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Top 7 Coolest Pool Tables In The World

29 Jan 2010, written by Revelation 5 Comments

7. Mustang Pool Table
The Mustang pool table is molded from a 1965 Mustang and can be ordered in any paint color. Complete with working lights, alloy rims and wheels and chrome decals, bumpers and hardware, this high-end Mustang replica looks like the real thing. The pool table can be ordered online at, it costs $14,995.

6. Predator Pool Table
Your average pool table isn’t going to intimidate an opponent, but the Predator Pool Table ($40,500) is anything but average. With striking, agressive looks, the Predator features an 8-foot table, an aluminum and maple vaneer frame with stainless steel cable sets, multi-bladed sabre pockets, polished glass rails, black speed felt surface, and integrated ball return.

5. The Disappearing Pool Table
Custom built by Specialised Stage Engineering this isn’t really about the actual pool table but how the pool table is showcased. When you need a pool table and a family room, but don’t have the space there is only one thing to do….make the pool table disappear! There was no price listed anywhere, but to engineer a breakaway floor with an integrated hydraulic system to raise and lower a dead load of at least 2,000 pounds I’m sure it’s not cheap whatsoever.

4. Unique Autosports Pool Table

The Unique Autosports pool table comes with glowing neon, shiny rims, chrome exhaust pipes, a and a whole lot of heavy metal; the perfect accompaniment to any corporate mover and shaker’s man room. Again price isn’t specified, but the same company who makes the Predator pool table makes this one as well, and the Predator is 40k.

3. Heiron & Smith’s Executive Pool Table
The aptly-dubbed Executive measures eight- x four-feet, sports Australian molded cushion rubber, Italian slate, handmade pocket nets, and some of the finest cloth England had to offer. The good stuff, however, consists of a side-mounted LCD TV, stereo with flat-panel speakers, neatly adorned PlayStation 2, racks for your books, games, and other media, and of course, a mirrored indention to stock the sauce.

2. The G1 Glass Top Pool Table by Nottage Design

The most advanced pool table in the world, the G-1 features a glass and resin playing structure and striking modern design. The patented transparent playing surface replaces the traditional felt but allows the balls to roll at the same speed. Bumpers, pockets and playing area are built to international standards, so you can play your game the same, with more style. The minimalist modern frame features integrated ball return allowing pocketed balls to be seen through the transparent top. You can order one at their website here for a price of a measly $25,000.

1. Obscura Digital Cuelight Interactive Pool Table
If I only had enough space for a pool table, and $200,000 to pay for it. This is totally the table I’d buy for my basement man-cave. If I had a basement. The Obscura Digital Cuelight Interactive Pool Table is quite possibly the coolest pool table or anything I’ve ever seen. It uses sensors and motion detectors to manipulate images as you move the balls around the table. While the table is currently set up to reveal a hidden image, that’s just one potential use of the technology. It can also be configured to trail flames behind the balls, or even project a pool of water on the table that ripples as the balls move over it. The good news is that the system itself only costs $80,000. It just happens to be mounted on a table that costs $125,000. So the question is, would it work on the $75 table you picked up at a garage sale? If you don’t believe my words check out the video below and try to tell me that’s not beyond pimpin.

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The kid hmself

January 31, 2010 10:30 am

yea rev the #1 pool table is awesome even more awesome is if all the hallways in your house were like that…

#1 is truly awesome, but #6 looks like a drunken accident just waiting to happen



June 21, 2010 4:43 am

Those are the coolest things ever! I wish I could afford a pool table as awesome as that.



September 3, 2010 12:16 pm

Awesome collection. I am sure this has taken a good deal of time in finding all this information. Great Job


Pool Tables Fan

October 7, 2010 4:16 am

The predator is by and far my favourite. Why don’t you set up a voting system and we see what everybody prefers? We had a rep from a well known pool table manufacturer i the other day where they were telling us about the new tables that have the interactive lighting. Looks like the system is being released into the main market at a more reasonable price. Looking forward to giving it a go.

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