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I Want That! WeWOOD Watches

23 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I don’t know if it is because I am hard to impress with cool stuff, or I just see so many gnarley things searching for stuff for zoot that I have become numb, but this is a product that really got me excited. The company is called WeWood and they make watches that are made completely from natural wood. Feel the difference nature can bring. Completely absent of artificial or toxic material. The best part about these time pieces is that when you buy one, they will plant a tree because of your purchase. They have partnered up with tree planters, American Forest, the nations oldest non profit conservation organization. One Watch One Tree One Planet is their moto, and not only are these watches impacted the Earth in a amazing way, they are also friggen awesome looking, double whammy. They range from $119 to $139 and are available for men and women. My birthday is coming up so if anyone wants to buy me one I won’t be upset, thanks. Go to their website found here to get yours, and mine.

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High Five For First Kiss (Young Love At It’s Finest)

05 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

If you are allergic to cute or any of the related families of cute, I suggest you skip on to the next video because this video is like an atomic bomb of cute. It’s basically a video of two kids kissing for the first time but it’s sweet and innocent and any other synonyms of those two words.

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Les Twins: The Best Dancing Twins In The World

04 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

So you think you can dance? Well probably not, you probably cant even pull off a drunk robot move correctly, luckily there are guys like Les Twins to provide the world with some sick dancing. The whole performance provided by Yak Films, is really remarkable, with body movements never seen before, and a theatrical performance to go along with it. Les Twins, are a hip-hop dance duo consisting of the identical twins Laurent and Larry Bourgeois from Sarcelles, France. Their dance style is new style, a type of hip-hop dance. I must admit, it is kind of weird seeing brothers touch each others butts and getting all close but they are French so are you really surprised? Check out another video and photography after the jump as well, it is dopeeeeeeeeeee.

More videos and photos below

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Experience Human Flight With Slow Motion Sky Diving

03 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Created as an awareness video for skydiving, Melbourne based design studio Betty Wants In captured five times world champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett of Soul Flyers doing 3D coaching Australian skydiving athletes. Whether you’re a fly baby or not, the video is a surreal watch. Captured using a GoPro HD camera and special slow-mo software.

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

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I Want That! Stay At Paperbark Camp In New South Wales’ Jervis Bay

29 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Drive three hours south of Sydney to New South Wales’ Jervis Bay and tucked away on preserved land you’ll find Paperbark Camp. Founded in 1998 by Irena and Jeremy Hutching, the eco-friendly glamping upscale camping lodge touts everything from white-sand beaches with secret coves to pre-breakfast kangaroo spotting. Canoeing and torch-lit night hikes through eucalyptus forest are also on the docket. At the site’s epicenter is The Gunyah, a high-stilted house built of iron and timber, which houses a restaurant and reception, but if you’re not into socializing or adventure you’re more than welcome to kick back with a drink and relax in one of the 12 solar-powered treehouse-inspired canvas tents. Just don’t go expecting 3AM room service. It is camping after all. Starting at just $325, check out the site found here for more information.

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Still Think We Are Alone In The Universe?

28 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

(Click To Enlarge)

For some reason I actually do think we are the only ones in this tiny tiny universe, as obviously depicted by the picture above. Either way it is weird as hell to think about a whole other civilization living out their lives a trillion light years away. It’s pretty ridiculous of myself to think we are by ourselves, but you know what they say, believe in nothing you hear and only half of what you see, and I aint seen shit yet.

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This Video Will Make You Want To Visit Phuket Thailand

08 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I don’t know much about Phuket Thailand nor do I really care to, but after seeing this video I definitely would want to visit for vacation. Before all I though Thailand had to offer was tranny hookers and shitty beer, but from the looks of it Thailand has a little bit more to offer.

Phuket Breathing // Thailand from artisland on Vimeo.

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Revelation’s Crib Of The Week: Southern Florida Castle

06 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This is one of the most extreme residential sites I have seen, hands down. Sadly there is no images of the actual house inside yet, but these aerial pictures of the site is truly remarkable. It’s owned by architect Charles Sieger (of Sieger Suarez), who has designed over $10 billion in real estate properties. Yes there is a working moat with a fully functional bridge, to keep zombies out of course. I have also included a video to Birdman’s music video Fire Flame, why? Because the opening scene is a walk through the main doors and over the moat into the house you see here, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet, fire flame SPITTAAAAA.

Continue reading below for the video and more pics of this fortress.

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Mercy Hangover Prevention

04 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The hangover prevention business must booming because a new product pops up every week it seems. Created by folks with long histories in the nightlife world, canonical branding apparently isn’t the drink’s only well conceived feature. Instead science is pushed as its raison d’etre. The concoction features amino acids, herbs, and minerals, designed first and foremost to combat acetaldehyde — which we’re told is the main cause of those horrible mornings, outside of dehydration. According to the New York Times Diner Journal, the product seems to work as advertised. It can also combat alcohol flush — which Mercy’s site diplomatically explains is an “uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that mainly affects those of Asian descent”. It sounds intriguing, but we did spy a position of “Master Alchemist” listed as part of the senior staff, so we’ll reserve judgment until after we do some testing of our own.

Buy Now: $10 (4 Pack) | $40 (24 Pack)

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Surfing Giant Waves In Super Slo-Mo

04 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Recipe for the perfect shot: a dash of right location, a pinch of timing, a dollop of the right gear and a heaping pile of luck. Rudi Diesel captures a stunning shot of surfer Dylan Longbottom riding a 12-foot barrel wave at 500fps. The clip, used in BBC’s documentary South Pacific (which we recently added to our library) shows Longbottom captured in slo-mo using the Typhoon HD4 high-speed camera. Money.

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