Katsu Fake Phone Booth Ads

25 Mar 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

KATSU is creating havoc around New York City. The graffiti artist is back at it with his personal spin on Nike and MoMA ads, featuring the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Murry, Jay-Z, a young Morrissey, and Kurt Cobain. The other day I was walking down East Houston and saw Lil Wayne with the MoMa tag line above it. I obviously stopped dead in my tracks, pulled out my phone, and checked to see if there was a Lil Weezy exhibit at the MoMa. At least he fooled me. Catch them if you can, they really are awesome.

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What Should Brett Favre Do?

20 Jan 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

By now everyone has seen the Lebron James AKA Fat Pippen What Should I Do Nike commercial. We also put you on to the Jordan remake, where Lebron is clowned. I guess the spoofs just keep on coming because a Brett Favre one just dropped, and wow, theres more than 1 dick joke in this gem. Great acting in this and super creative. Brett really needs to do some damage control on this wiener thing, and fast.

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Michael Jordan Responds to Lebrons Nike Commercial

26 Nov 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

By now we all have seen Lebrons Nike commercial, where he lays it all on the table and calls himself out for his decisions. He pokes fun at some of the haters who have rallied against him (my bro being the leader of the pack) and makes a good point in saying, maybe I am everything people said I was. Maybe you said that, and not me. Well, shit just got real. Someone mashed up a 3 year old Jordan commercial, with Lebrons newest Tiger Woods rip off commercial, and put together 1 minute and 12 seconds worth of chills. You have to feel a little bad for Lebron on this one though. Michael Jordan, his life long idol is in a commercial telling him he is making excuses. Thats brutal any way you cut it. Lorrry Fat Pippen.

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Fat Pippen’s New Nike Commercial

25 Oct 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I vowed a while back that I would never call him by his real name and would only refer to him as Fat Pippen, because that’s what he is, a fat sidekick. For our new readers I am referring to LeBron James, and he is turning to Nike, like Tiger Woods did, to rebuild his image. We weighed in on his decision here, and why it was a terrible one, and he is still whining like a fat balding baby, seriously he is balding faster than a un-watered Chia Pet.

If you’re keeping count, there’s a Decision reference in that ad, a nod to the time he left his local high school for a stronger program in Akron as a teen, a Charles Barkley (“hi Chuck!”) reference, a Miami Vice redux with Don Johnson in tow (what, Nike could meet Philip Michael Thomas’ demands?), and James also gets to dress up like a cowboy, a beatnik, and a construction worker. And then he tries to get us to feel sorry for him because we judged him by our own set of values this summer.

LeBron? You still screwed up. You did the right thing going to the better team and taking less money to do it, but you completely and utterly blew the execution behind the whole move. You listened to your friends (because, as the ad states, “they’re [your] friends”), and your friends led you astray. This is pretty much how it’s always gone for every narcissist, in whatever forum, that surrounded themselves with yes-men.

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Batman and Robin Custom Nikes

09 Sep 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

We have written a ton of articles on kicks. What can we say, we have style. If there is anything we really love, its when we find out that one of our favorite comic book characters gets idolized in a shoe. Batman is the shit. Bottom line. Robins not bad either, but always being a backup has to be tough to deal with. The Batman and Robin custom Nikes were created by Brass Monkey and are available for purchase. The cost isnt in US dollars though, so Im not sure what these things will run you. Whats the strength of the yen now a days anyway?

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Vintage Basketball Kicks

04 Aug 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

I don’t know if you have ever met a Sneaker Head, but they are some of the most insane and passionate people I have ever met. I know a guy who has every single pair of Jordans ever made, never worn, mint condition. I met a dude who had over 200 pairs of dunks, and sold a few to send his son to a good school. I even know a guy who is so in love with Nike Dunks, he created a massive painting, called it Dunk Therapy, has shown it all over L.A., and sold prints of it at shoe conventions. There are very few things that get twenty and thirty-somethings more fired up about their youth than sports and fashion. This affinity explains the recent spike in interest in the throwback jerseys and shoes, and nowhere is that more clear than in the realm of basketball. It seems as though many sneaker lovers are in the same boat as me, interested in the reissues from their childhood more than in new styles. Ive owned every pair of shoes on this list, with the exception of the Barkleys. Gross.

These shoes got great exposure from Dee Brown’s “no-look” slam dunk contest victory in 1991, when he took his sweet time pumping up his Reebok Omni-Lites in front of the cameras.


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The Coolest Collection Of Nike Dunks On Earth

08 Jun 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

U.K. artist Daniel Reese, or Mr. Brass Monki as he is known (22-years old), creates some of the absolute most amazing custom sneakers (trainers) I’ve ever seen. He takes his inspiration from pop culture trends and makes them a reality on your beloved Nikes. All of these can, or could at one point, be purchased and he also takes requests on future shoes.


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How Are You So Consistant Nike?

21 May 2010, written by Riz 0 Comments

Nike is the king when it comes to putting together commercials to advertise their new products, but this one really takes the cake. First off, any ad that runs for a solid 3 minutes and if full of excitement deserves a tip of the hat. I love how they slow the camera down to show the future of the great players, or the fall from grace each one invisions based on a mistake. Ronaldo commented on the ad saying, “Every touch you have in a game has the ability to change the entire course of not just those 90 minutes but your entire tournament or season.” He added, “One touch of the ball can be an opportunity to leave your mark on the game and write your own future, or equally a moment missed, that creates a legacy for your opponent with their fans.”

With the world cup coming up right around the corner, this couldnt have dropped at a better time. Check it out and we promise you wont be disapointed. Shout out to our boy Kyle M for finding this gem.

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Let’s Play Music With Nike Shoes

27 Apr 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Can you imagine Nike shoes can be used to play music? This “Nike Music Shoe” video is an ad for the Nike Free Run+ shoe. The Nike shoes are used as controllers by bending the flexible sole of the Nike Free Run+ to produce different sounds effects. Enjoy the awesome “Nike Music Shoe” performance by Hifana, a talented Japanese musical duo.


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Earl and Tiger Nike Commercial

08 Apr 2010, written by Riz 1 Comments

Tiger Woods returns to the Masters this week, and there has been a ton of buzz around him for obvious reasons. No one will ever forget the drama that filled the end of 2009 for Tiger, and his many, many affairs. He was dropped by many of his endorsors but Nike stuck with him. I like that from Nike, but Im not to sure how I feel about this new commercial. I dont really think that they need to bring his late father into the mix, with a call from heaven about how its wrong to cheat on your wife. Everyone knows that already, and the text messages that surfaced are proof enough that Tiger isnt the best husband. What do you think of the new commercial?

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