It focuses on areas of the body where there is a sensory-motor amnesia The first four somatic exercises teach online retinoscopy simulator you to feel the muscles located in the middle part of your body that is at the center of gravity

I Want That! Tron Skatecycles

14 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Here’s a short video of a Tron-inspired skate cycle tooling around the streets and sidewalks of NYC. I’m sure that I would break all my legs and arms if I rode one of these Tron Skatecycles, but it’s so blueblazingly neat that I’m tempted to order one. Too bad it’s one of a kind. It was designed by Alon Karpman at Brooklyn Workshop to celebrate the Tron craze that is about to invade the world. According to Alon, this is the product of a “nerdgasm.” I agree, and I’m sure many will experience the same sensation watching it in action.

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How You Know Your In Community College

14 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

There is nothing wrong with attending a community college, I almost wish I went to a community college for two years to shave off $300,000 off my college loan debt. The thing about community college though is there is a shit load of kids there that either, a. don’t want to be there at all and can give two shits about the class, or b. the kids that are there are legit dumb as hell, then there is the rest of the normal kids that attend community college and find the humor in good ole community college. A website called allows people to post funny moments at community college that are total community college moves, aka TCCM. I have collected a bunch that I thought were pretty funny, but you can go to the website to see them all.

-My whole class passed the last exam so our teacher brought in candy canes for all of us. TCCM

-My friend at a normal college asked me if my school had a library. TCCM

-Still calling my instructor “teacher” when I raise my hand. TCCM

-I have a 103% in my history class, didn’t know they still did that in college. TCCM

-I asked my Anatomy and Physiology professor for a reference letter and she told me she charges for them. TCCM

-The kid in front of me just gave the teacher a note saying his mom was going to be picking him up early. TCCM

more hilarious community college moves below

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The New Facebook Profile Picture Everyone Should Have

14 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

So yesterday I got the new facebook profile and cut up my face to pretty much take up the whole screen and everyone was asking me how I did it, usually I would ignore such requests and leave them thinking I was some kind of artistic genius but in actuality I stole the idea off the internet like pretty much everything else I do. It all started with French artist Alexandre Oudin (seen above), who decided to maximize the new facebook layout. I am sensing this is going to become a big hit with facebook users so jump on the train before it becomes old news. For anyone who wants to copy his style, all you have to do is block the other photos you’re tagged in and upload photos to your profile pictures album that are the exact size (yes, down to the pixel) of the display on Facebook and voilà!

The 5 little ones: 97 x 68 pixels
The big one: 180 x 532 pixels

UPDATE: DV has been kind enough to create a tool that cuts up your image for you, just upload you picture and it does everything for you, check the comment section for the site.

See more profile picture examples below

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The Best Modern Warfare Commentator Ever

13 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

“What you are about to witness is a biblical piece of work here” as said by the notorious Sandy Ravage. Now I know we have posted the best ever commentator in the past seen here, but this guy might really be the best ever, no he is the best actually what am I talking about. The best thing about this video is that he actually is really nasty as this game, he goes off. This is 6 minutes of pure laughing. BOOM BOOM, and check out the catlike reflexes on Sandy Ravage. (Good looks on Nick for tipping us on this)

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Andi Wittmann’s FRAMED

13 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This is pretty much a pilot project that Andi Wittmann had in mind to do for a while. He went to Felix Urbauer with the idea of just shooting footage of him riding the way he does, and they managed to get together for a few days to shoot this amazing video. The environment and skill portrayed in this video is really beautiful and makes you want to just get outside grip it and rip it in the woods, hats off to this amazingly put together video. It was filmed with red one,Sony ex1, canon mark2D5 and edited with adobe premiere cs5 and after effects.

FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.

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Jamie Foxx Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Best Night Of My Life

13 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Not trying to boast or anything but things have been going pretty well lately, like really well, and when good times come there always seems to be a song to match that kind of mood. Well we are really digging the latest from Jamie Foxx with the help of Wiz Khalifa called “Best Night of My Life”. Foxx has been coming out with a lot of fire tracks lately and this is no different, so if your feeling good and want to jam out, pump this hit. If you’ve been having a shitty past few weeks and feel like the world is taking a dump on you, well then I don’t know what to tell you, go get yourself a pack of sour patch kids and cheer up loser. Song below


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Unfortunate, But Hilarious Politician Names

13 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

When you get stuck with an unfortunate name, the last thing you want is for it to be posted all around town with your face attached to it, but when you are a politician and running for office that is something that just needs to be done. These people must know when they start printing out thousands of billboards with their unintentional hilarious name, that people are going to get a good chuckle out of it. I give these people credit for still running for office and putting there name all over town, if it were me I would have got my name changed a long time ago, like this guy aka captain awesome.

More unintentional hilarious politician names below.

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The Top 50 Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex

13 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Now we get that any problems that happen in the bedroom are the guys fault, women are never wrong and they think they are all Jenna Jameson when getting busy, but news flash most aren’t. Sexual skill is something most often tasked to and expected of men, but sexual fulfillment is a two way street. Truly great sex requires skill and effort on the part of both partners, not just one. The following is an infographic meant to profile some of the most common mistakes that women make while having sex with men. Yes, we realize men also make many of these mistakes, but we are guys so we are going to just blame you and let you know what the hell you’re doing wrong, so take notes. (click below to see the full info-graphic, and as always click on the image to enlarge to see it full-size.)

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The 6 Stages Of Getting Drunk

10 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

It’s the weekend baby and it wouldn’t be a Friday night if you weren’t incredibly inebriated and on the verge of getting a record-breaking 10th DUI. But how did you get from your depressing cubicle to this high-speed car chase? We’ve cracked the code to figuring out how you went from slowly sipping a beer to walking around the bar drinking the bar’s signature tornado-tini out of a cowboy boot.

1. Sober
All you wanted to do tonight was go home, catch up on your NSFW links, and fall asleep. But your stupid friends dragged you out to happy hour. But seriously, you’re just having one drink and going home. And your friends are crazy if they think you’re going to laugh at their jokes and engage in polite conversation.

2. Buzzed

You know what? It’s Friday night and it’s kinda stupid to leave the bar now that your beer goggles are just getting into focus. Why not order a few more beers, take a couple shots, and find out just how drunk you have to be to willingly take home your morbidly obese co-worker that likes you.


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10 Awesomely Creepy Family Christmas Portraits

10 Dec 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The best thing about the holidays probably has nothing to do with anything in this gallery. That aside, big thanks to Awkward Family Photos for knowing where to look to find the people who shouldn’t be allowed to use cameras. Christmas greeting cards are suppose to be inviting and happy, not creepy and down right disturbing, but thankfully for us none of these wack job families are inviting us to their Christmas parties this year.

Continue with the awesome xmas portrait creepiness below

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