Collection Of The Worst Eyebrows On Earth

11 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ahhh eyebrows, what the he’ll are they even on our face for, to block sweat from running into our eyes, really? Well even though I think they are useless I have pretty decent eyebrows so I don’t mind having them. For some unfortunate people though eyebrows need a lot of maintenance and care, especially for women. Now ladies we appreciate you trimming and making your brows look neat and presentable, but there is a line, and lately a lot of you have been crossing it more and more. And as for guys, just leave them alone you are only going to make it worse. Here is a solid collection of ridiculous and absurd eyebrows from men and women, enjoy.

Many many more hilarious eyebrowing losahssss below

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You Could Use Some Experimental Acid Tripping Art In Your Life

21 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Here’s a pretty interesting visual art and music experiment called JAM. This film is based on a very simple idea: the increasingly varied the sounds, the greater is the number of creatures. I’m pretty sure there is an inherent awesomeness in the nature of chaos. I watched this mofo like 5 times already and might have to give it another few viewings.

JAM from MIRAI_MIZUE on Vimeo.

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America Is Addicted To Porn Infographic

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Are you addicted to pornography? Well guess what you aren’t alone, because from this infographic America likes porn, and they like it A LOT. Online Psychology Degree sent us this infographic chock full of facts and figures about porn addiction in America. Breaking news! America loves boobs! Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. In fact, according to the infographic, you’re probably looking at things far worse than this while at work.

More fun bizarre porno statistics below

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Lady Gaga Copies EVERYONE

24 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

To the general public Lady Gaga has become this pop icon in the eyes of the world. She is constantly pushing the envelope with ridiculous outfits and videos, like the Kermit the frog dress, the meat dress, etc. I for one don’t see that as being an icon of any sort, I think it is just purposely being a weirdo to get attention for yourself. Now I don’t hate on the girl at all, her music is pretty solid, it makes me grind on girls butts at the club, but when she was a plain jane normal girl her whole life and then not even 5 years ago decided to go all crazy and think she is a fashion diva, hold the phone on that one. She has been cutting and copying other people’s styles and fashion her whole career and we are about to drop the hammer on the all mighty Gaga. Here is the ultimate collection all the rip offs of Lady Gaga’s thought to be original fashion.


Continue below for the onslaught of copying, from more Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, and many more.

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Confiscated Prison Weapons

18 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

I think everyone knows that weapons are not allowed in prisons, so how do these guys keep stabbing and beating people with sharp and blunt objects? Well if you were locked in a cage for the rest of your life and you keep getting beat up every day, I think you are going to pull some heavy duty MacGyver type shit and make yourself a pretty little shank out of toilet paper rolls, which actually happens. Here are a bunch of creative confiscated prison weapons, some with back stories.

Materials: Stainless steel tablespoon; handle wrapped with upholstery.
Backstory: At its core here is a spoon, stolen from the staff dining room at Rahway, where, as in many federal penitentiaries, inmates were restricted to using plastic flatware. Stamped “State of NJ,” the spoon likely to have been sharpened on the cement floor or wall of a cell. The bowl of the spoon was filled with wax and then wrapped with upholstery thread (taken from the furniture shop, where it was used to re-stitch chair cushions) thereby forming a generously-scaled handle.

Many more disturbing, but creative and effective weapons below. Get Your Shank ON

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9 Disgusting Shots To Avoid At The Bar

21 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

It’s Fridayyyy babyyyy, so that means it’s time to drink and maybe it’s your birthday. Maybe you’re low on cash and somebody offers to buy you one of these shots. Whatever the case may be, avoid these shots at all costs or you’ll find yourself visiting the porcelain god. But at the same time, you aren’t really going to turn down a free shot of alcohol, even if it is called Gorilla Puke, are you, yea didn’t think so you alcoholic.

1. Gorilla Puke

Have you ever seen a gorilla puke? This is why.

- ¾ oz. Bacardi 151
- ¾ oz. Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey

2. Liquid Steak

The cheapest steak on earth.

- 1½ oz. Barcardi 151
- Worcestershire Sauce

The rest of the gross shots below

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Collection Of Ridiculous Things That Are Illegal In Iran

20 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 1 Comments

By now I think everyone knows that America and Iran are a little different, and with that comes different rules and laws. Here is a long list of things that are illegal in Iran. While I understand some of the things on this list like alcohol and pork, whatever floats your boat Iran, but why Kenny G, WHY MAKE KENNY G ILLEGAL IRAN! He is a good guy and he can play the shit out of a saxophone. Give Kenny G 5 minutes on a stage in front of your people Iran and he will become legal real quick, that or half the female population will get pregnant instantly after he toots that groovy music. I would make commentary on everything on this list but I don’t want a durka durka Muhammad jihad put on zootpatrol, so I will let the list do the talking.



Many many more bizarre things that are illegal in Iran below

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Are We Obsessed With Facebook?

14 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Facebook profiles are like belly buttons: Everybody’s got one. 1 out of ever 13 humans and three out of four Americans is on Facebook, and one out of 26 signs into Facebook on a daily basis. We could rattle off stats like that until the cows come home, but instead, we’d like to show you this fascinating infographic from SocialHype and Plain and simple you are probably obsessed, as long as you don’t play farmville or poke people on the reg. then you are just like everyone else, but once you start doing shit like that then you need to reevaluate your life.

More incredible information on facebook users below

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Crazy Russian Bungee Jumping Part 2

10 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Now I know the first part of this crazy bungee jumping video came out a while ago, but recently part 2 came out and I just had to post them together because it really is insane. Not only is it a homemade bungee jump, that should be enough not to do it, you have to fly perfectly in between two buildings while rabid dogs are barking at you below, seems real safe. I guess though when you grow up in Russia there really isn’t much to be afraid of. Check out parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1:

Part 2 below

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People Are Awesome

07 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This video might be a little old by now but it is still awesome, hence the title of showing how people are awesome. Pretty much all it is is the bizarre and amazing stuff we humans do in life with some mind blowing examples. So while you sit on the couch doing nothing, enjoy watching this video of people getting wild and being awesome.

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