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How Quickly They Forget

07 Jun 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ever since the real Scottie Pipper came out and said that Fat Pippen (Lebron James) is the greatest player of all time, a lot of people have been jumping on that band wagon, especially since it looks like it is the enevitable that he will finally win a ring with an all star team. Here is an amazing video reminding everyone of the real greatness, the real airness, MIKE JORDAN. P.S. Hey Lebron, I’m sorry Fat Pippen, fuck off you fat loser.

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Surfing Giant Waves In Super Slo-Mo

04 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Recipe for the perfect shot: a dash of right location, a pinch of timing, a dollop of the right gear and a heaping pile of luck. Rudi Diesel captures a stunning shot of surfer Dylan Longbottom riding a 12-foot barrel wave at 500fps. The clip, used in BBC’s documentary South Pacific (which we recently added to our library) shows Longbottom captured in slo-mo using the Typhoon HD4 high-speed camera. Money.

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Mark Monea Lands First Ever 360 Front Flip

15 Mar 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Motorcycle rider Mark Monea has figured out how to pull off a crazy new maneuver on his bike – a full 360-degree front-flip. Do not try this at home – even if you have a foam pit at the end of the ramp

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Mike Tyson – Destroyer In Prime

11 Mar 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

This is by far one of the best Mike Tyson tributes I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot because I find Mike Tyson to be one of the most interesting sports figures of my time. Was he the best boxer of all time? Probably not, but he had the skills, speed, and power to stand toe to toe with the best of them for sure. Everyone knows his story. A poor kid from the streets, robbing and stealing to survive, when an old white guy by the name of Cus D’Amato took him under his wing. He exploded onto the boxing scene and was the youngest heavy weight champ ever. Here is an amazing tribute video to Tyson starting in 1985 rising through the rankings, and destroying everyone in his path. His speed and power displayed here is down right scary. They said his punch was the equivalent to putting a phone book to the side of your head and letting Mark McGuire hit you full speed with a swing of a bat. Also they said his bare fisted punch would have a 85% chance of giving someone brain damage, OOOOOOOOOOOOO K.

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Two Gnarly Videos For The Price Of One

07 Mar 2011, written by Revelation

While both of these videos easily deserve their own spotlight I think it is fitting they go hand and hand today for pure awesomeness. Remember that break dancing video we posted here a while back (seen here), well that was from the 2010 Chelles Battle Pro, and the video below is the highlights of the 2011 battle, pure dopeness. Underneath that we have a history making surfing move, the first ever kick flip recorded on a surfboard, epic gnarly gnarlingtoness going on right here.

Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos pulls off the first ever documented kickflip, making him the first surfer in four years to nail the trick on camera for Volcom Stone’s $10,000 Kickflip-Off Contest.

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The Art Of Flight

18 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

Watching the official movie trailer for the new movie, “The Art of Flight” literally gave me chills the whole entire time. The movie follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they plan out new unthinkable adventures to places never seen or rode before. The trailer is packed with amazing scenery, huge gnarley jumps including launching off of the back of a flipping snow mobile mid air (2:45), grinding power lines and racing avalanches, this footage is pretty much straight out of a video game its ridiculous. Not only does the cinematic experience look phenomenal, but the sheer thrill and danger of the snowboarding looks like it will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through the film. The movie is set to release in September 2011 so when summer is winding down, and we are gearing up to shred the winter of 2012, we will be blessed to be able to watch this gnar gnar shred flick.

The Art of Flight – official movie trailer from Extremal on Vimeo.

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UNC-Ashville’s Trick Shot Goalkeeper, Lassi Hurskainen

17 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

So of course not to be out done by Uconn’s trick shot quarterback Johnny McEntee, seen here if you missed it, Lassi Hurskainen displays his amazing trickery on the soccer field. If this is a debate between the two “football’s” trick shot videos, I still have to go with the Uconn quarterback’s, but maybe it is because I don’t really understand how incredibly difficult the stuff this guy is pulling off. Either way props to Lassi, he put together a remarkable video that you should definitely check out.

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Brawling, The Next Big Team Sport?

15 Feb 2011, written by

UFC is huge right? Violent sports like football and hockey are huge with their undertones of physical combat? Then what are we waiting for? It’s time to make brawling a controlled sport. It’s as simple as several referees, a massive closed in mat and teams of fighters. This hockey game is proof it needs to be developed. You most likely have heard or seen pieces of this already especially if your from the tri-state, but recently the worst team in hockey, the New York Islanders brought hockey back to it’s roots with 3 periods of straight brawling with the Pittsburgh Penguins. This stems from a Feb 2nd meeting of the two teams in which the Islander’s goalie got dropped in one punch by the Penguins goalie and there was also another very cheap hit that gave an Islander player a concussion. This game from Feb 11th was the Islanders retaliation. This 17 min video catches all the highlights, well put together by AGreatDayForHockey87 on Youtube.

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The Best Entrance/Exit By A Boxer Ever

11 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

This guy, Usman Ahmed Uzzy, know how to make an entrance, he has dance moves for days, a sweet fake gold chain out of 1998, and weighs 90 pounds, so he has to at least be an incredible fighter to back up this Goliath swagger right? Not so much apparently, hilarious.

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UConn’s Trick Shot Quarterback Johnny McEntee

09 Feb 2011, written by Revelation

Johnny McEntee has not exactly taken the college football world by storm — the red-shirt junior quarterback at Connecticut has yet to attempt a pass in a game. But the Servite product’s trick shots video is becoming an Internet sensation, and since I’ve partied and been black out drunk at UConn before I have to show some love. The best is at the end when he goes to the basketball gym, but really the whole video is amazing.

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