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10 Famous Musicians Who Were No Hit Wonders

21 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So this list might really surprise you, here are 10 artists and bands who are (or were) giants in the music industry but have never had a top 40 hit. The list pretty much is an all star list of music hall of famers for the most part but never were played heavy on the radio. This just goes to show you the garbage the radio waves spit out every day. They are an industry of trends and fads that ignore musical creativity and talent. They want you to hear the exact same bubble gum shit over and over and over again all day. So while this is a shocking list, it takes nothing away from the talent and super stardom each artist and or band has received over the years.

1. Bob Marley.

Closest: “Iron Lion Zion”, #11 on alternative chart in 1992

I just couldn’t believe this but it’s true. While every single college kid ever had bought (pre-1998) or downloaded (post-1998) the album “Legend”… and many have had a terrible ill-advised “white poser rasta phase” in the wake of said acquisition… not a single one of the iconic songs from that album ever cracked the overall top 40. Not even the top 100. In a weird twist, Ziggy Marley actually has had a top 40 song, with “Tomorrow People”. Which, with all due respect to Ziggy, is like the American people passed over prime rib for the weird brother of prime rib.

2. N.W.A.

Closest: “Express Yourself”, #2 on rap chart in 1989

Sure, they changed the rap genre forever… but that wasn’t good enough to make Whitey play their music on the radio. (The top 40 takes into account sales and airplay.) They never even came close. Still, they were more successful than the other NWA — Northwest Airlines. That NWA has never been on the top of ANY list.

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Late Night Mind Fuck- Kevin Arnold Went To Bayside Highschool?

20 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Nottttttttttttttt so fast Kevin Arnold. Meet Zach Morris, the guy who get’s all the bitches around these parts of town. Kevin Arnold getting cock blocked by the Bayside King himself, Zach Morris.

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What the Class of 2014 Thinks.

20 Sep 2010, written by 0 Comments

Beloit College in Wisconsin started the college mindset list in 1998 with the intention to make sure faculty are not making dated references and are a little more in touch with the generation of students they are teaching. This years freshman college class won’t understand that tapping your wrist references knowing the time because no one uses wrist watches and will have never had the opportunity to use a cord phone. The full list is below

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014

Most students entering college for the first time this fall—the Class of 2014—were born in 1992. For these students, Benny Hill, Sam Kinison, Sam Walton, Bert Parks and Tony Perkins have always been dead.

1. Few in the class know how to write in cursive.

2. Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever use snail mail.

3. “Go West, Young College Grad” has always implied “and don’t stop until you get to Asia…and learn Chinese along the way.”

4. Al Gore has always been animated.

5. Los Angelenos have always been trying to get along.

6. Buffy has always been meeting her obligations to hunt down Lothos and the other blood-suckers at Hemery High.

7. “Caramel macchiato” and “venti half-caf vanilla latte” have always been street corner lingo.

8. With increasing numbers of ramps, Braille signs, and handicapped parking spaces, the world has always been trying harder to accommodate people with disabilities.

9. Had it remained operational, the villainous computer HAL could be their college classmate this fall, but they have a better chance of running into Miley Cyrus’s folks on Parents’ Weekend.

10. Entering college this fall in a country where a quarter of young people under 18 have at least one immigrant parent, they aren’t afraid of immigration…unless it involves “real” aliens from another planet.

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Playing With The Sun

20 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The sun is pretty much in every picture that you take outside so it’s not a bad idea to incorporate it into your photos. Here are some clever and cool examples of using the sun as a nice little prop for your photography.


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Gymkhana 3.2 Ultimate Playground

16 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ken Block and DC are back at it again in Gymkhana. We’ve covered the previous episodes but if you missed it you can check the first on here, and another here. Shot just south of Paris, France in Linas at l’Autodrome de Linas –Montlhéry, this 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, which is more than double the standard incline of most NASCAR ovals. Chosen by Ken for this specific reason, the ramp-like banking proved to be a unique and exciting challenge. The driving physics for the stunts performed were totally unknown until Ken attempted the maneuvers during filming.

