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Winners, Not Quitters

13 Jan 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I think a lot of time people see celebrities or successful business men and women, they think that it happened over night and it was easy as pie. Well for the most part successful people failed a lot before reaching their goals. Here is a collection of people who failed and or were rejected by companies, but kept on pressing on to get to where they wanted to be. Remember, a winner is not someone who never fails, but one who never quits.

More winners not quitters below

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Celebrities When They Were A Lot Younger

12 Feb 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I don’t usually get caught up in celebrity business because it doesn’t really interest me. Their star studded lives and bigger than life egos don’t need any more attention, but I found some interesting pictures of some stars before they were famous. What I found captivating about these images is how it portrays these celebrities not as mega stars, but before they were famous, when they were just normal people living their lives just as we do, partying, hanging with the family, and grinding out day to day. My favorite might have to be Walken seen below, hilarious.

Christopher Walken

Madonna, Detroit, 1976


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I Can Not Believe It’s Not Butter

10 Feb 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Here is a collection of sculptures made entirely from butter. The funny part about these is there are a few that are just hilarious when you take a closer look. I’m not saying I could do any better but some are just bad. The Charlie Brown characters are pretty accurate aside from making the one black character actually black, a little unnecessary if you ask me. Then there is the Marilyn Monroe sculpture that looks like Liza Minnelli, give Monroe a little bit more respect geez. Then my favorite is the Tiger Woods sculpture at the end. First off it looks nothing like Tiger Woods. Secondly he is holding a leash with an actual tiger attached to it, which is a little ridiculous. Then placed nicely to the side of him is his balls, which in reality have been removed and claimed by his wife Elin, so fitting.


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Marilyn Monroe Paintball Art

04 Feb 2010, written by Riz 3 Comments


If I had to pick one babe in all of history to make my wife, it would be Marilyn. Damn I love this chick, and I fully blame her for my mini obsession with blondes. I even went as far as to make the Andy Warhol 4 Marilyns my senior year art project, painted 4×4 feet on a wall in the main hallway. I saw this paintball art done by a group of maniacs on an insanely large canvas and again, the first thought in my mind was, “why didnt I think of that?” Then I realized I dont own a paintball gun, neither does any of my friends, and I live in the hood, not some field where firing automatic paint weapons is just something people do. ENJOY!

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