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Biff Tannen’s Complete Biography

16 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments has recently uncovered a copy of the complete video monitor footage from the ‘Biff Tannen Museum’ scene in Back to the Future™ Part II which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) watches at the museum’s entrance while he’s looking for answers about his father’s demise.

This never-before-seen clip is an extension of the material we briefly see on film, featuring some elaborate glimpses into Biff Tannen’s (Tom Wilson) ill-gained rise to fame and power in Hill Valley.

The 3½ minute segment was digitized from an old VHS tape which had been saved by a Back to the Future fan with family connections to the film production at the time the sequels were shot in 1989-1990. To date, the following clip is not available on any other commercial collection, including the recently released 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and DVD boxed sets.

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Girl Talk’s New Album “All Day” Free Download

16 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So if you’re a long time reader you know how much we love Girl Talk, for crying out loud our banner is taken from a girl talk cover so when we heard of a free album we were pretty ecstatic. Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, took a break from touring earlier this year to record the album of 12 songs, with 373 samples of other artists. Rihanna “Rude Boy” Black Sabbath “War Pigs,” Waka Flocka called “Hard In Da Paint” and Cyndi Lauper “Time After Time” are some of the chopped and reworked songs for 71 minutes on the album. You can go to this link here, I would suggest dling it from one of the mirror sites (I suggest the mediafire one) because the servers on his site are pretty overwhelmed right now, enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: for those of you living in the tri-state area Girl Talk is putting on a show in February in Montclair N.J., tickets are on sale now and you can get them here for only $25 guaranteed to be one of the best shows you will ever attend, real talk.

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Coolest Billboard Ever

16 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Can they please put these everywhere across the nation, thanks.

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys When We Were Kids

16 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I’m surprised I survived the 1990’s. I was small and fragile and looking back at the toys…I can’t believe that at some point someone didn’t need my dental records and an eyewitness account to identify me. I was young and naïve and bleeding a good portion of the time. Yeah, mostly bleeding. I had a daunting sense of adventure; made worse by the fact that I was armed with some of the most dangerous toys in the history of time.

“Helmets? We don’t need no stinking helmets!”

Actually, we probably did…

10 Pogo Balls

Now these toys may seem innocuous and fairly safe, but that was only if you used them correctly. I know of maybe 3 people who actually did. They were pretty boring if you didn’t find clever new ways to play with them. In a time of skateboards their were ramps and in the time of pogo balls there were roofs (more on this later). When friends weren’t trying to find the maximum height they could jump from in which these things would stay intact, they were using them indoors. That was where the danger really stemmed from. Pogo Balling was only fun if you had an obstacle course and limited space; only indoor Pogo Balling seemed challenging.

Talk about a bull in a china shop? More like Courtney Love at the Waterford Crystal factory after a bottle of Stoli and a handful of Xanax. You could go one, maybe two rounds before breaking something expensive (like a vase or an arm), so you had to make those runs count. And when you did, you often counted out allowance money afterwords to help pay for the damages. Stupid Pogo Balls…


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32 Undeniable Truths For Mature Humans

15 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

After reading the first “truth” I was hooked on this list and I pretty much agree and practice every single thing on this list. This list should be carved into stone tablets and distributed throughout the Earth.

1. I think part of a best friend’s job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.

2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

3. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger.

4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.

5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

6. Was learning cursive really necessary?

7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

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I Want That! Shoot A Brew Cooler

15 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Why get off your butt to fetch a beer when the Shoot A Brew Cooler propels beers from inside its icy confines into your hand with the simple push of a button? This magical cooler is a dream come true for the laziest beer lovers around. Just don’t blame the cooler for the beer belly that will likely start to form shortly after the purchase. This bad boy comes with a bunch of features, and you can check out the website found here for more information. Just a warning this thing ain’t cheap, it will run you $295. Check this awesome video demonstration below to see it in action.

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How To Throw A Haymaker

15 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

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Kilian Martin – A Skate Regeneration

15 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Kilian Martin is back again with this ridiculous skate video showing some masterful skills. We featured him on our site before with A Skate Escalation, check it out here, and this video is just as good if not better.

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Sad Video Of The Day: Loyal Dog Waits For Dead Owner Every Day

12 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

After Wayne Giroux was killed by a drunk driver last June, his faithful dog Spot still waits at the end of the drive-way for him to come home every day. Excuse me, there is something in my eye.

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Redbull Can Sculpturing Is Extreme

12 Nov 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Red Bull, the most popular energy drink in the history of civilization, has now been used to create stunning sculptures. A Red Bull Art Exhibition was held in which you could turn in empty Red Bull cans, and, after a few days, those cans would transform into some kind of figure. There was a whole team of people that made art out of the empty cans. Some of them were artists, others were students, and some were designers. At the exhibition you could see everything from angel wings and little bugs to pigs and paper planes. They even turned a can into an iPod, and called it iCan. The project gave normal people the opportunity to show their artistic work to thousands of others. So the next time you drink Red Bull, save the cans and make something extraordinary.

Check out the rest below, good stuff.

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