winter is ending, more like a lot of people failed miserably and youtube user Twisternederland7 was there to round them all up in one nice little video. You really can’t go wrong with a fail video compilation, just sit back and enjoy the little time of people failing a lot worse then you, if that is even possible.

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Skinny Girls Gone Fat

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Now I don’t mean to be mean, and I guess this post is kind of mean, but whatever its cool to see skinny chicks just let go eat tons of bacon, and put the pounds on. What you should really take from this post instead of saying, “holy crap that girl got big.”, is that you should never be mean to big girls. While yes, big girls might not be your thing, that is fine, but this is proof that big girls can drop a few pounds and become smoking hot, there are hot girls hidden under the fat in some cases. And not only will they become smoking hot after the weight reduction, but they will be cool, because 90% of big girls are cool and fun, because they pretty much have to or else no one will talk to them, so enjoy, I love you big girls.

Many more skinny chicks who blew past adding the freshman 15 and went all out.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Hottie Body Hump Club

28 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

When you have a video with Emily Blunt, Scarlet Johansson, Kelly Ripa, Eva Longoria, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and Lindsay Lohan humping big balls, you can’t really go wrong. Here is the latest sketch video from Jimmy Kimmel’s tonight show full of hilariousness. Jessica Biel is definitely the best in this video, her straight face humping is pretty amazing, I like her even more now, if that is even possible.

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Rap Animal Pharm By Patrick Moberg

28 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

Two things we love here at Zoot is art and hip-hop. So when the two come together in any shape or form, it is usually a big hit with us, and I think Patrick Moberg nailed it with his Animal Pharm illustration series. In our language, one letter can really make a difference. Moberg decided to implement this statement, by changing one, sometimes a few, letters in rappers names to transform them into animals. Sounds weird and I guess it is, but the results are pretty rad for sure. Piggie smalls in the buildinggggggg. You can check Patrick Moberg’s website out for more of his work found here.

Continue below for many more animal rappers


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