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Brake Fast Records. Dirt Platoon

30 Aug 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments


We promised to keep bringing you more from Break Fast records, and at ZootPatrol, we dont lie. Unless its 3am and your a hot chick in some Brooklyn bar, then we pretty much just tell you anything that will get you to go home with us.

“Pennsylvania Ave.” is the first single off Dirt Platoon’s widely anticipated “Deeper Than Dirt” LP set to drop September 15th on Brake Fast Records. “Pennsylvania Ave.” is an ode to Baltimore that garners a stamp of approval from “American Gangster” street legend Melvin Williams, who makes a cameo in the music video. The song provides an introspective look into one of Baltimore’s most respected neighborhoods as Brake Fast beatsmith Tom Delay, with the help of R. Taylor, brings “Pennsylvania Ave.” through your speakers as if you grew up there.

It was the early 90’s, when these young men dreamt and began their journey. Inspired by artists like Big Daddy Cane, Chubb Rock, and countless others, Dirt Platoon was formed in 1997. When asked about the concept for the group name, the response was very simple, “We felt like the state of hip hop was all gloss and floss, so we wanted to go left, when everyone else was going right.”

Comprised of two emcees, Raf and Snook, the group has become one of hip-hop’s elite in Baltimore. The Dirt Platoon sound conveys the lifestyle of Baltimore city through real hip-hop. Bringing that raw, gutter style that many artists lack today, their sound has an old school feel with new school flow and tactics.

Beginning in the late 90’s and continuing on through to the present millennium, Dirt Platoon put out a number albums including “Daily Routine”, “Moodswingz”, “The Introduction: Operation 410”, and “The Brute and The Brain”. Now linked up with Brake Fast Records for their next release, “Deeper Than Dirt”, you can expect more dopeness in 2010.

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The Most Useful Infographic On The Internet

30 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

First off big ups to Kristie from theirtoys.com for writing this. There is nothing better then hacking your way through life for the better well being of yourself. The following are 35 “hacks” to help make your life a little bit easier, more fun, or simply more interesting. There a bunch of “hacks” in here that will make you say the usual, “Why the hell didn’t I ever think of that.” Well the answer to that is you didn’t think of that because your an idiot, simply put. (As always click images to enlarge for your viewing pleasure.)

more below

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10 Ways To Easily Pick Up A Hipster Chick

30 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments
10 Ways To Easily Pick Up A Hipster Chick

You have seen her before. Black stringy hair, pale skin, coke bottle glasses. She is greasy and wasted. Her nipples showing through her Urban Outfitter tank top. She smokes American Spirit cigarettes and thinks she is too fucking cool for school. You think to yourself “What would it take to fuck this chick?” ,”I’m not nearly as cool as her.” Think again!! She is actually very easy to manipulate into the face down, ass up position as long as you know the right things to say. Hipster sluts only care about parties and bullshit and getting ahead in the party scene. If you make her feeble mind think that you are cool and important you might even get to cum on her face and/or her anchor tattoos. Maybe even wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.

10. Tell her you work at American Apparel and receive a super rad 50% discount.

Hipster sluts love skanky, overpriced clothing. American Apparel is the mecca of super cool, coochie hugging pants. Their advertisements look like a 13 year old girls first foray into porn and are the inspiration of hipster chicks facebook photos. If you tell her you can get her into the newest nylon scoop back pencil dress for less, you will definitely get her out of her gold lame pants right then and there.

9. Grow a mustache or a beard.

Facial hair. The golden ticket. If you have a burly beard or a creepy looking mustache chances are you will be giving free mustache rides to the whole Lower East Side. Bonus points if you wear a flannel shirt and look like a child molester.

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Clash Of The Strongest Animals

27 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This post is full of jungle beasts in their natural habitat. Although they are beautiful in their own way, they are also ferocious. The law of the jungle is truly the survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. Seeing these massive creatures clash is a lot better then watching those two skinny crackheads fight outside a McDonalds, well that is actually pretty fun to watch too.


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7 Guys Your Girlfriend Has Dated

26 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

O.K. chances are your girlfriend hasn’t dated every single one of these kind of guys, and if she has you are officially dating a whore, but these are your typical past competition. For your sake you better hope your girlfriend didn’t date a doctor because I’m sure your Stop and Shop pay checks aren’t impressing her socks off if you know what I mean.


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100 Movie Character Icons

26 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Click to enlarge as always. Here are 100 movie characters, that’s it really, can you name them all?

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UBC Electric Car Crossing Canada.

26 Aug 2010, written by ZootPatrol.com 0 Comments

University of British Columbia students have created an electric car that plugs into any normal household outlet and runs completely on electricity. The goal of the group as stated in their blog ” A multidisciplinary student organization that aims to break the fossil fuel dependency for transportation and commuting purposes.” The car is a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle with a top speed of 140km/hr and a range of 550km@50km/hr or 300km@100km/hr. The club embarked on a trip across Canada 5 days ago to demonstrate awareness for the vehicle and with the changing terrain of Canada and needing to re-charge it was probably carefully planned. So far they have made it 2,141 km, you can track their progress on their blog .

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True Statistics Of American Soldier Deaths

25 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 2 Comments

Shocked to discover the statistic that 2 times more American soldiers that served in Iraq had died in 2009 by committing suicide than those killed in combat during that same year hadn’t been properly addressed in the press and is unknown by a majority of the general population, New York-based installation artist Sebastian Errazuriz took to the wall outside of his studio in Brooklyn.


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If Facebook Recorded Historical Events

23 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

It’s really weird to think of how historical figures or other celebs would act and use their facebook pages back in the day. Especially with every pro athlete and famous figure using twitter, the news loves it because they get to quote ridiculous things that come out of their mouth. Here are some classic events in history that are documented by facebook, because everything that happens in life has to be posted on facebook, everyone knows that.


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The Coolest Rope Swing Video Ever

20 Aug 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Rope swings and cliff jumping is one of the coolest and most fun things to do on Earth, simple as that, so when I saw this video I was just blown away with it’s pure awesomeness. The video features Mike Wilson killing it on the Truckee River doing 60 foot double and triple back flips. The video is very well put together and great music to go along with it. I love how everyone rafting down the river pulls over and enjoys the show, as would I. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for the weekend, I don’t know what will. You can visit Mike Miller’s site for more extreme stuff found here.

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