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The Bishan Central Condo Project

16 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

My 2bed room Lower East Side apartment is doing me well right now, but after seeing this video, I might be upgrading and packing a bag for Singapore pretty soon. The Bishan Central Condominium Project in Singapore consists of two 38-story towers consisting of 500 apartments in total. The two towers are connected via three bridges, two of which are covered with trees and shrubbery. The third bridge sits at the top of the structure and is a fully functional open-air swimming pool.

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Solitaire Win Sculpture

15 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

Peep this giant 4.9 x 2.3 x 1.3-foot 3D sculpture of the olde Solitaire win screen, oghhh! Oslo, Norway-based experimental design team Skrekkøgle presents: Solitaire. It’s built from 1000+ “playing cards” of black foam and paper, cut and taped together and it’s marvelous.

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Saul Bass Fim Titles Supercut

15 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

The sliced font in Psycho, a body sailing in slow mo through the flames of an exploded car against Vegas neon in Casino, its all part of design god Saul Bass’s greatest film/tv titles, cut together for your pleasure.

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The Hunger Games Trailer

15 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

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Living In a Shoebox, In Style

14 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

In 2005, third-grade-teacher Eric Schneider bought as big as an apartment as he could afford in Manhattan. He paid $235,000 for a 450-square-foot studio with a tiny kitchen. Then he let architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects design a way to pack more density into his small space. The Normal Projects architects called their creation the Unfolding Apartment, though given Schneider’s affinity for the Japanese sense of space (he spent his first year post-college living and teaching in Japan), it could as easily be called the Origami Apartment. In total, Schneider spent $70,000 total remodeling his new apartment and this includes not just the cabinet, but the bathroom renovation, all cabinetry, kitchen appliances, furniture and dishes. This apartment really is pretty amazing, but for 300g’s total at the end of the day? I dont know about that.

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‘Skin’ Trailer

11 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

This visually stunning trailer from Ryan Hope’s docu debut is your behind-the-scenes for the Dasha Zhukova’s GARAGE Magazine shoot, the one with all the artist tattoos including the infamous butterfly labia à la Damien Hirst.

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Corman’s World Documentary Trailer

11 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

Hollywood rebel Roger Corman, the B-movie king who made lots of terrible crap really quick and jump-started the careers of Paul W.S. Anderson, Eli Roth, Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, etc. etc. etc., gets the docu treatment with Alex Stapleton’s “Corman’s World: Exploits of A Hollywood Rebel.” Its pretty awesome to see all of these movie icons who got their starts making pretty horrible movies in under a weeks time. Bad ass!

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Treats! Magazine Fixie Photoshoot (Possibly NSFW)

11 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

This is Zoot Patrols first possibly NSFW post. I had to post this because Ive been riding Big Shot for 3 years now. Its nice to see some of their custom fixies made their way onto a topless model shoot.

BEN WATTS – ISSUE 2 PT 1 from on Vimeo.

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Apache- Danger Beach

10 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

This is an awesome animated video from the band Danger Beach. You can download the album here

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10 Nov 2011, written by Riz 0 Comments

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

This video is amazing and a truly remarkable natural phenomena.

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