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New Banksy Art Pops Up On Wooster

16 Sep 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

For months, Wooster was only posting Banksy stuff that was relevant to his documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, but not this time. Returning to his roots, stealth marketer Marc Schiller posted three new pieces by the famed artist without any context whatsoever. The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.

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9/11 Memorial Lights Bring The Birds.

15 Sep 2010, written by 0 Comments
9/11 Memorial Lights Bring The Birds.

If you live in New York you most likely saw or know of the towering beams of light which are illuminated from the site of The World Trade during the 9/11 anniversary. When they were lit up this past weekend onlookers saw something other than just the lights. Up to 10,000 migrating birds were “trapped” within the beams light. New York City is right in the middle of a large migratory bird corridor during the fall months. Migratory birds use the stars as part of their natural navigation system and on an overcast night in NYC with no star light, the birds were drawn to the light of the beams. During the fall the Audubon society works with the city to ensure the lights of the tallest buildings are off during the evening to help avoid this problem. The memorial lights were turned off for 20 minutes so the birds would release back on their journey. Help a bird out and turn your lights off in NYC.

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10 Of The Most Creative And Unusual Shopping Bags

15 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Here are some of the most unique and creative shopping bags from around the world. It is fun to see companies take advantage of a simple and effective way to advertise, if people see someone walking around with a bag with their product in it, and the bag catches their eye, they are going to want to know more about it. Here are 10 great examples.

Lipton Shopping Bag

Cool shopping bag designed to look like Lipton Clear Green tea bag.

Volkswagen Bag

These clever shopping bags were given out during the Paris Motor Show.


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Inside Job Trailer

15 Sep 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

INSIDE JOB is the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Sometimes its hard to point the finger on this one. People should have known what they were buying, and the bottom line was that people were over extending themselves. However, through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia. Narrated by Academy Award winner Matt Damon, INSIDE JOB is sure to make you both pissed off, and a little bit more careful next time you decide to invest or trust what someone is selling you.

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Eminem and Jay-Z Yankee Stadium Concert Recap

14 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

“Do not think that I don’t know where I’m at right now. I’m also honored to be on this fuckin’ stage in the Bronx, the fuckin’ birthplace of Hip Hop.”- Eminem

Last night marked the first of Eminem and Jay-Z’s two sold-out performances at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. Th performance was a star-studded event that found Hip Hop’s two reigning titans sharing the stage with a plethora of guest artists and zootpatrol was there first hand. I know everyone is hearing how incredible the show was but it truly was a once in a life time event that I am so happy I got to attend. I am not going to bore you with a play by play review because everything I write will end with me just saying how awesome it was.

Highlights for me though was when Dr. Dre came out as well as 50 Cent during Em’s performance. Chris Martin from Coldplay coming out during Jay-z’s set was also a highlight as well as Beyonce doing a song with Hov with jay remarking “Damn that girl is baaaaad.” when she left the stage. I really liked how Jay-Z paid homage to Notorious BIG in a giant way, playing a few Biggie songs before playing a clip of an old interview on Big explaining performing in front of 30,000 people on the big screen, it was a nice touch. From beginning to end it was just unbelievable leaving me getting excited just thinking back on the night. If anyone reads this and does not have tickets for tonight, do yourself a favor and just go to the stadium and scalp them, sell your body if you need to, it’s worth it.

Highlights of this video:
1. How awesome is 50 Cents glow in the dark gear.
2. Dr. Dre telling us he isn’t going to let us down with Detox gave me chills, he is going in HARDDDD.
3. Yankee Stadium looked unreal last night with the sold out crowd bouncing the whole time.
4. Loved how Eminem didn’t have Drake come on stage to do the chorus of Forever live, that talentless ass bag doesn’t deserve to be on the same stage.

Beyonce definitely winked, smiled, and asked me to have sex with her back stage after the show. Unfortunately security didn’t believe me and they wouldn’t let me through, freakin cock blockers.

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