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Japan’s New Sport, Boutaoshi

20 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

The Japanese have apparently taken the game King of the Hill, substituted a wooden poll, and added copious, copious amounts of ultraviolence . I’m pretty sure the refs only exist to make sure that nobody wields their leather protective headgear as a weapon. But of course Japan is at the forefront of crazy wilf insane things to do, I want to play, I obviously would be the guy just balancing on the top of the pole while my friends got their asses kicked trying to protect me.

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Experience Human Flight With Slow Motion Sky Diving

03 May 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Created as an awareness video for skydiving, Melbourne based design studio Betty Wants In captured five times world champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett of Soul Flyers doing 3D coaching Australian skydiving athletes. Whether you’re a fly baby or not, the video is a surreal watch. Captured using a GoPro HD camera and special slow-mo software.

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

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Still Think We Are Alone In The Universe?

28 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

(Click To Enlarge)

For some reason I actually do think we are the only ones in this tiny tiny universe, as obviously depicted by the picture above. Either way it is weird as hell to think about a whole other civilization living out their lives a trillion light years away. It’s pretty ridiculous of myself to think we are by ourselves, but you know what they say, believe in nothing you hear and only half of what you see, and I aint seen shit yet.

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Collection Of The Worst Eyebrows On Earth

11 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ahhh eyebrows, what the he’ll are they even on our face for, to block sweat from running into our eyes, really? Well even though I think they are useless I have pretty decent eyebrows so I don’t mind having them. For some unfortunate people though eyebrows need a lot of maintenance and care, especially for women. Now ladies we appreciate you trimming and making your brows look neat and presentable, but there is a line, and lately a lot of you have been crossing it more and more. And as for guys, just leave them alone you are only going to make it worse. Here is a solid collection of ridiculous and absurd eyebrows from men and women, enjoy.

Many many more hilarious eyebrowing losahssss below

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Zoot’s 2011 Summer Festival Guide

08 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Making the trek to catch a major music festival can be the highlight of any long summer. Millions of music fans across a variety of genres make their yearly pilgrimages in order to catch some great live tunes, use some seriously overworked porta-potties, and, if they’re lucky, have a topless girl sit on their shoulders.

Sound like fun? Well then here are some of the largest, most riotous music festivals of the smoldering 2011 summer season. (If you can think of other worthwhile shows that I’ve omitted, please share them in the comments section.)

Coachella (April 15th – 17th)

In the middle of the brutal California dessert, there is a rock oasis that goes by the name Coachella. Celebrating 12 years of showcasing the biggest acts in music, Coachella has become one of the biggest festivals in the U.S. with over 220,000 attendees at last year’s show.

Not just aurally pleasing, the concert site also features interactive art works and captivating displays. The festival promoters are also making attempts to reduce the show’s carbon footprint by offering special prizes to groups of 4 or more who carpool. (But keep in mind the average temperature is 100 degrees in the shade so pack LOTS of deodorant). This year the Strokes, Kanye West, and Arcade Fire (along with a hundred more major acts) will light up the festival’s five major stages.

Bonnaroo (June 9th – 12th)

Named one of the “50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Bonnaroo is one of the largest and most musically diverse festivals in the United States. Held on a farm in Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo (which is Creole slang for “good stuff”) hosts major acts in genres from indie rock, hip hop, bluegrass, and Americana. Last year an estimated 80,000 people attended the four-day multi-stage festival.

The festival sprawls out, creating a 100-acre city that includes a comedy tent, beer festival, carnival rides, and even a nightly silent disco which allows patrons to dance the night away to synched up headphones while not violating local noise-ordinances. (How considerate.)

Continue below for many more festivals you should check out this summer

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You Could Use Some Experimental Acid Tripping Art In Your Life

21 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Here’s a pretty interesting visual art and music experiment called JAM. This film is based on a very simple idea: the increasingly varied the sounds, the greater is the number of creatures. I’m pretty sure there is an inherent awesomeness in the nature of chaos. I watched this mofo like 5 times already and might have to give it another few viewings.

JAM from MIRAI_MIZUE on Vimeo.

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Top 10 Worst College Hazing Rituals

21 Mar 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

1. Raped by a Sharpie Marker

No, this isn’t the kind of ” Sharpie Rape ” you see in most schools that really just means getting marked on by a Sharpie (a permanent marker) unexpectedly. This is actual, sexual, penetration; using a Sharpie. In 2002, seven football players from Methodist College in North Carolina were arrested on hazing charges for restraining a freshman, stripping him of his underwear, writing all over his butt and smacking it numerous times. The worst part is that to “seal the deal”, as it were, the player with the most ironic position-name, Antonio Wilkerson (wide receiver for the team) sexually assaulted the freshman athlete with a Sharpie marker after everything had been said and done. He, along with the other Methodist players involved, were suspended after their November 14 arrests and did not partake in the team’s final game; unfortunately because getting benched, or even sitting down, was probably the last thing on the victim’s mind.

2. Cocaine or Dildo: Your Choice

Sororities are just as sexually cruel, if not infinitely moreso, than Fraternities. Looking at this list, it’s apparent that the women in Sororities are more interested in emotional and social humiliation than the males. Males tend to angle towards the physical feats of strength or disgustingness. Both (freely) exercise public humiliation, but the levels of both differ and definitely run deeper in female circles. FOR EXAMPLE…

The Hazing Prevention Center, one of the leading non-profit organizations working to eradicate hazing, receives hundred of emails from traumatized victims of sorority and fraternity hazing. One e-mail was from a girl who reported that she had to either use a dildo in front of all her “sisters” or take a hit of cocaine. So it’s either your morals… or your morals? Or your common sense vs… your common sense? It’s a toss-up, but an elicit drug that can cause permanent brain damage and is HIGHLY illegal or sexual, social, public humiliation? Which would you choose?

See more reasons below why joining a frat or sorority is the funnesttttttttt

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The Most Intense Downhill Bike Race Ever

04 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

So here is the most terrifying thing but at the same time the most gnarliest thing you will see all day. It is a first person helmet cam view of a biker in the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo race in Chile. It’s some pretty amazing footage, and even more amazing that the rider manages to make it down all those steps and jumps without crashing (even when a dog runs out in front of him).

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Cheerleader Goes Ballistic Celebrating Win

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

This is one of those videos that just gets better and better every second it goes on. The quality isn’t the best but it does the job, and the two kids stoned and laughing their ass in the background do a good job of pausing and playing the video at great moments, really capturing this psycho’s excitement. I wish I got this excited for certain things, but until then, I will let this girl and the Memphis cheerleading squad, shine in their mosh pitting celebration, because these girls really are WINNING. (charlie sheen voice)

death metal mosh remix below

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America Is Addicted To Porn Infographic

01 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

Are you addicted to pornography? Well guess what you aren’t alone, because from this infographic America likes porn, and they like it A LOT. Online Psychology Degree sent us this infographic chock full of facts and figures about porn addiction in America. Breaking news! America loves boobs! Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. In fact, according to the infographic, you’re probably looking at things far worse than this while at work.

More fun bizarre porno statistics below

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