I Want That! Stay At Paperbark Camp In New South Wales’ Jervis Bay

29 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Drive three hours south of Sydney to New South Wales’ Jervis Bay and tucked away on preserved land you’ll find Paperbark Camp. Founded in 1998 by Irena and Jeremy Hutching, the eco-friendly glamping upscale camping lodge touts everything from white-sand beaches with secret coves to pre-breakfast kangaroo spotting. Canoeing and torch-lit night hikes through eucalyptus forest are also on the docket. At the site’s epicenter is The Gunyah, a high-stilted house built of iron and timber, which houses a restaurant and reception, but if you’re not into socializing or adventure you’re more than welcome to kick back with a drink and relax in one of the 12 solar-powered treehouse-inspired canvas tents. Just don’t go expecting 3AM room service. It is camping after all. Starting at just $325, check out the site found here for more information.

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This Video Will Make You Want To Visit Phuket Thailand

08 Apr 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

I don’t know much about Phuket Thailand nor do I really care to, but after seeing this video I definitely would want to visit for vacation. Before all I though Thailand had to offer was tranny hookers and shitty beer, but from the looks of it Thailand has a little bit more to offer.

Phuket Breathing // Thailand from artisland on Vimeo.

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Traveling Around The World In 80 Seconds

30 Mar 2011, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Here is a pretty amazing video, especially since this guy is out seeing every inch of the world, the rest of us are trapped in our sweet cubicles staring at the same crack in the wall for the past hour. The name of the video is called Around the world in 80 seconds. Directed by Romain Pergeaux & Alex Profit. A project done in only 3 weeks. This route is a tribute to the famous Jules Verne’s book “Le tour du monde en 80 jours”. The tour included stops in London – Cairo – Mumbay – Hong Kong – Tokyo – San Francisco – New York – London.

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6 Bizarre Festivals From Around The World Part 3

29 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments
6 Bizarre Festivals From Around The World Part 3

As you know we have covered a bunch of ridiculous and awesome festivals during our time here at zoot. From the Day of the Goose festival (my favorite) to the 6 parties/festivals you need to visit before you die. Here is another collection of some intense bizarre festivals that would be a great time for anyone.

1. The Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, Italy

Every year at the end of February, the small northern Italian town of Ivrea comes under fruit attack during the Battle of the Oranges. Thousands come from far and wide to take part in the annual Carnevale di Ivrea, and it’s safe to say that no one leaves untouched by pulp. Participants are divided into teams in carriages, who ride through the town and represent the emperor’s men, and teams on foot, which stay on the ground and represent the commoners. All, of course, are in full costume and armed with arance.


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Revelation’s Crib Of The Week – Palais Bulles

23 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 1 Comments

I know I haven’t provided you with your daily does of architecture lately so I’m coming back full force with this ridiculous residence. Palais Bulles is a home to famous French stylist Pierre Cardin. Amazing architecture and its size is stunning. The house is facing the bay of Cannes and has a territory of 1,200m² and gardens, and swimming pools spread on 8,500m ² territory. It is something out of this world, maybe not the most beautiful but I wouldn’t mind to spend there some time. This masterpiece of modern architecture is located 10 km away from Cannes and was built in 1989. Occupies the territory of 1200 square meters. In addition to the villa in the surrounding area are situated amphitheater with 500 seats, a garden with various water round pools.

Check out more pictures and info below of this dream home.

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A Guide To Buying Your Own Private Island

22 Sep 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

Ever wondered how to own your own private island? With many of major cruise lines now owning there own white sandy beaches in the Caribbean here is a look into how we can own our own paradise too. Here are 4 simple steps to follow to get started with owning your own island. Look at me I took 5 minutes to read this and I’m already in the process of acquiring my 6th island, I’m not only a client, I’m the island president. (As always click images for larger viewing pleasure.)


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10 Of The Most Dangerous World Travel Activities

11 Mar 2010, written by Revelation 0 Comments

For a lot of people, vacations are a time to rest and relax while for others they’re a chance to see some sights and experience interesting cultures around the world. But some people couldn’t imagine wasting a second of their vacation sitting on a beach or dining at a restaurant when they could be setting off on their next adventure. If that sounds like you and you’ve had your fill of average ski trips and snorkeling then check out these extremely dangerous travel activities from around the world.

1. Swimming with the Whale Shark in Donsol, Sorsogon Philippines

If you’re on the hunt for big adventure with an emphasis on the big, head over to the shores of Donsol in the Philippines for an incredible undersea adventure and swim with a whale shark. You’re not allowed to use scuba gear or under water scooters—it’s just you, the massive fish and the deep blue ocean. Just be sure you stay at least about 10 feet away from its head and don’t get in its way!

2. Racing the Nuerburgring in Nürburg, Germany

If “become a racecar driver” is on your list of things to do before you die, we hope for your sake that it’s last on your list. The Nurburgring racetrack in Germany is the most dangerous circuit in the world and for €22 a lap anyone can drive it. The part you can drive isn’t the F1 circuit, but the Nordschleife or “Nothern Loop” which is a famous testing ground that’s sometimes closed off for racing events. During “Touristenfahrten” the road is open to the public and (for the most part) doesn’t have a speed limit.

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Capsule Hotels……Is This The Future?

24 Aug 2009, written by ZootPatrol.com 0 Comments

Everything in our world seems to be shrinking, phones, cars, radio.  Are hotels next?  When I think of Tokyo, I always picture it as a futuristic city even though I have never been.  Particulary because Japan just seems to be one step ahead technologically and the people seem to be ridiculously engulfed in the most current trends and working hard and super efficient.  The city seems like one enormous machine comprised of people.  Maybe this is why in the heart of the city they have Capsule Inn Akihabara, where you pay to stay in a capsule.  Capsule hotels are not that new in Japan they have been around 1979.  Question is when will you start seeing them in U.S. cities?  Hostels have been around forever and these are very similar, cheap with common areas, but in the capsule at least your not on a bunk bed in open space and are a bit protected from the loons that frequent hostels.

Your place for the night.

Capsule Inn, Tokyo. Your place for the night.

New York has its first imitator, The Pod Hotel.  Though this place is nothing like a capsule, you pretty much get an ikead out dorm room and it costs $100 a night.  Capsules are $30 a night in Japan and I’ve read you get a little flatscreen in the capsule too.  I think Americans may not be able to handle these just yet, but I think they rule if you are too drunk to make it home, miss your bus or just looking for a quick place to crash.  The way NYC expands I’m sure we will see one pop eventually.  It would be sweet if they could inject some gas into the capsule that made you have the best sleep ever, like in the movie The 5th Element.  One thing is for sure I would rather have the capsule as an option for cheap lodging rather than a hostel.
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